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  1. I regularly finish in the top 3 and I'm charging about.
  2. It sold out in my size really quick
  3. Why do you need to pay for the battle pass or quit?
  4. Dont people say that every new headset will be the one to go mainstream? Its not going mainstream ever.
  5. Did they ever have a lot of VR dev resources? The output wouldn't suggest so.
  6. Luckily gamepass and xcloud seem to be quite visionary
  7. Masses = 5% of ps4 owners. The market for vr is tiny, as demonstrated by the lack new games for psvr this year.
  8. Yup, instant on mode will do just that.
  9. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8628628 £26.99 for a camo pad at Argos
  10. Less of the corny and more of the Uncommon Valor please thanks
  11. I have gamepass until 2022 so I'm definitely getting the next Xbox with Xcloud action on my phone.
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