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  1. Travelling into space to save the world by killing your Dad; it’s every young boy’s dream!
  2. I think it looks great! I’m in.
  3. Fuck, had never imagined a Vilenueve Terminator before and holy shit now I can't stop
  4. Agreed. After I binned my script for a Terminator 4 when Genisys came out (the Terminator was a baby, infiltrating John Connor’s daycare), I submitted a new script that focused on bringing that fear of the unknown back to the franchise, by doing the only logical thing: targeting John Connor’s Great-Great Grandmother - Fanny O’Connor, a backscrubber in 1840’s Dublin. The fool’s passed. Fools!
  5. Watched it. HOT MESS CONFIRMED. Why, when you have the iconic "Terminator Theme" available to you, would you not include it in your trailer? Why? Even a bit, when Sarah Connor appears would have been enough. But no. Instead, we go back 5yrs in time to when slow, twee cover versions of songs were all the rage. Maddening.
  6. That’s good but this....this makes even better.
  7. Yes. A dose of 500 roentgens per hr is lethal for humans; the guy touching the piece of graphite core would have been exposed to approx 10,000 to 20,000 roentgens. You’re basically melting from the inside out, even without touching stuff.
  8. It’s an odd read. Some stuff is super-boring and I find my attention wandering, then it’ll suddenly jump to a chapter about how you can take a random pic of the rainforest canopy and be able to tell if humans have ever occupied that space and what causes them to depart. I picked it up 2nd hand so for £2, absolutely worth it.
  9. Somewhat related but I'm reading a book just now, 'The World Without Us' which examines how quickly Earth would "revert" to a natural state if all humans were to vanish tomorrow. Some of the stuff is eye-opening. For instance, New York City would have some skyscrapers standing for the next few centuries but the subway system would be completely flooded within a month without no humans around and most of the N-S avenues would be actual rivers within a few years. So the general shabby-chic approach to a post-Snap world, as depicted in the film, is not too bad.
  10. Apparently the ending has been leaked (description of, not actual footage) and is being seeded all over the internet by the usual suspects so be careful of spoilers in Youtube vids titles, Reddit, Twitter etc. Basically, turn off your internet if you want to stay unspoiled until the end. Fucking people, man.
  11. Yes. But she's hoping to pass it off as Euron's, as long as he's around/useful. But as @Commander Jameson points out, Tyrion may have undone that.
  12. Nanomachines, son. (As he built the gauntlet, I assume he was able to "absorb" the Stones from it and into his suit very quickly and without Thanos noticing. A quick flashback showing exactly how that happened would have probably worked as I'm sure there were loads of people asking how exactly he did it.)
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