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  1. I kinda think it's because all the characters around him are so eccentric that Shadow seems a bit bland. He is just a long for the ride...I kinda wish they would stop him from being so antagonistic and grumpy, like he hates being there and everyone and would just commit to him going on the journey, because he is walking with gods and has nothing else.
  2. I took it that when the CotF made the NK they only programmed him to "kill all humans".
  3. The Three-Eyed Raven hold the collective memories of humanity or something, so the NK wants to kill him.
  4. I enjoyed the Cersei and Tyrion chat last season, but Tyrion hasn't really had a chance to shine since season 4.
  5. I think The many faced God is death... "There is only one God. A girl knows his name. And all men know his gift."
  6. It disappeared after it killed Renly. Stannis asked her to make another one, but he didn't have the power..."Your fires burn low, my lord."
  7. The house of B&W is all about Death. The Waif was send to kill Arya because she refused to kill, Arya killed the Waif instead. The red god got the death - that is how Jacen became indebted to her in the first place, she saved him and two others from death so he owed her. There is a vagueness about who decides who dies, or not, but Arya is definitely serving the red god even if she isn't an offical faceless man.
  8. Sometimes he gets visions - at least at the start but yes he needs to seek out stuff. He warged into ravens last season to spy on the Night King, he might have saw Jaime via them and sensed him.
  9. I totally missed that...how do we know it was him?
  10. I missed this? Or is it a real life thing?
  11. Delargey

    Fleabag - BBC3 Comedy

  12. Delargey

    Nintendo Switch

    For Party - does everyone need the game for thr rafting to work or only one person?

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