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  1. Super Formula Time Trial you say? *cracks knuckles*
  2. Give this man a research budget! Great idea.
  3. I'm sure they can come up with something to mitigate the risk. Tech has moved on so much since then.
  4. If you can afford it I highly recommend a load cell brake. Massive difference for your consistency and comfort. I'm still using my old Fanatec pedals from 2012. Never felt a reason to upgrade them. I've had 3 wheels in that time.
  5. Maybe. But the rewards are huge once you get going and it clicks. You'll be flying in no time and you'll never go back to a pad for racing.
  6. I recon I can be on a little bit later, say 9 ish. I was supposed to be prepping for an interview all weekend so I'm trying to make up the time.
  7. I'd say 95% of everyone there was on the blag, I doubt many pay for it. The group I joined was about 30 and all of them were either influencers or decision makers for IT storage solutions. But of course going to a party like this doesn't influence decision making oh no... The good news for me was there was a good 10 or so of us who were into F1 and acted like kids that had too much tartrazine. It would have taken the edge off for sure if no one I was with gave a shit.
  8. Yeah I didn't understand that either. Didn't make a lot of sense. Merc are very calm on the radio I have to say. No one other than Lewis ever sounds even slightly animated.
  9. More guff: See that white line just before the concrete? There is a little ditch there. Merc were bringing in Ham's car from the grid after qually on the dolly wheels and it slipped off. THEY DROPPED HIS CAR. It make a right crunching noise. Most of the teams had no one guarding the prat perches so we took plenty of pics pretending to be strategists but I'll save you from those. I wasn't going to say but.... We knew Merc's pit strategy. How? We were in the garage alongside Bottas's car and the options were open in Excel on a small laptop left wide open, my mate noticed it. It sounds ridiculous but I'm not kidding. If I was the unscrupulous type I could have easily have took a snap. This was 2 hours before the race. Glad no one else noticed.
  10. We literally had zero free time mate, they had us all over the place. It was like being in a whirlwind. Plus I'd prefer a Weissbier rather than an espresso!
  11. A stupidly sized trophy and a magnum of Verve. Also got a load of great swag from Merc. Will post some more in a bit!
  12. I've been... lucky. I still can't believe it. I hope this doesn't come over as a brag because it's not, I'm just a giddy fan and I wanted to share some of the the things that happened. SO much happened, this is just a snapshot. A friend calls me up a few days a go saying there is a chance... then literally at 8am on Saturday morning I get the call. The guy can't make it and the tickets are mine. Now it's a race to find a way to get up there. Some images from the weekend: After landing at Stowe I felt like I'd had 6 espressos. Never in a million years did I ever think that would happen. That's Ham's tyre literally 5 mins after his stop. It was still baking hot. I ripped off some pickup. In the garage for parts of qually and the race. Stayed in the same hotel as Chase and Gareth Southgate, went to a party. The guests were Crofty and Ant Davidson. They stayed with us all evening, nice guys. My option of Crofty has changed. He's a good sport and a good laugh. They also had a Merc sim (F1 2018) and a hot lap competition... That's the guy in it before me. I... err... beat Ant's time and won. I wasn't even supposed to be there... He... wasn't happy, good bants. Accused me of abusing track limits! I don't think for a second I actually beat him, I think they thought everyone would be drunk (they were) and a rllmuk GT Sport racer wouldn't show up.
  13. Refuelling is a terrible idea. The racing back then was shite.
  14. Jokers. I get the feeling someone is going to see jail time. I feel sorry for Haas for all this, they don’t deserve it. If their bullshit ends up killing Haas it will be a travesty.
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