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  1. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Im a big Cub fan and Edgar ( both his dad and grandad died within a few days of eachother i think i heard) fan so it was a bittersweet but Frankie looked class and Cub didnt get going.
  2. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Kevin Lee missed weight...fight still on thankfully
  3. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Dont think so, its on BT in Britain and FS1 in North America. I dont think ufc or TV companies want a "premium show" on fight pass.
  4. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Especially when the first fight is finished in an amateurish manner id be a bit embarrassed about. Or am i being unfair?
  5. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    TUF DC v Stipe is on if anyone cares.
  6. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    It was good, Gustaffson is a very good english speaker, pity it was half as long as usual. If you havent heard much of JRE hes had tons of fighters on, sime multiple times (Schaub, Ian mcCall, Josh Barnett (my favourite) , etc) so worth looking through til you find whomever you fancy hearing
  7. Full Metal Jacket - C5 now

    Hoo-rah gunny
  8. De Niro

    Was watching Backdraft, i didnt een know DeNiro was in it, but he puts in a very believeable performance. Something that he, Steve Buscemi, Benicio Del Toro and Philip Seymour Hoffman all have in common is to take a minor role and to make it memorable and stand out in amongst an ensemble piece or away from the main story and cast.
  9. LA's Finest - Bad Boys TV spin-off

    Thats explains a lot then. Ive never seen Bad Boys 2
  10. LA's Finest - Bad Boys TV spin-off

    So......why is it LA Finest? (Or sexiest?) Tina from the Shield should be in this instead.
  11. LA's Finest - Bad Boys TV spin-off

    Bad Boys was in Miami wasnt it?
  12. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Love Condit, since WEC but i think his loss against Lawler has broken his mind. Carlos won that fight and didnt get it so i think hes disillusioned but he doesnt want to quit. So hes in this weird Limbo just now. Awesome main fight. Happy Poirier won hope he gets a title shot, probably to fill time before Conor or Tony is ready in 6 months to a year
  13. NFL 2017

    Surprised to see Dez Bryant leave the Cowboys. Hes capable of a lot but never very consistent, still i thought Dallas wouldnt have the guts to release him

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