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  1. I wrote it, just a bit of fun. Yes it's deliberately over the top. But maybe not...THAT over the top?
  2. Backlogs and their effect on enjoyment.

    This is such a great post. Take a bow.
  3. What insta death nonsense
  4. If you stealth kill the stabby women twice they will go down permanently. A good tactic is to get in for a stealth stab, then run away, hide, wait for them to resume their patrols and go in for the second.
  5. Allow me to chime in and echo these thoughts. I finished this at the weekend and thought it was brilliant. Better than RE7 imo. The last few chapters are impeccably paced, there were sections on my nightmare run where I genuinely felt like things were getting too much, in a good way. You get a real sense of things getting worse and worse and worse and worse, your ammo depletes and you feel genuinely outnumbered by increasingly horrifying enemies. I thought the story was actually pretty compelling and well told, and surprisingly emotional towards the end. The enemies are straight out of Silent Hill, the 'dogs' and crying women are the fucking worst. And I put Japanese voice on which it made it feel like a kind of Takashi Miike B--movie. Looking forward to the DLC if they ever get round to it, and also more open world horror pls devs!
  6. Destiny 2 PC players

    It sounds like it was absolutely tragic lads. I expected nothing less.
  7. Destiny 2 PC players

    50/50 for a raid tomorrow lads I'm afraid. Got a work thing which may go on till late. Need a sub probably.
  8. Monthly Release Dates - December 2017

    Okami, Curse of Osiris, End is Nigh Switch, Xenoblade 2 and Hello Neighbour. And that's my little Christmas sorted.
  9. Destiny 2 PC players

    One of the more tragic parts of last night was towards the end two phases in, when I got one shotted by the cannon, and I was like NO FUCK NO I GOT FUCKING ONE SHOTTED NOOOOOO GUYS PLS FUCK SORRY OMG FUCK and then we missed the callouts, leading to a wipe. And Karde was politely like err yeah guys can we keep the despair to a minimum if something bad happens, we can't actually do what we're supposed to do.
  10. Destiny 2 PC players

    I got a lot of the raid gear, just missing the gauntlets. Also need loads of the raid weapons too, only got the pulse rifle which i understand is pants. So fun though. Calus is probably the tensest gaming experience I've had in ages.
  11. Destiny 2 PC players

    SO WE GET THE CLAP, HE SUCKS US OFF AND THEN WE WIPE? (CALUS' CHRISTMAS QUALITY STREET CARNAGE) We did it. We fucking did it. But it wasn't easy. It turns out Oz, unofficial leader of the PC Destiny crew, underplayed the difficulty of the Calus fight to the boys, in order to 'keep morale high'. A good job too. Siri optimistically predicted success within 15 minutes on Discord, but it was not to be. The boys entered Calus' caramel and hazelnut Quality Street wrapper of a throne room around 9, and left at about 11:30. Karde, Siri and Oz played readers, and Jonzo Moody and Mau took point in the throne room, clearing adds. Mistakes were made. The clap was caught. People were sucked off. We had to wipe. And wipe. And wipe. And wipe again. But when all was lost, when the chips were down, when it was now or never, one last try before bed, the team pulled together and we did it. Mercilesses, nades, empowering rifts, shadowshots, the crew pooled all of their resources together to take that fucker down. No more rolling around on the shiny floor naked for him. And stick your chalice up your arse. The PC crew prevailed. Now onto Curse of Osiris.
  12. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    I'm been playing this for a few hours, on my Origin free trial, and I'm absolutely disgusted to report that I am actually having a lot of fun

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