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  1. Classic cinema - The 70's

    You forgot 60s Kerraig! Got to be top 3 for me with the Leone westerns (actually westerns in general), Jungle Book, Rosemarys Baby and Kubricks best.
  2. Nintendo Switch

    I think it was down so it could update. You can now use your my Nintendo gold coins to get money off all Switch games.
  3. Splatoon 2

    Is this possible? He isn't in the normal place since the Splatfest began and I can't find him.
  4. Splatoon 2

    Added SW-4339-7148-0798 to the list.
  5. The Man Utd Thread

    Except that the vast majority of the draws haven't been because of the style of play but due to an inability to score. This is down to a mixture of terrible finishing, exceptional goal keeping and at times bad luck, but mainly being shit at building on leads. More than enough decent chances have been made and missed in most of the draws. Sure he was negative in certain games like City and Liverpool away, but a draw in those games constituted a decent result at that point in the season. Ferguson did the exact same thing at times, both domestically and abroad. Last night was the sort of thing that has happened since forever- two teams with nothing to play for playing out a dull, immediately forgettable end of season game.
  6. Nintendo eShoop-Shoop Song 19th May 2016

    What you do is rather than buy it through the eshop, you click on an in game menu that offers the other games with the discount. Its similar to how the Outrealm Gate worked in FE Awakening.
  7. Nintendo Humble Bundle

    Excellent deal! I already have Shantae on Wii U, anybody like the code for it? UK/ Euro store code.
  8. The Man Utd Thread

    Says who? They are just covering their backs in saying they didn't want him as manager. Ferguson has already been quoted in his book in saying he directly approached Pep and told him to let us know if he was going anywhere. He didn't say out and joined Munich. As for the money thing... well, yeah, of course. It's no surprise surely. It's been apparent from day one they see the club as a cash generator and nothing else. Woodwards qualifications are an investment banker that helped broker the deal that brought the Glazers in. He helped increase revenue and has been promoted beyoynd his capabilities. It wasn't just Fergie going that was the bad news, Gill going too compounded it. Financially the club has never been richer. Football wise it's a joke from top to bottom with no forward planning at every level. It's all try and buy some global superstar and fuck the fact its a team game that needs balance.
  9. The two leagues is an East V West thing. They play like 80 league games and then the best 8 teams from each league (conference) go to the playoffs, which is a series of best of 7 knockout ties. Best from league position play worst, so 1st ranked v 8th. Ultimately the East champion faces the West in the final, which too is best of 7 games. I think it's done like this for the logistics of playing so many games in such a short space over a massive country. Same thing happens with the baseball. They also have an all star East v West game, which bar the playoffs, was my favourite bit of NBA. Edit- the bonus thing is related to free throws. If a team commits too many fouls in a period or last minutes of the final quarter the opposition gets three free throws rather than the standard two, so the opportunity to score three points rather than two.
  10. The Man Utd Thread

    That was always going to happen anyway as they changed it so only league winners are seeded in the 1st pot.
  11. The Man Utd Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_W0q4ZkER8 It's behind in real time, but works perfectly. Winning 1 nil currently.
  12. The Man Utd Thread

    More than enough for homegrown, can pretty much name a XI from squad players. Shaw, Smalling, Evans, Jones, Young, Carrick, Rooney. The likes of Schneiderlin, Rafael and Valencia probably are classed as home trained due to the time here and age when they joined an English club. The likes of Janujaz and Pereira aren't counted as they're so young, but will count in the future. There's also McNair, Blacket and James Wilson who again count in the future but I don't think any will make it at Utd. Personally I think it's the best midfield for 15 years- Beckham, Keane, Scholes, Giggs. Only Carrick compares to these from the last 8 years.
  13. The Man Utd Thread

    America only, plus this time it's reserved to one coast. Club listened to the manager who expressed concern at last years pre season arrangements. http://www.manutd.com/en/Tour-2015/News-and-Features/2015/Apr/announcement-of-manchester-united-tour-2015-game-dates-and-opponents.aspx
  14. The old card case was 1250.
  15. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    The dream was never real. The Chevrolet deal isn't performance related. The new Adidas deal that starts next season, is. However it's two consecutive years of non CL football from when the deal starts, so the end of the 16/17 season if the target was missed would be the earliest opportunity. Even then the penalty of a 30% cut would still see Utd have the highest kit supplier deal in the league (750m over 10 years is the full deal).

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