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  1. Getting a bit tedious now every time I boot this game up I’m having to wait half hour while it downloads and installs yet another massive patch ‘’off to play Luigi
  2. I’m on floor 10 my favourite game of the year loving it
  3. I haven’t bought a cod game since the one in space . loving this though It’s the little things I got killed cause I was watching a train go by overhead rather than looking for my next target . and jumped out of my skin when a ran round a corner and a chicken was startled
  4. Where’s the spec ops PS4 exclusive thingie
  5. Finally got into multiplayer why is my username a massive bunch of gobbledegook And not my psn one ?
  6. Been installing for ages now why won’t it let me play campaign while I wait grr off to take dog for a walk instead roll on stadia
  7. This is down the road from me it's horrible the main contractor went bust because of it . It needs finishing one way or another
  8. no hot dog but I’ll have a box of cracks and a drink
  9. it’s a tiny 3 screen cinema the omega man has 2 seats booked . Joker is unallocated so I assume they expect it to be empty ? ive been meaning to try for ages but keep making excuses . my mates work and have kids etc so I understand it’s difficult for them . I am alone just me and my dog and have every afternoon free now I’ve finished renovating my house so a trip to the cinema would be great
  10. I'll go it's the early evening showing . I don't want to miss it at the cinema and my mates let me down twice already . I'm used to doing things alone since my oh passed away . When I was younger I used to go alone to films she wouldn't watch or mates didn't want to but that was an indie filled with other nerds
  11. Anybody here go alone ? Really want to see joker my mate I was supposed to go with yesterday flaked again and my other cinema buddy doesn't want to see it . I'll likely be the only one there just feel a bit weird
  12. I’m the same now it’s 120 mile round trip for my nearest multiplex chain I like my local but it’s either the big films or live ballet
  13. I’m the same now it’s 120 mile round trip for my nearest multiplex chain I like my local but it’s either the big films or live ballet
  14. I’ve not watched it since the whispering zombies arrived .not because I don’t enjoy it still it’s ok I don’t love it anymore it’s more background telly now for me. i haven’t watched because I’m positive Daryl’s dogs gonna get ripped apart . They can do what they like to the survivors I’ve not been fussed since they killed Beth . But I can’t watch the dog getting it does he and and can I tell when it’s coming so I can skip it ? i want to watch it till the end I endured lost so this will be a piece of cake
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