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  1. To all the critics who have their heads so far up their own arses and were somehow unable to enjoy this spectacle Thanos says "go fuck yourselves "
  2. Probably the best movie I've ever seen in the cinema. When you consider all the time and effort to get this far, to actually pull if off is nothing short of incredible. Definitely going again soon.
  3. sith

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Transfer discussion is always going to be a part of the game, let's be realistic for a minute, Madrid need players. Firminio has been the most improved player this season and he works really hard. He'd be a perfect foil for Ronaldo who needs someone doing all the work around him. Don't underestimate the Brazillian connection either, both Marcelo and Casemiro would help him fit in. Wages are a huge factor but that goes without saying. If someone can offer me a more realistic target to replace Benzema, I would be very surprised.
  4. sith

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Bloody hell, just caught up on the Liverpool game (I live in Tokyo). Liverpool has a huge fight on their hands either this summer or next. Both Salah and Firminio are exactly what Real Madrid need right now. Benzema is surely on his way out in the near future and Bale just isn't reliable enough.
  5. sith

    The Man Utd Thread

    Let's be honest about something guys. Alexis Sanchez has been awful since he arrived. How he continues to start over Martial and even Rashford is baffling.
  6. sith

    The Man Utd Thread

    yep, another waste of space performance, the magic has long gone.
  7. sith

    De Niro

    Even by your standards, this is absolute bullshit. I really enjoyed his recent performance in The Intern, such a pleasant movie.
  8. sith

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Typically, they seem oblivious to it in the Liverpool thread.
  9. sith

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Well if the goal stood there would have been a stoppage in play and Liverpool wouldn't have had the opportunity to counter.
  10. sith

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Do you realise City should have been 2-0 up just before Ox missed his half chance?
  11. Thanks, Joffo, I'll try to get some pictures up with a report soon. They nerfed Geif again, what the actual fuck?
  12. sith

    The Man Utd Thread

    Abosolute pathetic,inept performance,i knew after the first 5 minutes what was going to happen. How jose did not make any changes untill they scored was a joke
  13. JLM's post is great, I started writing something similar but I always sound like a right prick but he manages to be harsh in the nicest way possible

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