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  1. It's widely reported they've agreed a deal with Swansea to buy their winger, Daniel James. His father died earlier this week which apparently is the reason why it hasn't gone through as United are giving him space. They've been heavily linked with Sean Longstaff of Newcastle and that one seems more than the usual paper talk. Barcelona are reported as baulking at the demands of De Ligt's agent demands and Utd are trying to sign him. Personally I think it's the agent using our interest as a way of getting what he wants from Barcelona, but I think the interest of United is real. There's also the fact that he's the best available centre back around and every club in the world wants him so at best we're outsiders. If the situation drags on for ages and results in us getting nobody, like last year with Varane that was so obviously pie in the sky then that will be unacceptable, but I think it's right they try now as long as they have contingencies. On this front I'd be more confident if it wasn't the investment banker STILL in control of transfer negotiations.
  2. Certain PSP games aren't compatible with the Vita, you couldn't directly download to the machine. You used to be able to get around this and download the PSP games by downloading them on PS3 then transferring to Vita with content manager. I've just bought Gradius Collection PSP, downloaded it on the PS3 and tried to transfer to Vita. Only content manager doesn't see the game, so I can't copy. Is this a known issue brought about with a firmware update? Is there a workaround? It appears on lists as it should work, but these are old.
  3. I like PC Game Supply as they charge the exchange rate, accept paypal and the code either arrives instantly or within 10 minutes max.
  4. Gotta admit I love that and his crazy pirate face ear cupping at the end of the game. He's a dick, but he's ours and it's miles better than depressed Mourinho. Slagged off all season yet tonight is a brilliant result. His two tactical changes won the game and had Rashford took his clear cut chance it'd have been a 3-1 win. Have it.
  5. Half of them are mercenaries and couldn't care less? Plenty were like this prior to Mourinho too. It's easy for many of them to sneak under the radar and let the manager be the lightning rod. It's the wrong phrase but plenty of them aren't "footballing men" either- look back at past players who had grit and fight, that 1994 team that would play you off the park if allowed but would also battle and literally fight should that be needed. None of the current lot are leaders and so many are happy to abdicate responsibility. Pogba goes on about "attack, attack attack", maybe he shouldn't be dispossessed so cheaply in our final third like for Wolves goal last week. You compare the likes of Young, Fellaini and Shaw who are trying and playing comparatively well to infinitely more talented players such as Pogba, Martial or Sanchez and the difference in attitude is night and day. That's down to the individual and I'm not having that is the managers fault. Why, if it's all the managers fault, can Shaw be absolutely slated last season yet be good this season? Ditto Fellaini, for all his flaws and limited capacity, he at least tries.
  6. Hmm, going off previous form they'll let it stay this way until it's mathematically impossible to qualify for the Champions League. I mean it needs changing now but I fear they'll let it drift, even if Mourinho looks completely beleaguered and has no future. Think many of the players are getting off lightly though- their complete lack of fight or effort, that they're completely underperforming should see them face a proper inspection but it'll all be the big bad Mourinho's fault. I think commitment is the bare minimum and when players look as disinterested and going through the motions as some currently do that is totally unacceptable for all involved.
  7. Wanting the team to get beat So we get beat and the manager loses his job, how does that fix everything else that is wrong at the club? There is no cohesive forward thinking or plan in place, it's all reactive as they stumble from one decision to the next. So the manager goes why do you think we'll do any better appointing the next? 9 months ago the club extended his contract, 4 months ago they decided they didn't trust his decision making in the transfer market and vetoed transfers. I mean out of interest what exactly qualifies some investment banker to make football decisions like transfer targets. The anecdotal/ media reporting behind this was they didn't like him buying short term, experienced players but they knew he did this when they appointed him. Why is it suddenly not OK? This is a club that buys players without thinking where they'll play or how they'll fit it or help them settle. Oh there's Di Maria, lets buy him to show we're still relevant despite not being in the Champions League. Oh, lets buy Sanchez to get one over City, to hell with where he plays. How many times have we wasted months chasing obviously completely unattainable players? Every pre-season since 2013/14? I'm sure Varane, Bale and Sergio Ramos are all going to leave for us next year. I genuinely believe the club attempts to buy massively high profile players with little to no input from the manager. It's a mismatch of players from different regimes, new managers coming in with different philosophies and no consistency. They throw money at it and try to force winning but there's no plan behind it. Bit like the Galacticos but without the European Cup and leagues at the start. Of course on the other hand the club has never been richer, made more money or had such commercial success.
  8. The goal keeper getting sent off and it taking 3 minutes for his replacement? VAR for the second goal?
  9. The plug will be wrong. I don't know if it's like a GBA in that you can buy a UK charger and it'd work, or whether it's like a standard console and you'd require a step down transformer. Official plugs are approximately £30 though you can get third party ones. I bought a second plug so I didn't have to keep unplugging the dock, Amazon basics branded, and it works great: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0743KNB6M/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 That said I paid £8 and not the current £16. Edit- plus it doesn't work with the dock so not ideal for you. In terms of games all games work on all machines, totally region free.
  10. Nope, you can't use a UK card on the Canadian store. You can only use a UK card on a store from the same continent- whilst geographically South Africa isn't in Europe it comes under Nintendo of Europe so that's why a UK card works there. Similarly a US resident can buy from Canada and Mexico but can't use a credit card on say the Russian store. https://www.pcgamesupply.com/ is best for US or Canadian credit, it's virtually instant, they accept paypal and charge pretty much the exchange rate without adding a surcharge. One thing about the Canadian store is every state adds a sales tax so every game is more expensive. This isn't a problem if you bought $20 credit for a $15 game, but if your game is $19.99 you won't have enough with a $20 card. Usually the US store is about the same once you factor tax in. Check the price here: https://eshop-prices.com/
  11. Honestly I don't know. I don't really understand what you're asking though. I think it might be account/ profile linked which is why the settings thing is important. If you read about family membership for paid online vs individual membership it talks about using the membership on multiple machines (so it can be Switch linked, right?), that other users on the same Switch can't use your online membership. edit- like Darkwing said
  12. Some people use just the one profile and then unlink the account, change the region within that same profile so they can buy from a different eshop. I interpret that email to say that whatever settings you have come 18/9 will be set in stone, thus locked to the SAF store or whatever was the setting on that date. The solution of multiple profiles on the same Switch would work around this.
  13. We don't know for certain but I'd tentatively say yes you can. As far as your Nintendo account is concerned South Africa is part of Europe. Of course geographically it isn't, but look at a South AFrica eshop receipt- you are paying Nintendo of Europe, based at their office in Germany when you buy from either the UK or SAF. This is the reason why you can use your debit card on either store (or Russia etc) but not in the US or Canada. That said I received this email from Nintendo America today and suspect NoE will send similar soon: I read that to mean you can't have one account and change it back and forth between regions. You pick one and its set. That said what I do is have 5 accounts on my switch- one is set to the UK, another SAF, one Russian and the last two USA and Canadian. I can buy a game on my USA account and am able to play it under my UK account as all the purchases are linked on one Switch. All the purchases are tied, the US eshop knows I bought and have Mario Kart on the Switch and won't let me rebuy even though I purchased it through SAF. Its messy to have 5 accounts but I found more straight forward than 1 account I changed, plus I can have separate cash balances on each. I can't for example buy wrong region DLC- I have a UK cartridge Lego Marvel and it lets me buy DLC from the UK/Russian/SAF eshop, but it error messages if I try Canada or USA. However I can buy USA DLC for a US bought game and play it on my UK account. Again we don't know for certain but I'd bet I can buy a SAF online membership and play online my UK games on my UK account as they are all on the same Switch.
  14. If you change your mind and want US or Canadian credit then I can recommend PC Game Supply. https://www.pcgamesupply.com/ They use paypal, instantly (well within 30 seconds) generate a code and charge the exchange rate with no fee so no $34 for a $30 card like Play Asia do. Also because you pay in £ sterling there is no currency conversion fee like there is if you say use your UK card on the Russian shop. ------------------- https://www.cjs-cdkeys.com/products/Monster-Hunter-Generations-Ultimate-Nintendo-Switch-Primary-License-(Digital-Download).html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwiJncBRC1ARIsAOvG-a7bEfFbRUieG12yrXLH3xahNkXsqjoaRH--SoR3K4VTSe3rEoSlkzsaAtWYEALw_wcB That site is super dodgy, yeah? They have the new digital Monster Hunter Switch for £35, but rather than supply a redemption code they they send you details to an account: Chances are stolen account or they used a stolen credit card on that account so effectively money laundering?
  15. As mentioned in the post you quoted it seems the 70mm is exclusive to Picturehouse, of which the nearest is Liverpool. In regards to Home its a mixed bag. Lovely building and interior, very modern and stylish. I think four or five screens, of which 2 (screens 1 and 2) are medium size, between 160-200 seats. Im comparing to Printworks who have 4 sizes (small, medium, large (where they show the blockbusters) and ridiculous (Imax). The other 3 screens at Home are tiny and cramped and seat like 60 people. The width of the screen is literally the width of the room in these smaller ones and whilst I enjoyed the film I saw (lean on Pete) watching under those conditions it barely felt like a cinema, more like a really kick ass home setup. What really annoyed me is when I booked my ticket is was sold as screen 1 but they moved it to tiny screen on the day of the film, presumably because less than 20 people bought tickets. You also can't reserve specific seats in advance. FYI Printworks are showing 2001 which is where I'm seeing it. Cheaper at a fiver a ticket and a guarantee of the quality of seat. I kind of want to support Home because they show stuff others don't (I'm watching Fistful of Dollars today there) but given the choice its Printworks every time for me.
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