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  1. I've done the whole of 1 and 3 and now playing Bloodborne during lockdown. I did delve into 2 for a bit but got tempted by 3's fancy graphics and ended moving onto that. I'd say 1 or 3, take your pick they are both equally awesome, I would lean towards 3 and it's just looks amazing but 1's world need to be experienced for at least one playthru.
  2. Finished 1, 3 and a third of 2 during lockdown and two thirds of the way thru Bloodborne at the moment. I think 3 is my fave Dark Souls game but Bloodborne is my overall fave I love the chalice dungeons. I would def recommend going back and playing 1 it's still great, you'll have a much easier time after playing 3, there is something self contained about the way 1 connects together that just makes me remember it fondly.
  3. There are 2 npc summons for that fight, just did it myself, they help quite a bit.
  4. Go back, that's a good sword.
  5. You can do the last boss of the main game and then do the DLC if you like, it's asks you at the end of you want to go to NG+, if you say no you can potter around tidying up loose ends and doing the DLC.
  6. You can go respec if you want to switch to a strength build. Then there are quality builds that use both dex and str weapons.
  7. here's our hub area in motion...
  8. Tbh, I just did it by eye, I may have used some of my old pixelart to grab the colours from. Here's another screenshot...
  9. My daughter has 539 here is the link,,, https://turnip.exchange/island/32125429
  10. I just went thru that area yesterday and it's def a step up from what you have faced before, for those guys (who killed me a lot) I would try and separate one from the pack and either go in aggressive and hope your combo can take them down in one go or bait out an attack and then go in, you can also wait for that magic attack and hope you can run in and kill them before they cast it.
  11. Well done, I was coming here to say theres a NPC summon right outside the door by the 2 sitting enemies and he really helps in this fight. I know cuz i did this boss last night.
  12. I've been working on a game called Voxel Tactics, it's a voxel based strategy RPG, we just finished a pre-alpha vertical slice demo that we are trying to get funding. Been working on it in my spare time for years but it's really come together over the last 6 months, now seems like a good time to try and get funding and make it for reals. Here's a screenshot, you can follow the game on twitter @voxeltactics
  13. I recently finished a run through on PS4 then instantly bought the Switch version and started a new character on that, I was intending to play thru all of them so moved onto 2 after my PS4 playthru I got about a third of the way thru 2 then the fancy graphics of 3 tempted me and I've switched to playing 3 now alongside DSR on the Switch. You could give 2 a try, it's pretty cheap, I've not played it since the PS3 days. It's an odd one some love it some hate it, it's def got a different feel and I was enjoying it but the constant ganks started to get on my nerves , they use the old enemy hanging off something until you past trick over and over, and they follow you forever in 2 so you'll be in a fight and some dude you ran past 5 mins ago comes out of nowhere and stabs you in the back. One thing I really liked is it's got a lot of NPC summons they are pretty fun to fight alongside.
  14. The launcher never actual gets that far it pops up for about half a second then quits, then I have have to re-download 11gb file, goes round in circles.
  15. Can't even get this to install, downloads the initial 11gb then seems to get stuck in a loop re-downloading over and over.
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