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  1. max renn

    Moto GP 2019 Season

    Yeah enjoyed it a lot, crazy only 15,000 turned up though. How come you don't like Crutchlow? I'm mean he can be a bit of cock sometimes but who can't?
  2. Swamp is a bitching area to drop but it's like a little secret at the moment... There's tonnes of loot and a lot of elevation which makes any engagement pretty easy to control plus it's only a couple ballon rides away from most action areas.
  3. max renn

    PlayStation VR

    How much would a semi boxed (the outer box got ripped) V2 Headset / Camera and 2 motion controllers be worth please? I just can't get over the motion sickness
  4. It's my honest belief that this would be a big mistake, I hope they resist.
  5. Had a good win with Tomdominer last night. Got to the last circle and the other team were further down the valley at some distance, Had an extended exchange of fire at range but they began to push against us, unfortunately for them we had high ground advantage and we're victorious
  6. That's a really good tip thanks
  7. Stick like glue to someone who knows what they're doing and survive the first drop. I've been playing since launch and I'm still shite. Don't get too hung up on performance and realise that 99/100 when you die, it's usually your own mistake that caused it. GT in the spreadsheet? I'll hit you up if it's PS4
  8. Sorry to sound daft but how do you mute players on PS4? I've had the full shebang now, whining french kids and furious yanks - all berating my lack of skill. I need my silence (I'm a fragile little flower)
  9. Got the havoc in Artillery last night. Immediately got 2 kills which is more than I've had in the last 3 days It's a beast.
  10. Had a real beating last night just couldn't catch a break. One match I didn't find a decent gun for about 6-7 mins, sorry to any invites I missed I think we need to sync our meeting times for good team action? Apologies Bishimitsu wasn't really on point last night.
  11. I call them cherries, like "get over here YOU FUCKING CHERRY!" I'm still completely shit close range battling, just a total panic master. At range I'm a little bit more successful.
  12. Mirage is great I've only just unlocked him and the auto cloak when you're downed is a life saver.
  13. I like dropping into artillery. Always good loot and plenty of action and if it gets too hot there's lots of places to hide.
  14. Is it easy to do? Bear in mind I'm a total goof at this stuff.

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