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  1. Mafro

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    What do you have to do to get the character unlock battles to show up on the main menu if you previously got defeated in one? Is it just random or something because that's what it feels like.
  2. Mafro

    Amiibo by Nintendo

    Ridley amiibo is very nice
  3. I'm gonna hold off buying Black Armoury for now until I see how bad the no-lifer/streamer pandering is. Smash Bros will be getting all of my attention this week anyway.
  4. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    I didn't realise the event was still on until tomorrow morning so I did manage to get a Metagross and Charizard eventually, and got my shiny Pupitar evolved to Tyranitar. Got a Shiny Dratini this evening too which is nice but that's never ever getting evolved because it's just too cute. I've barely ever powered up Pokemon so I've got about 650k stardust and a ton of leftover candy to power up my community day evolutions. The Pokeball plus is so much better at getting Pokestops when driving faster. It gets them almost all the time when I'm on the bus in the morning.
  5. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    Need one more friend for a research task 3120 4703 6610
  6. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    There was a field research thing that gave a Ditto for getting one excellent throw. It was one of the ones they had for the release of Let’s Go so I dunno if it’s still available.
  7. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    Always seems to be Charmander running after I've thrown only a few balls at it, and the capture rates for that and Beldum have been terrible so I've given up even bothering to get a Charizard and Metagross, not that I've really seen enough of them to capture anyway. Finally managed to get enough candies for a Dragonite and a Venusaur which was all I was really arsed about for this event, wouldn't have minded a Tyranitar but I've barely seen any Larvitars. Got a shiny Mareep, Cyndaquil, Chikorita and Squirtle (which I didn't even realise what a shiny until I saw the stars next to it on the list since it looks virtually identical to a normal one) Going to Edinburgh Zoo this evening and I'm taking my Pokeball Plus so I should get stocked up on plenty of items and I'm gonna put my Dratini from Let's Go in it too. Probably not going to bother using it for captures though since that just ends up being a massive waste of Pokeballs once you reach a certain level.
  8. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    The capture and flee rates of this event have been fucking awful so far.
  9. I'm still not sold on the annual pass stuff mainly because of the complete lack of strikes and story content. That video was still way too vague as usual as to what it actually contains. What are those forge things? Are they actual missions or what?
  10. Wish they'd get over their obsession with exotic hand cannons.
  11. I'm so tempted to get that Destiny Christmas jumper in the Playstation Gear store sale.
  12. You can get back via a shortcut later on.
  13. Pokeball Plus is GREAT for evolving Magikarp into Gyarados.
  14. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    Do you have a smart watch connected to your phone? Apparently people have been having problems because of that.
  15. That's the Alolan form. The Kanto version is Rock and Ground.

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