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  1. It's quite extravagant and I probably wouldn't have bought one for myself, but my parents offered to get me it for my 30th last week and I would have been a bit stupid to say no. Great bit of kit though, I am very much loving the whole draught beer at home thing.
  2. Guess my stream is a bit behind then.
  3. It's a Philips Perfect Draft. Draught beer at home, basically. https://www.beerhawk.co.uk/perfect-draft-range/perfect-draft It takes 6 litre kegs and they stay fresh for 30 days. There's a handy display on the machine too so you know how much is left and how many days of freshness are left.
  4. This just isn't getting old.
  5. There was a bit of talk about draught machines a little while ago. I got a Perfect Draft at the weekend. Got a keg of Jaipur in there at the moment, probably going to do a Franziskaner next. PXL_20210213_192250513.mp4
  6. This is my Untappd: https://untappd.com/user/h_doody I used to really enjoy their beers but I've been avoiding them for a while now, since they posted a video on Twitter with a crying laughing emoji making light of an incredibly unsafe health and safety incident in the brewery. The puerile, fraternal humour they used in a job advert for a gardener and the food names at one of their pubs (chicken breast burger named 'motorboat', anyone? ) have just cemented that. No great loss to me now though as they seem to have fully embraced the 'chuck anything in a beer' type brewing
  7. Do it! I've just received 24 Black Eagle from Brew York so I'll definitely be having a couple of those tonight.
  8. I've only had one of their beers so far, but it was absolutely brilliant. https://blog.micmcgrorty.dev/beak-brewery-horses
  9. The Craft Beer Channel live shows are usually good fun so definitely worth doing. Just as long as that other beer Youtuber from Wales isn't on. He's a wanker and ruins any live show he's on. I was going to buy the Beak box and watch the show as it sounded like a good way to sample their range of beers but I didn't bother as 5 of the 6 beers are New England style IPAs.
  10. I've got a can but not had it yet. I really enjoyed the 5% stout they did though, and of course their lagers are brilliant. Quick note about the 5L minikegs.. they need to be drunk within a few days, they're a nightmare to chill unless you have a huge fridge and the beer is not fizzy in the slightest. They're great if you want to smash through 9 pints over a couple of evenings but definitely not comparable to any of the home draught solutions.
  11. Checkout Newbarns Brewery. They just released an 11% straight up Imperial stout.
  12. Oof, that must have cost a fortune. :O
  13. I'm trying to start writing about beer a bit more often, just published my first attempt at a longer article here. It's a bit of a love letter to one of my favourite styles of beer, hefeweizen.
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