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  1. Melon_Bread

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    Ah yeah the Bowling place in Harrow in the Chinese centre was cool, remember playing the Sonic isometric arcade game there with the trackballs.
  2. Melon_Bread

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    Hahah I recognise those Bournemouth shops, sad they are gone, seems they were long gone before I moved to Dorset. Mine was Adams World in North Finchley use to hang out in there a lot and bought so many memorable games from there like Gunstar Heroes or Symphony of the Night. Tho the one I remember most was finding change down the back of the sofa and gathering enough to get the bus to Finchley and get Yie ar Kung Fu on the C64. Arcade wise there was a newsagent also in Finchley that had Kind of Boxer that I used to play a lot with my cousin, and Barnet Fair used to have a good selection of Arcade games back in the day.
  3. Melon_Bread

    The last Remnant

    Gonna play this later looking forward to it, dabbled with the PC version but never for any length of time.
  4. Yeah I tried that, he's gone What I find weird is it has changed the horse in all my saves, like the horse model is not dependent on the save state, very odd.
  5. About to give up on this, had my guns disappear and had to reload an old save to get them back, then last night I load it up and my DLC Warhorse has morphed into a crap brown one, same name and stats as old horse but looks rubbish. I even went back and it's changed in every save even old saves a month old, what a weird and annoying bug, put me off the game.
  6. Clan invite would be lovely in game name is Stabasco. Played this loads today, dabbled on PC and PS4 but never got very far.
  7. Melon_Bread

    PlayStation VR

    Getting this for Xmas, very excited. Had resi 7 for ages but told myself I would save it for VR after a few hours play. Also means I can finally play Pop-Up-Pilgrims which I did the artwork for.
  8. Melon_Bread

    The Random WoW Thread

    I opened up the Mag'har orcs and now leveling an Orc priest, that was one hell of a grind. Still guildless, I would like to casually raid but I don't want it to feel like I job I need to turn upto every week.
  9. Melon_Bread

    Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    You'll get better and it won't be that hard any more, was doing some of the G2 key quests online last night as was surprised how quick the Monsters were falling. Monster is hunter is all bout those "Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!!" moments and the feeling that you are actually getting better at the game.
  10. Melon_Bread

    Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    In true Monster hunter fashion I should now launch into a huge rant about how it's always had red text, telling you that you don't understand yet! You need to play the game for at least 20 hours before you realise that it HAS TO BE red text and not white like all your other button mashy games. But no, it's a bloody stupid idea and I have no idea how it got through testing.
  11. Melon_Bread

    Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    World, then if you get a taste for it, this.
  12. Melon_Bread

    Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Yeah its great, tho i do keep thinking its world and messing up the buttons.
  13. Melon_Bread

    The Random WoW Thread

    Gah I just hit 120 on the Horde side with my Mage and really enjoyed it, I have only done half a zone Alliance side and wasn't enjoying it as much as Horde, will have to go back now. The blood troll zone Horde side is my fave so far.
  14. Melon_Bread

    Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Oooh you need to share those cats!
  15. Melon_Bread

    Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    The single and multiplayer is separate in this one, it's not like world where you can do everything multiplayer, so you will need to do the single player stuff as well. You need to search for and join lobbies to play MP.

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