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  1. I'm one of those weirdos who loved the gear reset going into D2, and the climb to power up with new weapons and powers. I'm disappointed they're not doing that again, though most people don't want that so I get it. Every time they release a new event for D2 it's another trip to the internet to try and find out what all the mechanics and items and so on do, since the game tells you nothing, and they're just the same as the other events - collect these, take them here, get thing. Why are these packages opened by the thing next to the Drifter and not the usual guy? I don't
  2. When you pick your character on the menu there should be a yellow icon next to the name to boost you up. First one's free. You're going to get drops much higher just by playing the game though I'd imagine. Looks for the yellow sun icon on the Destinations tab for guaranteed strong gear.
  3. There's a demo I think if you're not sure.
  4. There's an aim assist option that might help (I use it!) Re unlocks they just become available to find in future, you get a free go
  5. Yeah Blazing Beaks did that better where it told you what you were about to pick up, and you were rewarded for taking the risk if it was a bad un
  6. @viewtiful jim Yes this was the Switch version. @Rayn Performance wise there's only the slowdown problem. I've only got as far as the first manager and the bosses later on in my runs gave me slowdown. Would be interested if anyone's played much further in with added eggs, helpers, bullets etc. to see if it's any worse.
  7. Like most in this thread I'm a fan of EtG but found it a smidge too hard (only got to level 4 twice), this seems to be better balanced. I've only had a few runs and beat the first manager, but most weapons I pick up seem to be not as good as the default one? Like they fire much slower or do something funky that isn't just killing the enemies dead. Also some enemies teleport on top of you? Like this a lot, and I like that it has difficulty settings. Getting a lot of slowdown on bosses though, fuck that.
  8. Have I only just noticed it, or have you always been able to move over a game in the eShop to show you screenshots? Cos that's really useful since some of the art they use in the shop is not helpful at all.
  9. Itta looks like a great bullet hell twin stick adventure game but I have enough of them to play, so might wait for a price drop. Would be interested on thoughts on Super Pixel Racers...
  10. Where's this come from? Picked up Sine Mora for £6 in this sale, I'd already bought everything else I wanted :|
  11. Mario 64 is begging for a remaster and I'd happily pay top price for it.
  12. Looking forward to it! Been enjoying a lot of D2 recently. I got my Riskrunner catalyst today and paired it with Verity's Brow... it just never ends. I also found out today that Nightfalls are matchmade - I'm sure they weren't before and the hover text for the option in the Director doesn't mention it is? Will play more of them now I know that. Did they change that or was I just wrong?
  13. Doom 1 and 2 both down to £1.20 and Doom 3 is £2.40!
  14. Well there's Golf Story tho there's not really that much golf in it.
  15. Worth it for the endless mode itself I reckon, very Zen!
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