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  1. Completed the story on this last night. I thought it was pretty brilliant - better written, and better acted, than any of the Spider-Man films imo. None of the boss boss battles were particularly difficult, but I don’t think they were intended to be boss battles really. They felt more like cinematic spectacle events to please the gamer & Spidie fan. With that in mind, they worked just fine. Cant wait for the sequel. As it’ll no doubt be set in NYC again, I wonder how the dev will sink their time and resources - new game mechanics? all out story improvements? Online co-op?
  2. joemul

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    £39.99 for The World Ends With You. Bloody hell.
  3. Although there are plenty of generic side quest missions in this game, i was surprised at just how well written, acted and animated the main story is. I actually laughed at one point, which i never seem to do when playing games* *
  4. Use your free seven day trial.
  5. joemul

    The Arcade Ten

    Double dragon street fighter 2 Street Smart Double Dragon Stun Runner Sega Rally Virtua Racing Virtua Fighter Virtua Cop Point Blank
  6. Since going 3D, gaming has never felt more cumbersome & unwieldy, & is worse off for it.
  7. Im afraid he’s spot on. It’s nigh on unmanageable.
  8. joemul

    Bad bits in otherwise good games

    Having to follow a CPU character who walks at a slower pace than your character, meaning you have to walk-stop-walk-stop-walk-stop. Just make them match your pace, whether you run or walk.
  9. joemul

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    Banner Saga 3 - i didn't find the gameplay throughout this trilogy compelling at all. Halfway through game 2 i knocked the difficulty down to easy just to relieve the tedium of the combat. Saying that, the story pulled me through and i was quite excited about the final chapter. Sadly it didn't deliver - spoiler to follow: 3/10
  10. joemul

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    The game is amazing but it’s hard to argue that the narrative & CPU characters aren’t a bit rubbish. Theres so so much opportunity for character development, tragic backstory, side quests etc and it hasn’t been taken.
  11. joemul

    Games you loved that are rubbish in hindsight.

    At last! Someone else agrees with me - it had a great array of shot types too.
  12. joemul

    Games you loved that are rubbish in hindsight.

    Kick Off 3: European Challenge. Me and my brother used to play 45 minute matches every night. It was boss.
  13. Whats the trick? Do you just lob it about every now and then and hope something happens?
  14. The Hunters Grenade appears to be shite.
  15. Hmm not sure but I’ve absoltely rinsed that area too. All areas are leading to ramparts at the moment.

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