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  1. On my second play and this time I climbed the dinosaur :-)
  2. Watched this yesterday after your recommendation and my son and I were jumping up and down, shouting at the telly, throughout. is this what it’s like being a football fan?? Genuinely impressed with the challenges they set up too.
  3. The Room (2019) no, not that one. an intriguing little tale that would probably have worked best as an episode of the twilight zone but a fun watch
  4. Backed. Sounds great and have never played a RPG before. Sounds like the perfect intro for me and my son.
  5. Kneecapping to hobble enemies def works....unless, like me, you are using the shotgun or upgraded hunting pistol, in which case you are just blowing limbs off and legging it while the poor bastards screams and bleeds out, drawing his friends over to walk into the bomb I'd left behind. I love this game.
  6. I couldn't get past Owen's Danny Dyer resemblance
  7. Yeah of course it would and it would be tragic but up until then I want to be able to sic' him on Dave, over by the wall, so that Maria, distracted by the attack on Dave doesn't see me sneak out from cover and shank her
  8. I am very interested in where they go with the third - and presumably final - game. Because there WILL be a third game. The sales AND the story demand it. Will the virus mutate further? Will Ellie's immunity to it even matter by that point? How will the remaining characters come back into the story? I imagine that the WLF will be a spent force after the assualt on Haven and that we'll instead see a re-empowered Firelflies, finally getting things back on track, they way the intended way back in the 1st game. Of course, somehow they'll be doing some well dodgy shit which will mean we'll have to kill loads of them but still... Also, Naughy Dog? Give US a dog. It's not fair that the baddies get one and we don't.
  9. agree was it? Maybe I did do it and it’s all lost in the murder haze ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. "They got Dave! Noooooo!" Me: lol, fuck u, Dave
  11. I spent a long time on that area and never found that bit! Something to look forward to on NG+!
  12. I’m 28hrs in and I don’t want it to end
  13. The body destruction in this is something else. I had blown the legs off a clicker, leading to it making a mess crawling around before it died. The noise attracted another one from further in the building so I lobbed another explosive it’s way. It landed right beside the dead one and ended up fucking obliterating it. In other games that would be an immovable chunk once the enemy was killed, was good to see. Now to try it on a human foe....
  14. It’s tough but it’s doable. Iirc, focusing on taking out the right most soldiers is key to making inroads into that corridor. I spent ages there too before finally making progress. And sometimes it’s fine to just lob molotovs at them.
  15. Usually, when I’m trying to clear an area, I get one or two stealth kills before someone spots me and it all falls to shit. Running away until I’m backed backed into a corner and defending a choke point. Hoping to kill all the attackers before they kill me. It’s usually 50/50. Just had my first prolonged section where I went fucking RAMBO. Traps, silent kills, headshots from cover (and ooft! The upgraded on shot power really makes a mess of heads). It was glorious. The land mines are my favourite thing in this. Especially if you can “lay” a scent trail on purpose and hide one along it.
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