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  1. Me too. Tempted to sell my launch day X and pay the extra.
  2. I just picked it up in the sale. Only played a couple of races but its scratching the Road Rash itch. It seems quite low budget but the fun is there. Lots of bikes and weapons to unlock.
  3. Plus the best thing about the Switch version is that you can get in the washing machine and play it to recreate this:
  4. This is a good point. I notice the graphics for a few minutes and then stop noticing when playing the game. I enjoy playing Witcher on Switch just as much as I do on my PS4.
  5. I would be excited if it sounded like all this power had been used somewhere interesting like enemy AI for example. For FPS - It feels like we haven't made much progress since Halo/Fear, in some cases it feels like it's been dumbed down. .
  6. Please dont start posting lists of who you think is better
  7. They may end up as the best duo ever (apart from Gangstarr and maybe Mobb Deep).
  8. Thank you, even with the control issues that sounds great. I've been waiting for a sale but my resolve is weakening!
  9. Has anybody bought Grid Autosport? I'm really missing a decent racer.
  10. Just got borderlands. Looks like 1 is on the cartridge and the other 2 are via a code.
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