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  1. Oh, well if you can get past the outlandish characters they're good fun.
  2. If you're talking about adults and dignity you possibly shouldn't start by causally calling people 'retards'. It's really not a word we need in our lexicon here.
  3. Hyperion is essentially Superman though. I could actually see him as the punisher though the guy who did it in the series nailed that.
  4. How many plus digital games?
  5. It's a shame that some of the encounters repeat themselves. It would be nice if it had that continued sense of discovery.
  6. Was it awful? Or just not what you wanted? It's fair enough being disappointed because you personally wanted more he-man vs skeletor but I don't think the story here was *awful* nor do I think it was great. But I think compares to the original series the action and character development was an improvement, no? And compared to other contemporary kids action shows - it's nothing special but it's hardly a bit pile of wank. Characters grow and change, learn life lessons and make sacrifices.
  7. Wasn't part of the reason she refused it though was because she no longer trusted magic - so didn't believe that the universe was *really* at stake? (I might be miss remembering it)
  8. Those the fused person have any memories of the other two?
  9. Anger is literally one of the five stages of grief. So it's really not that baffling a reaction for someone to have.
  10. We are supposed to be adults discussing an 80s cartoon show and should be able to do this without slipping into pathetic sexism. It looks like you weren't really paying attention to the messages at the end of the original.
  11. Remember this is only the first half of the series. He-Man/Adam featured heavily in the first and fifth episode. It's the illusion of change.
  12. What does "characters matter" mean? They didn't change his character or misrepresent him or anything. He was still a noble heroic warrior? Did you just not like it because it focused on some of the other characters?
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