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  1. Another exotic hand cannon.
  2. God bless them for adding the ability to auto-run around the city.
  3. Ah I ordered mine from Simply Games they've been a bit shit recently for early deliveries.
  4. I take it nowhere was dispatching the limited edition until today then?
  5. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    I saw a lot in the first hour then not much after that, even when using lures. Seems they're going to be doing another Slakoth one for Europe sometime soon
  6. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    Seemed to be less Pokemon than usual for a community day today. Got a shiny tho.
  7. Every time I see 60fps footage it just makes me sad I'm on PS4.
  8. That's a shame because the questions he was asking were pretty good and it was fun watching the devs try and dance around some of them. I'm planning on building a gaming PC after the summer and this is one of the top games on my list now due to the cross save.
  9. So I guess PS4 cross save will happen when Sony decide to stop being dickheads. Who knows when that will be since this won't get anywhere near as much negative press as the Fortnite situation did.
  10. Also mentioned no cross save with PS4.
  11. Cado's laugh/cackle is amazing.
  12. Funny if it ends up being Xbox and PC only.
  13. Why did they change the raid launch time? Screws over the UK folk a bit.
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