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  1. The Man Utd Thread

    Let's be honest about something guys. Alexis Sanchez has been awful since he arrived. How he continues to start over Martial and even Rashford is baffling.
  2. The Man Utd Thread

    yep, another waste of space performance, the magic has long gone.
  3. De Niro

    Even by your standards, this is absolute bullshit. I really enjoyed his recent performance in The Intern, such a pleasant movie.
  4. Football Thread 2017/18

    Typically, they seem oblivious to it in the Liverpool thread.
  5. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Well if the goal stood there would have been a stoppage in play and Liverpool wouldn't have had the opportunity to counter.
  6. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Do you realise City should have been 2-0 up just before Ox missed his half chance?
  7. Thanks, Joffo, I'll try to get some pictures up with a report soon. They nerfed Geif again, what the actual fuck?
  8. The Man Utd Thread

    Abosolute pathetic,inept performance,i knew after the first 5 minutes what was going to happen. How jose did not make any changes untill they scored was a joke
  9. JLM's post is great, I started writing something similar but I always sound like a right prick but he manages to be harsh in the nicest way possible
  10. God, I hate Blanka so much.
  11. I'm having a nightmare since AE dropped, gone from 13500 to 9600 or so. Obviously it takes time to learn all the new V-triggers and set-ups but my god they really hurt Zangief. I'm not sure he has any matches that are in his favour and he must have the most bad match-ups now. Birdie, Menat, Dhlasim, Urien, Guile, Abigail and Chun-Li are all terrible matches post patch and matches that were good pre-patch seem even at best such as Laura, Mika and the shotos. The hop nerf is really bad, it gave Zangief a good way to approach in the neutral and set-up some mind games but now the added recovery frames have totally removed this from his arsenal and you're more likely to get crush countered because of the change. This means he is relegated to basic approaches such as dashing and jumping and he is really easy to anti-air due to his floaty jump. I'm not surprised Itabashi dropped him for Abigail, it's a no brainer. I've been through this before with T-Hawk in SF4 so I won't give up on Gief just yet but I'm really tempted to give ED a try as I like how simple his movelist is. But I'm a grappler you know? Hard to change!
  12. Britannia - Romani Ite Domum

    It's a Sky Original production. I doubt you'll see it anywhere else any time soon.
  13. I have played pretty much every day now for about 2 months, I almost made it to Diamond rank so I finally feel I can give my impressions of the game. Having missed an entire year of the game and playing nothing but SFIV in Japan, it took me a really long time to get in to SFV. It's a frustating mess a lot of the time, but at it's heart, it's still Street Fighter. I only use Zangief so bear that in mind when reading my thoughts. Let's start with the key problems. Gief's main button is his 3F jab and I should NEVER have to fear losing 40% of my health by pressing it. The risk vs reward (hallmark of any SF game) is just not there in the neutral due to the priority system and the crush counters it leads too. I really like the idea that DPs get crush countered though, that is fair for sure. Same for hard knock downs on a sweep since they're usually -100000 on block. I also hate the plethora of stupidly fast EX-moves that are + on block. Against Urien I need to walk forward because he has a fireball, but his EX tackle is almost unblockable due to the lag. When he can do that and cancel in to Aegis it just makes all your hard work redundant. Birdie's EX dolphin dive is also really annoying, if Tokido can't react to it, what chance do us mere mortals have? In AE they need to make them slower or - on block. I really hate brainless moves. Thank god Balrog's TAP is getting nerfed. The damage and stun is too high, even Zangief gets stunned by one or 2 mix-ups. The game would be better if we could play more. Surely they will do a general decrease on damage and stun for AE with all the new combo extenders? Otherwise it's going to be even more insane. But despite all that, if you have the anti-airs down, good punishes and a good understanding of when to V-reversal then you can have many great fights in between the maulings by crazy Lauras and the random Kens. You just have to forget about almost everything you learnt in SFIV. I'm really looking forward AE, if they get it right we will have a great game finally.
  14. The West Wing Sam as president obviously.
  15. Fucking loved it. Nothing else to add right now. Need to take it all in.
  16. The Man Utd Thread

    Despite the lead this is one of the worst performances in recent memory. We can't even do the most basic things. It's like we're a division 2 side.
  17. Rllmuk Top 100 Games 2017

    Dang. I wanted Mario World to be in the top 2. Yes, I'm hard to please.
  18. Football Thread 2017/18

    Yesterday I thought Lindelof gave the worst centre back performance I've seen in recent memory. Step forward Dejan Lovren to somehow eclipse it. Some of these defenders would struggle in the Championship. Shocking.
  19. The Man Utd Thread

    Fucking hell. Lindelof's defending for their second goal is some of the worst defending I've ever seen in the Premiership. We had a stone wall penalty though.
  20. That's what training mode is for no? If I learn a new character I always spend a decent amount of time in the lab beforehand. Practice AAs and the BnBs and you'll be good to go at super silver level.
  21. Why would you play to lose?
  22. Anyone going to Play Expo in Manchester this weekend?
  23. Rllmuk Top 100 Games 2017

    Ultra is miles better than 3rd Strike.

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