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  1. Melon_Bread

    Detective Pikachu movie

    Ending ruined it for me...
  2. Melon_Bread

    Monster Hunter: World

  3. I am still waiting to play magic archer at level 130, apparently it has pretty bad stat growth so currently playing sorcerer until my base magic attack is around the 600 mark.
  4. There's tons of gear in this game so you've probably just been unlucky with the random chest loot and not managed to get any upgrades for your daggers. There is a spot with some amazing daggers you can grab near the start of the game, which involves a gathering spot and a bit of save reloading.
  5. Melon_Bread

    Monster Hunter: World

    In the older game there are monsters like Zinogre who cannot be trapped in a shocktrap so both need to work. In other news there should be some info on Iceborne on Thursday/Friday.
  6. Took down the final final boss tonight, now the fun begins farming up gear to do it even quicker!
  7. Melon_Bread

    Monster Hunter: World

    Nah you can trap with both. Either the tranq ran out or he wasnt quite ready to trap yet.
  8. You should hear the original menu music it was amazing.
  9. Melon_Bread

    Monster Hunter: World

    Longsword or hammer should do the trick.
  10. yeah it's been like that for days, hope they fix it soon, along with the non-stop combat music bug.
  11. Oh god, not sure I want to see this lol. Loving this so much, found a few quests I missed the 3 times I previously played it, that or it was so long ago I forgot. I also did the trick Curtis mentioned to grab a super cool weapon at the start, you can go back there later on and try for the rest of the weapons as well.
  12. Melon_Bread

    Monster Hunter: World

    Why are you worrying about menu's and not out there smacking up Monsters? You really need to worry about very little until endgame! If you can slog thru the Divisions interface this should be a peasy.
  13. Yeah know bug apparently, hope they fix it. I saw a post with all the different combat music and how it changes when you get the upper hand, def missing out.
  14. I managed to get her in the rift via the pawn code but you still do not come up in a friend list search, very odd.
  15. What level is your pawn now? For some reason I can't see Bowie in the rift or friend search and we are def Switch friends, post your pawn ID and I can hire that way.

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