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  1. I have an old Vita running on 3.50, 8GB Vita memory card. What simple guide should I use for emulation? Snes is the main priority! Thanks.
  2. I hate to be negative when we're winning 6-0, but Pereira is awful. He's just so average at everything.
  3. For example. Was this the goal?
  4. The ball isn't touching any of the lines!
  5. Can someone explain to me how Trent Alexander Arnold consistently gets away with taking corners illegally? I've seen it several times this season. It's blatant!
  6. You deserved the win, but what the hell are you talking about?
  7. Yet Carragher said it was a foul.
  8. Men against boys. God, I hate Fred so much. 2 or 3 times he's had the ball in the middle of park and there's been runners on either side and he chose the simple sideways pass. Can he use his right foot? Lindelof has no authority in the air at all. His header that led to their 2nd goal was awful. Vidic would have sent ball half-way down field. Can we just forget about the 2nd leg?
  9. Loik mate, you talk absolute shite. Why are you talking about Barcelona? Fred and Matic can not control the tempo of a game and are positionally suspect. Fred consistently gives the ball away when he's faced by a high-press. We need a calming influence to sit deep and start moves and also protect the defence. Think Fernandhinino or Fabhino. The problem is, who do we buy? Who is realistically available? Regarding the game tonight, Greenwood was awful. Someone needs to tell him to stay central. Infuriating.
  10. Lingard, Fred and Lindelof are all shit. Put them under any pressure and they're liable to give the ball away.
  11. I just logged in to my main account for the first time in 8 years. I can't remember anything haha. Elemental rotations, all the different totems and not to mention all the new talents and abilities. Crazy to think all this was 2nd nature once upon a time. Buddying up sounds great. However I'll be living in Tokyo until January. What time do you usually play?
  12. Haha, good point. Not sure I can stomach the 1 to 60 grind again and I only want to be a shaman. I wish I was interested in playing another class then it would make it more fun.
  13. Alterac Valley? I don't plan on raiding until Shadowlands, so I am kind of torn. Should I just level up slowly and have fun or just jump straight in to BFA and enjoy the anniversary stuff.
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