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  1. As an adaptation of Pratchett it's terrible so I'm just going to ignore that this is anything to do with the discworld, and just view it as a fantasy police procedural. I think the cast are alright, though Richard Dormers Jack Sparrow impression is fairly annoying. I expected to hate it and be annoyed but it's so far from the books that it doesn't connect with me. Even on it's own terms it's not great but fine lockdown, Sunday afternoon fodder.
  2. its fantastic- I don't know anything about garage and still really enjoyed it, though there are probably gags that I missed. I grew up in the same area where it is set so it had a hint of nostalgia for me too.
  3. I always hated Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie, along with Keeping Up Appearences they were my least favourite bbc comedies.
  4. I think they didn't tell him whether or not he would be coming back or not, and didn't like his writing (which was excellent).
  5. I never found it laugh out loud funny, but it's incredibly sweet and characters become very endearing.
  6. Hopefully, he'll be back for season 4 but it seems like they treated the actor really shit.
  7. I think if your entering threads late in the game, there is always going to be a risk of spoilers but I'll spoiler tag just in case.
  8. I've only read Dr Aphra- which is excellent. She'd exactly be someone I'd like to see turn up in a live action.
  9. Didn't they junk all the expanded universe stuff? Is it established in the books/comics/games that for 100% that there is only 4 jedi or only that there are only four that we know of? If Cal Kesis is canon, then that sets up that there were other Jedi in hiding during the reign of the empire so it's not crazy to believe there could be more. Yoda told Luke that when he was gone, Luke would be the last of the Jedi, canon changes all the time. if the character was interesting enough, would you probably wouldn't really care.
  10. It's plausible for the mandelorian so have introduced completely new Jedi characters in this series if they wanted to without contradicting the movies. When Obi Wan and Yoda spoke about Luke and Liea defeating Vader they could have meant that only his children could be powerful enough to beat him, or that only his kids could motivate him to turn on the Emporer. It's believable that a few other Jedi survived the purge and went into hiding, but have come back into the open after the fall of the Empire. Obviously, introducing an entirely new Jedi just in the fi
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