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  1. Xbox One X

    Just played it wow just wow that rain level i might end up keeping it now lol
  2. Xbox One X

    £29.99 if you rent a film from wakue tv ratuken I’ll try to find link
  3. Xbox One X

    Is the forza demo in 4K thinking of picking it up as it's getting cheaper although I don't play racing games much trying to convince myself no to return it to Microsoft and just get an s for backward compatible fun
  4. Xbox One X

    On Star Wars bf2 the cutscenes were terrible i had an issue or two in game Han Solo floating around like a ghost ? banjo kazooie is really jerky compared to my one s
  5. Xbox One X

    I'm having a refund I don't see much difference over my PS4 pro other than its much quieter so figured I might pick up another one s and psvr with the money
  6. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Am I missing something I bought it Saturday and played the campaign mode it was ok pretty enjoyable apart from a few tedious bits and I've had a bit of a blast online this morning which seemed pretty decent . whats happened
  7. Xbox One X

    Mines going back to Microsoft other than its nice and quiet I'm getting issues with freezing and jerky frame rates shame I've just purchased 12 month gold and ea access
  8. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    I'm at 520 moons I'll never be able to get them all I can't do the speed run stuff or some of the music stuff is beyond me but I don't care I feel like a little kid playing this
  9. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    If you stand on stage facing the crowd there's a guy stood too your right go over and speak to him
  10. Titanfall 2

    ive just got this on ea access with my xbox one x i did buy on release for ps4 pro but basically blasted through the campaign got slaughtered a bit online then moved it on. im really enjoying the multiplayer at moment maybe the good players have moved on to cod or whatever is new and shiny as i seem to do ok in the main im no match winner but mid table is like a win for me
  11. Xbox One X

    Downloaded Titans all 2 from ea access yesterday does it do hdr ? When I had it on my PS4 pro there was a switch as it was detected by tv this doesn’t seem to running super smooth
  12. Xbox One X

    Just sent em hopefully pic worked enjoy
  13. Xbox One X

    Didnt realise the x360 gears games were being upgraded I've got the codes for all 3 plus the other game vengeance is it? if anybody needs em I've just cracked open a copy of gears 4 I forgot I had and I've already got the older games in my library
  14. Xbox One X

    How can a console released today need an update out of the box? console looks nice not sure about controller think I'd rather have colourful buttons not the minimalist affair
  15. Xbox One X

    Shocking packaging from Microsoft absolutely no padding in the flimsy box mine came in

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