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  1. Finally got a chance to watch them all and still very much looking forward to playing it. World looks beautiful but like @Garibaldi says a slight worry in what to do in it. I can't wait to get involved and lost in the whole thing.
  2. Yeh, totally. It's so vast in place and similar that you you feel like you haven't seen it all or missed something. I've just got to and still thoroughly enjoying this. So many influences and all work so well. Really, really getting the HL vibe from it the further I get in. Could be my GOTY so far I feel. And the RTX stuff is just a game changer, amazing. Taking a set of glass office windows with the machine gun never gets old. And the reflections catch me very time. Great stuff.
  3. Properly loving this, haven't been gripped by something so much in ages. Didn't even load the GR beta as was so engrossed. Really taking my time and it is oh so good. All the back story and information is brilliant. Also, wtf was up with those sensory deprivation tanks?! Dr. Tokui is nuts. Does anyone find themselves still getting a bit lost or overwhelmed by where they are at times? It's very difficult at times to get a feel or grip on the overall layout. By design surely to fit the overall feeling?
  4. Haha, ta. Of course, why would find work, how logical?!
  5. @Dark Soldier Am I missing something with that? If I use HxD and search the dx12 exe I can't find those?
  6. Well this is all sorts of excellent so far (started last night and just past first boss). Really loving this; the setting, the atmosphere and oh my days the RTX stuff. Looks astonishing with it all turned on and up.
  7. TeamSpeak?
  8. I got the invite but just for pc. I played both alphas, once for ps4 and once for pc. Not to worry though.
  9. Oh man, lots of happy memories there. Was very much 1990 onwards in Manchester, Leeds and beyond for me and friends. Plus lots and lots of free parties (DiY, Smokecreen etc) out in the woods/quarries/airfields/beaches/wherever (Castlemorton madness!).
  10. No just a bit blind, sorry. Sending now.
  11. Oh bugger, mine is PC. Anyone want an invite on PC? Anyone got a spare ps4 code perchance?
  12. I'm in! I'll send an invite to those other OLD bastards. The good lady wife is out Fri if you or anyone fancies a late co-op blast.
  13. Just arrived in the mail. Are we mostly all on ps4 or have a mix?
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