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  1. Where Mario Kart Went Wrong

    Thing is, the first game was a sublime racer. I’d love it if they brought out a classic mode for the new one. Or or they could return to its roots for SMK9; and continue take the current format to its logical conclusion with Super Mario Party Racing.
  2. Where Mario Kart Went Wrong

    After getting the SNES mini & revisiting the original, the later games just don’t feel like racing games to the same degree. The original was 100% racer; & if you were good & knew the tracks you could blitz it. Newer games feel like you’re on a conveyor belt & random attacks happen all over the place. It feels about 40% racer & 60% party game. A sad decline imo.
  3. @dood - bloody hell, the amount of weapons i've ruined trying to stasis those big black slabs of rock! It hadn't even occurred to me to onto-balloon them off the ground! I wish you could sneak up on enemies & onto-balloon them away. That'd be ace.
  4. Erm..... I’m blaming my mistake on lack of sleep after our baby arrived last week. Apologies all!
  5. Nintendo Switch

    Can someone post a brief idiota guide to doin this? My brother has bought one for his niece for Xmas and I’d like to make him aware.
  6. I've only played about 5 hours of Mario Kart 8 but i just can't get on with it at the moment. I seem to spend only about 60% of the time actually racing - the rest is a maelstrom of weapons. The beauty of SMK was that if you were good, and knew the map well, you could destroy your opponent and also evade most - if not all weapons. Your racing skills were rewarded. What am i missing with 8?
  7. I don't know a thing about the expansion but i'd love it if it dealt with the history of lynels.
  8. Nintendo Switch

    January 2019 probably....
  9. After over 70 hours I stumbled across an entire area I’d missed together with a town! Probably my favourite area too, although the town is tiny. Weirdly i I can see myself dipping into this game occasionally for a loooong time to come; but I don’t think I’ll ever start a new game. It just feels too big to start from scratch again.
  10. Nintendo Switch

    I’ve tried to like Isaac but it just seems rubbish. Playing it makes me wish for a Smash TV port.
  11. I’ve been meaning to do that fight for about 2 weeks now. I keep finding new things to do. I’m currently exploring Farron - best area in the game, visually. It also feels wrong to go face Ganon when I’ve got 5 lynels yet to be vanquished. (I’m sure there will be a few more I haven’t found - I’ve only killed about 6). it still feels like I haven’t really invested in the combat yet. I just brute force my way through most encounters & haven’t done a single parry yet. I think itll it’ll be the game that I’ll keep putting on for the odd hour for the next few years. My only worry is that Skyrim will feel awful in comparison.
  12. Blade Runner 2049

    How loud is it? Is it full of explosions and gun fights? I only ask because Mrs Mul is 32 weeks pregnant and doesn’t want to go if it’s too loud. (Dunkirk was ridiculously loud)

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