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  1. Laine

    American Horror Story

    I’m loving this series! Couldn’t help but let out a scream over who showed up at the end of episode 3.
  2. Oh bollocks I cancelled Amazon to save money. Could grab one month to watch this though. Reckon the new series will be up in one go or a weekly thing?
  3. Laine

    Search Party - All4

    God damn so did I! It's great, I love it.
  4. I am SO MAD that the Switch version doesn't have Linda Linda. But! It does have One Night Carnival! Why aren't they on the same one?!
  5. I've got the PS2 version with the big taiko drum controller so I really need the drum controller for this too!
  6. Laine

    Octopath Traveler - Square Enix's Octoposse

    It says out of stock in most places including my local branch. Gutted as in so skint I really need this as cheap as possible! I assume that means the pre-order allocation has all gone or they're not getting any stock? Who knows! I'd be surprised if practically every branch of Smyths had sold out!
  7. Laine

    Ru Paul's Drag Race

    I'm so mad right now. Also yes Eureka is the worst! God I really hope she doesn't win. But then I'm not bothered about the others either. I hve a soft spot for Kameron but no way she will win. I used to like Asia but I'm not so sure now.
  8. Laine

    Ru Paul's Drag Race

    Quite true actually! I didn't really think of that. I really do not like Aquaria though and I will be so mad if she wins. Maybe top 3 but not a winner surely? But then I'll also be furious if Eureka wins. I want Cracker for the win but very unlikely probably.
  9. Laine

    Ru Paul's Drag Race

    I love her but I don't think she's that strong, she can't be saved by the lip sync every time. I think it was just her time to go. I really like who stayed. Both lip sync assassins though! I am super happy my girl got her well deserved win.
  10. As a lot of old timers might remember, I was, and still am, totally obsessed with Alias and Jennifer Garner so I am super pumped right now!
  11. Laine

    XCOM 2 - War of the Chosen

    I've just started Xcom 2, I've never played one before! I like it a lot but I feel like I'm just not very good at it, or I'm missing some important mechanics and there is so much happening on the map at all times when I just want to mooch about and scan and take my time. My big aliens event thing is filling up really fast and now I'm just mildly panicking all the time. I've just cleared the first alien blacksite with the things on a train. I think I'm behind on building radio tower things, I'm trying to make contact with other areas where there are big red statues. Any tips?! I don't know what I'm doing really! And I've just realised this is the DLC isn't it?! Not just vanilla Xcom 2. Whoops.
  12. It took me a few goes to get into this but I love it! Watched it really quickly and desperate for third season now. I was missing a sci-fi show so started on Discovery but I kinda hate it, nowhere near as good. I guess they aren't that comparable other than set in space but I really need some other good set in space stuff to keep me going.
  13. Laine

    Ru Paul's Drag Race

    Thorgy is the absolute worst. im in love with milk but know she won't win. Nor will Chi Chi who I'm also really rooting for. She's like the adore of this season, what the heck was she wearing?! I was so surprised with who was saved, that was definitely a deliberate last minute tease! Am relieved though they deserve more time. Also grudgingly agree Aja was great as she was awful last time around!

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