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  1. too right I fell asleep and woke up just as bottas tyre popped
  2. denisb

    Xbox Game Pass

    No I just wasn’t sure if there was a ideal way I think last gold code I added auto converted to a lesser ultimate
  3. denisb

    Xbox Game Pass

    I’ve got game pass ultimate that expires in November I’ve just got a 3 month gold and a 3 month ultimate code in a deal from amazon is there a right or wrong way to apply them ?
  4. denisb

    Xbox Game Pass

    If I don’t care about losing my friends list and achievements etc can I start a new account and buy 3 years Brazil gold via vpn then switch back to UK and upgrade to ultimate for £1?
  5. We'll F1 is much more than just the drivers skill but they should get them all to race in identical go karts or ordinary car that would show who's best driver make them random swap cars each race so they can't blame the car
  6. Of course your correct but I'd put money on Hamilton winning in a dog same as Schumacher could vettels a very good driver he's just not great .
  7. denisb

    Xbox Game Pass

    Does the cheap pc game pass work on Xbox in the same way as my Xbox works on pc?
  8. denisb

    Xbox Game Pass

    Can I add the cheap Brazil gold to a UK sub via VPN ?
  9. denisb

    Xbox Game Pass

    I’ve just got another Xbox one x still got valid game pass till November does buying gold 12 month still convert to game pass or is their a better method ?
  10. Wow they’ve really gone to town on the cyberpunk edition one x it even makes some weird boot up noises from an internal speaker I thought it was borked when I first booted
  11. I’ve just got one of those dell all amd gaming laptops as it was a decent deal just quickly set it up and playing BF5 ultra probably need to get a second drive though
  12. better hurry up before the reboot drops
  13. Pitfall on 2600 or typing stuff into my zx81 for hours for it not to. Work oh and arcades/chippie
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