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  1. Less likely he'll go to Barca? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but he has handed in a transfer request today!
  2. Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    I thought I had finalised my team last night but of course I haven't. I'm continuing my usual practice of going cheap for GKs and defence and going for mainly elite players in midfield and up front. I also always go very cheap on the bench which can sometimes mean I'm operating a player or two down in some gameweeks but it isn't usually too much of an issue. I am currently trying to decide between Kane, Fabregas and Mane or Jesus, Salah and Alli. My team as it stands is… Foster, Elliot Daniels, Stephens, Alexander-Arnold, Long, Rangel De Bruyne, Mane, Zaha, Fabregas, Carroll Kane, Lukaku, Chicharito Any thoughts at all would be appreciated!
  3. SNES Mini

    FZero is on the list on the Nintendo website... https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Misc-/Nintendo-Classic-Mini-Super-Nintendo-Entertainment-System/Nintendo-Classic-Mini-Super-Nintendo-Entertainment-System-1238330.html
  4. Are supermarket prices listed anywhere then? I haven't pre-ordered but want this tomorrow so interested to know what actual shops will be charging.
  5. The only place I have seen this mentioned, and I have actively looked, is on this forum. Is this actually a thing?
  6. I'm assuming the digital version won't come with Resi 4? Anyone know the usual situation with these things? I'm currently all digital on the PS4 but don't want to miss the extra.
  7. Was very, very close to buying everybody's gone to the rapture in the October sale so glad I held off. Very pleased with that!
  8. Tefal Optigrill

    I have just bought a George Foreman five person grill for £20 with the aim of using it mostly for chicken but also the occasional steak to make healthy eating easier. After reading this I'm tempted to return it unused and pick up the optigrill instead. These can be had for about £90 it seems in most places. Is the Tefal product worth the large price difference? Are people still using it or have flaws started to rear their head with prolonged use?
  9. Only

    I am going to pick up Thomas Was Alone at a ridiculous £0.70 from the Russian store. Any thoughts on Slender?
  10. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3DS

    Am I right in thinking this will be region locked? I'd love that figure!
  11. Alien: Isolation

    Having a bit of a tough time with this. It took me three attempts and over an hour to be able to get off of Torrens because of bugs. On the first attempt the graphics didn't fully load and all of the areas where the walls should have been were just black. The door to the area where Ellen gets changed wouldn't open either. I thought the graphics were just part of the lo-fi approach however and spent ages wondering what the hell I was doing wrong and even looked at a walkthrough. Eventually I quit out and restarted the game. On the second attempt all the graphics loaded which was nice but on getting to the bridge everyone just plain ignored me and I couldn't get any further. I am hoping this was just a strange one-off (or two-off I guess). If it is going to take me this long to get through every small bit then the new consoles will be out before I even meet the alien!
  12. Xbox One Console Thread

    Also looking for a referral thing if anyone can do the honours? Gamertag: RSNorman
  13. The Evil Within - The Evil Within 2 confirmed!!

    I have to say that they don't currently offer this deal either online or in my local store. Let's not derail this topic any further though.
  14. The Evil Within - The Evil Within 2 confirmed!!

    As expected, absolutely nothing of note. Just the usual bundles about £30 more than anywhere else. Disappointing. Not sure what charliemouse was referring to at all.
  15. The Evil Within - The Evil Within 2 confirmed!!

    Sadly not! Seems too good to be true to be fair. I am planning on having a look in-store on my way home from work so will report back anything of interest.

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