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  1. Yeah, the Aliens theme was fine, I remember reading that they used that story because the pulpy stories Indy was based on in the 30s were all about ancient temples and mystic idols, while in the 50s they were all about flying saucers and aliens, whether or not people liked the theme, creatively I think it's a fine reason to go that way. I think the lack of a decent villain - (Cate Blancate was good but I don't think she ever killed anyone in the movie?) and the plot were more of a problem.
  2. Rick and Morty

    You shut your dirty mouth.
  3. Yeah, it basically gives me a free pass to watch anything and it means I can enjoy anything...if I paid £14 to see Game Night I'd wouldn't have liked it at all, instead I just enjoyed the bits that worked. I watched on a Monday night becuase I didn't fancy getting talked at by my housemates.
  4. I have a cinema card - so I dunno if how that works with regards to voting with your wallet... I watch a wide range of movies, Three Billboards, Shape of Water, The Darkest Hour, Blackpanther, Coco, The Greatest Showman, Loving Vincent, I,Tanya and Game Night are all movies I've seen recently. I heard YWNRH is good, I'm slightly put off my Phoenix because he annoys me a bit. I love going to the cinema as an experience and can get different things from different movies. I do draw the line at watching Transformer movies though.
  5. I guess there is an element of hope. Like, I know Tomb Raider is gonna be rubbish (or at best, average) but I'll still go and see it becuase there is a chance it will be good. I knew JL wouldn't be good but I hoped they'd sort it out and if I want to watch an action that's often my only option. I don't think of Marvel the same way because occasionally they make a movie that love (like GotG) and even if I don't love them they, tend to make films that are flawed rather than hacky shit - though they really have to find a more interesting way to do the final act that doesn't involve CGI nonsense.
  6. How long would they have to write the script for something for these types of movies?
  7. But the guys writing the scripts must give a shit...they probably want to write a good movie rather than a bad one? Like, if you were writing Die Hard Year One could you make it great or would you just phone it in because you knew marketing don't care?
  8. But presumably, studios would want there lastest Die Hard movie to be as celebrated and loved as the first one because a good movie will generate them more money than a bad one....So why aren't we getting one? Is it because it's quite hard to make a great blockbuster and one will only come along every few years, or that studios have a "that will do approach?", or that studio exec's who have bad taste ruin the movie with their lame ideas?
  9. But hasn't this always been the case with blockbusters...presumably no one wants to make a bad movie over a good one. Is it that it's quite hard to make a great blockbuster or that studio's just can't see what makes a good one?
  10. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Rey's theme is excellent though.
  11. Game of Thrones for Dummies

    Yeah, but if I had to wait 7 seasons to see it so should everyone!
  12. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    I don't think it's the lure of power completely, I think for Kylo the way for him and Ren to be free is to cut all their ties, to 'burn it all'.
  13. Game of Thrones for Dummies

    Spoilers dude! He is watching it!
  14. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    I'm fine with not knowing about him...It leaves something to the imagination. JJ Abraham's set's things up without knowing why or how they will be resolved, his "mystery box". It's not Snoke's story, it's Ren and Rays that's who I'm interested in.
  15. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    How does that make him an idiot? He misread Kylo because of his over confidence. It's a sith trait.

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