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  1. ah thanks It's an interesting mission though
  2. It looks like ass - sacrilege! @thor You might have some insight into this: Cheers
  3. Thing is I've got various specs already but none of them can be applied to said weapon
  4. Does anyone know how to craft mods for Haven't found any in the wild and it's got 4 slots waiting to be filled with extra death Cheers
  5. I failed one job that I'd started but didn't finish... also...grabbing some air
  6. What's the 3rd one? Not seen that area
  7. Love the neon strips shot can I nab it for desktop?
  8. @Isaac Great shots! I've been thinking about the lighting work in this a lot and to be honest, it's pure cinematography not game lighting.
  9. I love the ambient stuff that drops on some of the story beats
  10. Just cleared Judy's story arc...so much amaze
  11. In parts I agree.. It's almost as if some scenes have increased fidelity almost as if the GPU is scaling the quality, does that make sense? (I'm not a tech guy) I've also had some terrible battles and amazing cinematic gunfights but like you say one second it looks like ass the next it's spectacular!
  12. Finished - absolutely stunning game... Fuck the naysayers
  13. The hyperbole is just chronic. Like a lot a great work, yes it is flawed, but it’s also fucking brilliant.
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