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  1. The game's never explained shit to you, why would Bungie do anything differently with yet another set of changes? It's expected that "the community" finds and gives out useful information and, of course, that every player is constantly checking in with "the community" what the fucking game is this week. I mean yeah I'd rather Bungie concentrated on making the content, but this game is baffling to me and I play a lot of it. If D3 is going to go into an even more RPG-like direction, this is only going to get worse unfortunately.
  2. Seeing and playing something like Destiny would have been amazing to young me. There's all these places I can go to at any time, not just a standard single player set of missions? And I can use whatever weapons / skills I want!? And there are other people there? And all my stuff is just "remembered" across play sessions and it's all at no extra cost (excluding PVP of course)? Incredible stuff. Still impresses me today, to be honest. The sheer amount of content and its accessibility. One thing that really stood out to me recently, when going back to my halcyon Amiga days, is how fucking shit the control methods were. A 4-way joystick with ONE BUTTON? Simply didn't occur to little me that more options would be good. Just having more buttons would have improved old games massively (as someone mentioned earlier about Xybots). I remember playing Super Cars 2 and having to... press "back" to release a special attack or something? So unintuitive. I couldn't understand why people loved Street Fighter 2 cos I'd played it on the Amiga first
  3. Arcade Classics is 20% off on PSN: https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0101-CUSA15189_00-ARCADECLASSICS01 £12.79 now.
  4. Yeah and those two are getting a faster RoF (150 RPM) to compensate for the nerf.
  5. Apparently Bungle have disabled the special orb generation in gambit and somewhere else (strikes?) so some of the triumphs that go toward Arbalest are now impossible. Was enjoying fighting through the Verdant Forest for a bit as well. Trinity Ghoul and Escape Artist are a great combo for it (specially with grenade regeneration).
  6. Yeah I don't mind there being secrets and things to be found and cool little things, it's when they put really interesting / good stuff behind it all, and as you say there's nothing anywhere to suggest it's even available.
  7. Ah cool I didn't realise it was there for three weeks. Thanks both I'll probably jump on over the long weekend and have a crack at it.
  8. Haven't played it yet. I saw a video on the Arbalest and it genuinely looks amazing, but the steps to get it felt like such a fucking chore and it sapped all my enthusiasm. Why do they feel the need to add so much fiddly crap where you have to learn some whole new matrix of materials and bounties and trumphs and events and armours? I just can't be arsed to learn it all. I accept I have to work for pinnacle weapons but it shouldn't feel like fucking dry and dull homework. I'm supposed to be a magical space wizard with amazing powers and guns saving the universe. You know...fun? It's time limited too (two weeks), so honestly, even though I want the weapon, I'll probably just wait till it hits the general loot pool. Otherwise I'd have been tempted to "just play" and maybe check in on progress every now and then. They can't even get that right.
  9. I did mine yesterday. It's free to change it back at any time if you have problems, since Sony keep the original name in reserve for you. They don't guarantee no problems if you switch back, but if you do want to change it it's pretty easy.
  10. Awesome thanks, downloading now!
  11. Only for gold members. Would jump in at this price on PSN.
  12. Yup there's no better game for shoot-feel (not a word) IMO. There's loads to dive into, enjoy!
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