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  1. I did not know that, thanks for the info and links, thought I knew a lot about the Mega Drive but never knew the emulator was rendering the overscan area!
  2. Thanks for your thoughts @spanky debrest & @Nick R, oddly enough, BlastEm is the Mega Drive emulator I left on my machine! I've just spun it up for 10 minutes this morning on Sonic 3 and Streets of Rage and maybe I was being unfair. Playing them again reminded me that the issues I was having was a generally unpolished look to the UI, specific bugs (My Xbox One controller drifts when moved to the right but that issue is not present on any other emulator or game) and some oddities I can't remember if they were present on the hardwear. For example, small blinking lights in the lower left of the screen, maybe a colour palette that can be turned off? Fair, I'll be using BlastEm safe in the knowledge it's meant to be great.
  3. That's what I thought but trying the top 3 or so MD emulators showed issues with all of them, either graphical corruption or bugs with specific games. If anyone knows of a MegaDrive emulator on PC that's perfect then let me know, gagging to find one! One day, we'll be able to hold hands and listen to this track, in-game, as nature intended.
  4. It's a fantastic emulator, isn't it? I'm still stunned how Mega Drive and N64 Emulation is not nailed on PC yet ReDream is so close to being perfect (WinCE is hopefully next) you wonder how the team did it.
  5. Ha! Sounds proimising though, thanks for the feedback everyone. Think I'll be picking it up.
  6. Has anyone got recommendations for the best N64 emulator on Windows 10 PC? I’ve had a desire to play through Perfect Dark recently and not had much luck. I tried 2 (Can’t remember the names as I’m away from my PC) and one multi source emulator had awful performance on loading and during gameplay. The other (Project64?) took awhile to load but performance was good. However, when you enable High Res mode in-game, the screen changed ratio and nothing would fix it and when I got to the Carrington Vila level, the skybox bugged out. Its a real shame as the DC emulation is almost perfect so I would have thought N64 would have been nailed by now!
  7. Anyone play Assetto Corsa on PC with a controller and feel it's good enough? I'm considering picking it up but heard bad opinions of the controller support upon release. However, I saw the same criticism of Project CARS 2 and I got on fine with that on PS4 and eventually PC. It's not as slick as GT Sport and Forza Motorsport 7's controller support, but Forza 7 and GT Sport have some smoothing steering options on the default controller setup, so I actually appreciated some of the rawness! Just noticed the Ultimate Edition on Steam for £7.56 so heads up if anyone's intrested.
  8. God, the first trailer from yesturday looks stunning. Media black out again. I'm crossing my fingers my fairly new 2070 RTX PC will be capable running this reasonably at 2560x1440 without needing to turn all settings down to vaseline mode. Although it's fun to talk about the tech aspects, the real draw of the game is hopw they've used it to build a great looking world. Hopefully, the mechanics are engaging and the world is full of life to draw you in.
  9. As a fan of the Dreamcast at the time, with stunning games being released monthly that to this day cast shade on the platforms at the time, I really didn't get why it was a failure back then. With that in mind, I vividly remember the quote in Edge magazine the month Sega announced support was ending and they were going multiformat: 'The Dreamcast was killed because of the imagined power of the PlayStation 2.' It stood up to scruitinity at the time. The Dreamcast was priced cheaper, had far better games, far better ports and was such a great console. However, with time you have to look back and understand just how badly Sega fucked up. The Master System and Mega Drive were fantastic from that point in the mid 90's but Sega lost their minds in the home market. Expensive and useless expansions like the Mega CD and 32X, followed by dropping support from them, showed the public they were not sure what to do next and that wouldn't have inspired confidence. Combined with the Saturn, which has a strong following now but at the time, the 3D ports really didn't look great when stacked up against the stunning PlayStation so that hammered another nail in the coffin. So releasing the Dreamcast after that failure and so close to the PS2 was never a great idea. Sadly though, the Dreamcast was an excellent machine but the damage was already done. Sega pissed on their own chips by relesing too many poor expansions to the Mega Drive with little support, choose poorly with the hardware capability of the Saturn and never released a Sonic game for their flagship machine. I'm fairly certain that they could have done nothing to save the DC as the damage was too great in the minds of the public. All of which is a real shame as for me, the Dreamcast games of that era stand up so well and remain some of my most fondest ever made.
  10. Unless I’m mistaken Rocksteady are owned by WB so they’re part of the sale.
  11. One of the first video games I ever played. Very fond memories of this, looks like they’ve chosen a nice art style too.
  12. Oh totally! But for the thought experiment; If you had a $30 Million a year pay cheque, what would you do? Would you really want to keep earning $30 Million a year, why would any human being need even 1/4 of that?
  13. Would you not? For me, I would work for 1 year and then check out, sitting on a beach earning 20%. The idea him & people like him, continue to earn insane amounts of money every year, fire workers when the share % for Q4 is 0.2% less than shareholders want, is obscene in my eyes. Bobby is not the problem himself, but a symptom of what’s wrong with big business. Us workers are a cost to be minimised, while the CEO’s earn obscene amounts of money with no real justification.
  14. Took the words out of my mouth. It's a pure novelty but as long as the build quality is sharp then day 1 please.
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