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  1. New patch tomorrow Patch notes at 7pm when it apparently goes live
  2. Ahh, I will have to have a look out for that then, I assume theres a new waypoint for the warp to biome 3 in biome 1 then. I will returnal tomorrow
  3. Boss 2 down first try, and then it crashed as I got into Biome 3. Had a great build too How do I quickly get back to Biome 3, do I have to ascend the mountain again in 2?
  4. Had a really good run going, had some great artifacts and weapons, health was almost doubled and had the astronaut, was well into Biome 2 and it bloody crashed on me Not had a single crash before this latest patch Arghhhhh
  5. Can you do the upgrade? I cant see it on the store, unless you have to do it via the console itslef
  6. Finally cleared Biome 1 Had good RNG, found a parasite that revives on death and an astronaut. Sadly a mistake before the boss used the astronaut Went into the boss with the parasite and 1 health pack, managed it without using the parasite revive Onto Biome 2 now
  7. Yes, I was major bummed at that as he as almost dead when he got me
  8. This too, Can get to phase 3 of Phrike every time, but cant finish him. I had a great build going earlier, but somehow the astronaut I had got destroyed so I din't revive I even used the resurector for 6 ether, but it revives you there rather than instantly where you die Will returnal tomorrow for another go
  9. Yep, you have to sleep twice and then your health is refilled
  10. There is a bed in your ship, you can rest on it twice and it will refill your health
  11. Jesus, I haven't managed to get a good run going yet, keep getting killed on the third phase of boss 1 I always return back to the ship and rest twice to get max health and try to have 1 heal and a revive before going in Need to find a really good weapon to use against him, may have to try the shotgun next time
  12. Thanks for the heads up, bought it last night
  13. Tranq bombs? Do you need the bowgun for that, I have only seen tranq ammo so far
  14. So how do you capture a monster, I put traps down when the blue icon appears but they don't capture them What else do I need to use?
  15. Cheers, am giving the Sword and Shield a go when I next play it (later today) I think I need to find a good newbie guide to figure out everything, but I am enjoying it Plays really well using the Hori Split Pad Pro too
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