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  1. Why is Notaro comped into the movie? Wasn't available at the time of production?
  2. Yeah normally I would but I'd feel dirty... he's my hero!
  3. I love this film it's just amazing (the score in particular is sublime). Always wondered why it never got a remake, it's ripe for transposing to today's dystopian environment... Maybe it cuts too close to the bone now? Click, click catch you later!
  4. Indeed, there's always room for Romero discussion There ever been a dedicated thread? Didn't realise it wasn't out yet, thanks for the info.
  5. Diary of the Dead? Anyone seen The Amusement Park? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9270362/?ref_=ext_shr_lnk It's the only Romero film I haven't watched.
  6. Ok thanks for info Thor - nice one
  7. I’m on ME2 at the moment, I started as an engineer in ME1 but then switched in the 2nd. Missing the sniper rifle
  8. Am I being daft or are Sheps weapons locked to class? I’m an adept
  9. Scored one for my mate who's now decided he doesn't want it so I'll keep the gamepass sub for my son and sell onwards £450 plus whatever postage you fancy?
  10. Mayor (2020) A dark (but humorous) look at the daily challenges of a city mayor whose ward is under Israeli occupation, brilliant and poignant. 4/5 @ImmaculateClump where did you see In The Earth buddy? Been looking forward to that.
  11. Just a heads up Tesco are doing it for £40 if you've got a clubcard
  12. Punishment Park Scarily prophetic mock documentary of authoritarianism and control in the California desert. Horrible and quite brilliant. 5/5
  13. max renn


    Grosjean top rookie with 10th - a really solid performance
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