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  1. Despite having one of the best results in recent memory, people still really care about pointing out useless facts about Manchester United. We're basically a mid table side now, enjoy the highs of being a top team and stop comparing yourselves to a team in decline. City fans do the same every week on Facebook. Excellent result last night lads, it goes to show how well you guys are playing because I wasn't really surprised when I saw the result this morning.
  2. sith

    The Man Utd Thread

    He could be the difference if we somehow end up challenging for the top 4 next season. Worth the risk.
  3. sith

    The Man Utd Thread

    Jesus, some of you lot are clueless. Let's sell our only world class outfield player because he doesn't bust a gut every game. Pogba definitely needs to produce more against the big teams but he's had a solid season overall. He is great for France because Kante and Matuidi provide the legs in midfield, we, on the other hand, have Matic who is clearly past his best, Fred who hasn't had a single outstanding game all season (what is he meant to be good at?), Herrera who works hard but is positionally suspect and Mctominay who has impressed recently but still has a long way to go before he is in the same league of the French pairing. The problem is who can we realistically buy to do the dirty work for Pogba? If we don't make the CL then we're going to have a hard time attracting the best players so I would suggest putting faith in the youngsters like Mctominay, Pereira and Tuanzabe. Honestly, I think we should go all out and get Sandro from Dortmund as he would definitely give us a more balanced attack coming in from the right. He's young and English too. Finally, if you think we should sell De Gea then you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Who the fuck sells their best player after a couple of mistakes? Madness.
  4. This is utter bollocks. It's not Star Wars without The Sith or the Jedi. You want to just turn in to a fucking space drama?
  5. Plenty better than Ronaldo. Who? Talking midfielders I'm going to assume you mean the likes of Iniesta, Zidane, Pirlo etc.. All legends of the game for sure. But then you look at Ronaldo's stats and it's a no brainer really. It's crazy that we have both him and Messi in the same generation. Once they both retire in a few years I think people will finally realise just how ridiculous they are. I don't see any of the upcoming generation getting close to their numbers. As Eden Hazard said, "there's everyone else and then the 2 aliens" or something along those lines.
  6. What kind of bollocks is this? Only longevity? Scoring 40+ goals for 7 or 8 seasons is only because he's been at his peak longer than the 2 Brazilians? Of course they were both incredible players and Luis Ronaldo's achievements at the World Cup can not be understated but Ronaldo has equally proven himself in the CL and the European Championships. Seriously go watch a YouTube compilation of all 3 of them, Ronaldo scores outrageous goals on such a consistent basis that the videos are 20 minutes long. Honestly, I think you've become desensitized to just how good he really is because he's made it look normal alongside Messi. I saw him with my own 2 eyes at Old Trafford and he was frightening, pace, power, dribbling ability, right foot, left foot and people don't understand how good he is in the air too.
  7. Ronaldo eh? To think there's people out there and even on this very forum who don't consider him in the top 2 players to grace this game. 122 goals in the CL alone!!
  8. What are you basing this on? The shiny graphics? The animations look as stiff as ever to me.
  9. Mane reminds me of Nani, brilliant and infuriating all rolled into one. I mean this as a compliment btw as I loved Nani.
  10. Ignore me, I got the time difference between Japan and England wrong
  11. Actually, they all just link to a random site? No stream.
  12. Any good streams these days?
  13. sith

    The Man Utd Thread

    Fuck me, we're embarrassing. Who the hell plays 3 CDMs against West Ham FFS. Martial is a lazy fucker. Get him off.
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