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  1. Delargey

    Detective Pikachu movie

    This looks amazing. Where can I see it?
  2. Delargey

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    Naomi's belter accent was distracting, but the season was still all kinds of awesome. Stick with it.
  3. No, I asked him to pose for an awkward picture though.
  4. Gendry was at the bus stop outside my work today, I met him while i was going to tescos.
  5. The Sons of the Harpie is also very good.
  6. Delargey

    Alita: Battle Angel

    Also asking "is this reviewer any good" isn't what I would call hysteria.
  7. Catyln is amazing in that episode, the rage, pain and desperation has she sees her son murdered is heartbreaking.
  8. Delargey

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    The stone golem monsters are good for gem harvesting too. Time freeze them, climb onto there back and whack away.
  9. Delargey

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    Totally. I'd like to know the companies responses if they knew they had previously offered similar or better positions in the past.
  10. Delargey

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

    Season 4 had The Night Man Cometh, which is a stone cold classic.
  11. Delargey

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

    Why not? I don't think that the actors sexuality retracts from his portrayal of Mac coming out, nor does it seem like this has just been added in. Mac was set up as being gay seasons ago. It was tonally very different to the rest of the show though, I think it worked but I can see why people could see its out of place.
  12. People quibble about the writing, but it is very tight - while it's not ground breaking all the characters and motivations are rounded and has depth, we know why people act the way they do and what drives them. It's the visuals that make this movie something special, and that's cool, it's still way better than most other superhero movies we get. If every movie had a decent script + a fantastic style/direction I'd be happy. It captured every element needed for a Spider-man tale which is the most important thing.

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