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  1. She totally deserved the abuse she got, in fact, from now on I'm going to direct all my ire at actors, regardless of how well they performed or how little they had to do with the script or character. It's the only way to critic art.
  2. Alan Carr seemed pretty subdued in this. Looking forward to this series, I don't think there is going to be the same level of polish to the looks as the US version but it looks like a decent cast. The UK accents felt weird at first, and the talking head interviews seem a bit forced.
  3. I'd like it if there were multiple ways for completing your to do list.
  4. When Joker was putting on his make up, It looked like there was a picture of
  5. This series of the Island seems particularly fake compared to the other seasons. The editing is a mess and the dialogue feels staged.
  6. Does scaling work if you are all playing on the same machine?
  7. I would unlock then try explore that area fully before aiming to unlock the next. But mostly I just wandered around after getting distracted by a hill, or a Forrest, or something shiny
  8. Yes, totally, but these questions always seem to detract from the larger social problems that are actually the cause. I don't know what kind of meaningful, or useful, answer a filmmaker can realistically give to that question.
  9. The characters are very loosely drawn, you get a sense of them but not the depth of A Song of Ice and Fire.
  10. The Expanse is all you need. Amos.
  11. It's more of a history book than a novel. So the history of who killed who is all set and decided.
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