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  1. I paid for the COD one and found it quite stressful if I didn't get a level up every day
  2. Nah, makes gaming feel like a second job.
  3. Thanks Mr Corporation! What about the DLC?
  4. Its the principle - they don't need to take it down. They do it because they don't want the £50 version compared to the £20 version and people realising they are getting ripped off.
  5. Nintendo have taken the ability to purchase the wii u version down from the eshop. Amazing
  6. £49.99 on the eshop Nintendo stopping other retailers selling discounted codes
  7. Apparently you need some detachable joycons to play on Switch lite
  8. Gamepass for me is about discovering games I wouldn't usually buy - Untitled Goose Game, Lonely Mountain, Moving Out, West of Dead for example.
  9. Why? Sony don't have a racing game as good as Forza Horizon, a FPS as good as Halo, or a good pirate game.
  10. Xbox for me due to likely best version of Cyberpunk, Halo, Gamepass and preffered pad.
  11. NoID produced the new Logic album, its good!
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