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  1. The Mighty Ash

    Apex Legends - Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment

    I played with my 8 year old nephew and I thought it was fine.
  2. The Mighty Ash

    Google Stadia - "Future of Gaming" announced at GDC 2019

    Will you be buying whatever it is
  3. The Mighty Ash

    Google Stadia - "Future of Gaming" announced at GDC 2019

    Edit: Fake news - someone photoshopped ET over a PS1
  4. The Mighty Ash

    Nintendo Switch

    30 Minutes!
  5. The Mighty Ash

    Switch - Too many ports?? (Ports Die Twice)

    Everything should be ported to Switch!
  6. The Mighty Ash

    Arcade 1up

    Debenhams - sold out online but might have them in store.
  7. The Mighty Ash

    Sony definitely not buying Take Two

    There is zero chance those games will be ps exclusive.
  8. The Mighty Ash

    Arcade 1up

    Just ordered a SF2 cab for £200. Excited!!
  9. The Mighty Ash

    Borderlands 3 - Announcement at PAX?

    So Doom Eternal will come to Switch but not Borderlands 3 as its too demanding? We'll see...
  10. The Mighty Ash

    Borderlands 3 - Announcement at PAX?

    Borderlands 2 came out on the Vita.
  11. The Mighty Ash

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    I think ever since he found the brothers who write it now, its felt more like a parody of the original character.
  12. The Mighty Ash

    New Wave Toys 1/6 scale Arcade cabinets

    Im still kicking myself for not ordering SF2 when it was $90. Shipping isnt too bad at $25. Edit: code for $20 off CAPCOM99
  13. The Mighty Ash


    Keith flint has died
  14. The Mighty Ash

    Xbox One X just died and MS are utter tripe

    Where did you buy it? You should be able to go back to the retailer.

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