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  1. That sounds right but also isn't it revealed that
  2. Moulin Rouge (2001) Long been a favourite of mine, stuck it one last night and let my 8 year old watch it with me. Still had my misting up at the end and singing along all the way through. I love it. 5/5
  3. It's a good way to think about things, that's for sure. However, being completely honest with myself, it wasn't because I didn't want it - it was because I wanted it cheaper! :-P More fool me! (I picked up Pandemic: Legacy Season 1 in it's abscence.... I will be getting divorced soon.)
  4. Problem solved; they'd already sold their copy! fuck!
  5. Hmmm. I've been swithering over 'The Kings Dilemma' for a while and have been put off by the price (it's £75 in my local!) but if it's going to sell out soon....
  6. Surely that means it's up for weekly rewatches, @ScouserInExile?? Anyway.... 'A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood' - strange wee film. Obviously missing something by not having a childhood attachment to Mr Rodgers but enjoyed it for what it was. Probably says something about me that I was constantly waiting for some dark side of him to be revealed but no, he just appears to be a very nice person - odd but nice. 3/5 'Dr Doolittle' - Jesus Christ. All the rumours are true. A disater from start to finish. Downey's Welsh Accent!! Expect Iron Man to come back in Phase 4 of the MCU based on this box office alone. Tragic that this was a labour of love for Downey and instead it's a gigantic pile of shite. 0/5 - AVOID
  7. A thing I noticed on a second watch, relating to that...
  8. Watched it all with my 8 year old over the weekend, was pitched perfectly for him - the scares worked, the magic of the keys fired his imagination, he went to bed last night dreaming up "new" keys with powers and what he would do with them. Decent family fun, no idea how it compares against the comics. With a critical eye, yeah, some of it was pretty duff - the Mum who just COULD NOT KEEP TRACK OF HER KIDS while murders and Well Witches and Neighbours with Secrets just wnadered about their house was infuriating. But overall? Enjoyed it. 6/10. I will say this though and this is a complaint about most 'prestige' TV you watch now. There's always a tragic backstory, isn't there? Some tramau that relates directly to the present, a mystery to be unpicked. I'm bored of it. What happened to stories where a normal family turns up and stuff happens to them? Or weird shit just starts one day and everyone deals with it? /oldmanyellingatcloud
  9. Mission: Impossible stole that model, although with the last two films they're starting to veer into Craig-Bond-Continuity-Territory
  10. He was accused by Robert Downey Jnr via Crazy Days and Nights - allegedly. It's long been rumoured that he was an utter scumbag.
  11. I loved 'Uncut Gems' but this is still hilarious. I can't stop doing it and my kids are ready to murder me.
  12. 21 Bridges If I’d seen this when I was 11, it might have been one of my favourite films of all time. It’s fine. No-one stinks or shines in it, there’s some decent gunfights though and a lot of people get domed, if you’re looking for more of that now John Wick’s done for the foreseeable.
  13. The score is good but it does intrude over the first 5-10 mins of the film; you can barely hear some of the dialogue at the start.
  14. I really bounced off 'Enemy' and not just because of that nightmare fuel last fucking shot that it has. I've loved everything else he's done though so excited for this. Have never seen the Lynch version or read the books.
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