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  1. JDubYes


    The nerfs go live today, and I have to say that I think they're all pretty reasonable... apart from Preparation finally getting hit. I'd have rather it got HOF'ed than nerfed, but then it's been my favourite card for years, so I'm less than happy to see it hit; when a card has been defining the Rogue Spell cards as much as Prep has, it's hard to see it get nerfed in the middle of a rotation, without any amendment to all the existing cards that were costed around it. Will my last few years as a pseudo-Rogue main* survive this nerf? I'm not sure, to be honest. I think I quite fancy a change, so will be casting around for other stuff to play even more than normal now, I suspect. In any case, I responded to the loss of my true love by retreating to an old flame (or two) of mine, and have been playing Murloc Shaman in both Standard and Wild. The Standard one seems pretty good, if less consistent than I'd like, but the Wild one... Well, I've just legend in Wild for the first time, so you work it out. Oh, and there are buffs coming! Buffs! In Hearthstone?! What a time to be alive..! * I'm always less of a Rogue main when they're (really) good anyway, to be honest, so for the last month or so, and the Tempo Rogue reign of terror, I spent half my time playing something else, in much the same way as I first moved away from Shaman when it was Shamanstone a few years back. I'm such a hipster...
  2. JDubYes

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Yeah, I know, of course, and shouldn’t have used such emotive language, even if itheir continuing to push did feel a bit “unnecessary” in the moment. Just felt sorry for Watford, or at least their fans, seeing as they’re my local team, and I know a lot of people who went today. Having seen all the ‘can’t believe we’re in an FA Cup final!’ posts prior to the match, it was just a shame to see it end that way, even if all Man City did was what I wish Arsenal would do more often*. * play well
  3. JDubYes

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I appreciate that it’s a final, they’re professionals, people want to try and get on the scoresheet, etc, but doesn’t this just come across as a bit cunty at this point? It’s tantamount to bullying. Way to ruin Watford’s run to the final though, City. A hearty slow clap for you. Happy to see Wolves in Europe next season though, thoroughly deserved after the way they’ve played this season.
  4. I meant that I’m working on the assumption that it’s binary in that you’re either worthy or not, so you either are (and can use it) or aren’t (and it won’t budge an inch). Whether a person is worthy or not is obviously in flux, but the nature of the enchantment seems to be fully on/off, which is why I (now) think Cap could always have used it.
  5. JDubYes


    I agree with most of what TGP said, but will just add my two-penneth... For Hunter, Oblivitron is not necessarily a good craft. It was absolutely necessary in the (surprise, surprise) super greedy version of Mech Hunter that popped up in the few days after the expansion, and that is still very good against Warrior, but has been surpassed by a version that focuses on bombs, and magnetising onto them and a constant stream of smaller Mechs, and actually runs Boommaster Flark. (Yes, we live in a world where Boommaster Flark is in a good deck.) There's still plenty of cheapish Hunter decks around anyway. and a lot of variety in general, so it might be worth holding on for a bit and seeing what comes out on top, because with Hunter it's always tended to be the simpler, cheaper, more refined versions of decks that do better than the expensive ones (as has happened with Mech Hunter already). (I've played a little with a Secret Hunter with Subject 9, very few other (Beast) minions, Master's Call and a couple of copies of Dire Frenzy, which is very much like Viper's in the above video in some ways, and I'm enjoying it, though I haven't tested it that much yet.) If you want to play a decent, more Control-oriented Mech deck, that might be the one thing Paladin can still do well, although, as with the greedier version of Mech Hunter, you need to be wary of Rogues with Sap when buffing stuff and/or playing high cost minions. I've tried a deck with a Secret package bolted on to the Mech one, and that's gone pretty well, although it's got some poor matchups, and struggles to draw cards sometimes. Finally, onto my usual specialist subject - Rogue. There's three main schools of thought on Tempo Rogue at the moment, by the looks of things. There's one that says you should primarily be going face, one that promotes shenanigans (this is the one that has Togwaggle, and even sometimes Chef Nomi, for after you've used Myra's Unstable Element), and the one that uses the Burgle package (Hench-Clan Burglar, Vendetta, etc). The aggro version is probably the most successful, though it's quite expensive for a borderline aggro deck (I'd always play Leeroy, Edwin and and Myra's (if you have them), as well as Captain Greenskin and two copies each of Prep and Waggle Pick. The shenanigans version will add Togwaggle (and possibly EVIL Cable Rats for more lackey generation), Zilliax and Chef Nomi depending on what your plan is/what you're playing a lot of. The Burgle version has some great swing turns and value generation, but might be the worst one of them at the moment in some matchups, as it lacks some of the burst and struggles to kill some decks in time, but is still pretty good, mind, and possibly the most fun a lot of the time. To be honest, as long as you have Leeroy and two copies each of Waggle Pick and Preperation you can probably throw a lot of (potentially cheaper) complementary cards around them and make a competitive Rogue deck at this point, and this might be where the Burgle package comes in.
  6. I've spent far too long considering what is probably my favourite bit of the film (Cap with Mjolnir), and how it ties back to the party scene in Age of Ultron. I'm probably way behind the curve here anyway, but... I'd always just assumed that Cap just shifted Mjolnir slightly because he was worthy-ish (which makes very little sense, especially in hindsight, but hey), and that Thor's reaction was mainly based on surprise, with maybe a little bit of jealousy thrown in, and so he doesn't draw attention to the little shift. Now I'm starting to think that shifting Mjolnir is pretty much a binary on/off thing, and that Cap could've picked it up it all along, but decided not to to spare everybody else (Thor and those who couldn't budge it). He still moves it a little it when gripping the handle, with Thor noticing but playing along. In hindsight, it seems like the latter is probably closer, because "I KNEW IT!" makes more sense as a reaction that way, and it also never quite sat right with me that Cap couldn't budge it, when if anything he seems more worthy than Thor for most of the series. Either way, I like the party scene, Vision being able to lift it, and the scene in Endgame more now.
  7. JDubYes

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    My sister was taking my nephew today, and she was in the same boat. While seeing them is obviously preferable, I just showed her the Ant-Man and Wasp mid-credits scene (only strictly relevant bit of the film) and the Captain Marvel trailer (to illustrate her power level) and she was good to go.
  8. JDubYes

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    This was actually my first ever midnight opening (matron), so I'm a bit fuzzy today, and will probably need to see it again (at a saner time of day) to fully get my head around it, but in hindsight I have no regrets about having sat in an IMAX to watch IW and Endgame back-to-back until after 3am on a school night. Definitely one of my best bad ideas ever. As far as the film goes... Anyway, I've lost my trail of thought about three times now, and am probably sleep-deprived, so I'll stop, but I think it's safe to say I thought it was quite good.
  9. So many of the "best bits" (in a film full of them) seemed to belong to Cap. Case in point - the moments immediately around "I KNEW IT!" and "On your left" are probably among the very best (for me) that I've ever seen in a cinema, but then there's still "Hail Hydra", "I know, I know", "America's ass", and so on. Considering he wasn't a character I was too interested in before all of this ("this" being the MCU, not Endgame), Cap's been up there for me for years now, largely thanks to Chris Evans, and Winter Soldier and Civil War are two of my absolute favourites in the MCU. I couldn't be happier about how he got to bow out, either - no-one deserved it more.
  10. JDubYes

    Kindle shop Recommendations

    If we have any Joe Hill fans in here, NOS 4R2 (in the Daily Deal) and The Fireman are both 99p at the moment. I've not read either of them personally, but I enjoyed Horns, so have been meaning to get around to them.
  11. JDubYes


    I think it's probably the right choice; we've seen with the nerfs since Genn and Baku came into the game (with Equality having to be increased by two mana so it didn't make Odd Paladin stronger, or Giggling Inventor being raised by two mana so it couldn't be included in Even decks), they really actually were limiting design space, not to mention making everyone's life difficult/boring. When those two continued to shape the meta for the next year, even with no additional support (in the direct, 'if your deck has only Odd/Even cards...' sense), I can't imagine it would've been well received. In any case, with Genn, Baku, Carnivorous Cube, and all of the Death Knights and Quests rotating out, the next expansion should actually look pretty different for a change, though I'm not confident Blizzard won't immediately introduce something else that has to be built around and/or is completely busted and warps the meta for the next two years anyway - they need something interesting/broken to try and raise the hype levels for new expansions, and trying to do that and keep the game balanced seems like a thankless task.
  12. JDubYes


    Sorry bud, I jacked it in maybe a year or so ago. A combo of feeling like I’d hit my ceiling (hard enough that there were fears of a concussion), the community (at large, not the folks on here), and the feeling that I really needed to stop just playing RL and Destiny all the time and maybe play some of the other games I’d bought in the previous two years. Turns out other games are good too! Who knew?!
  13. JDubYes

    The 3DS Resurrection thread

    My favourite is this Monster Hunter one (which I have on my black n3DS), though the Animal Crossing one my girlfriend has on her white n3DS is beautiful too. The console is, on the whole, just a fantastic machine. I bought mine (and my gfs) on a whim years ago, after an unexpected bonus, pretty much just to play Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter. I don’t play it enough (I’m historically really bad for underusing my handhelds), but it’s got an incredible library of games, the 3D is wonderful, and all the little (big) things, like the feel of it, the practicality of the clamshell design, the buttons, etc, make for an all-time classic, and I adore it. I’ve got another bonus due soon, four years after the one I used to buy the n3DS, and I keep considering buying a Switch with it, but I’m still having such fun with the 3DS I might not bother just yet.
  14. JDubYes

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    There are a fair few things I managed to get really good at, back before The Backlog meant I rarely stuck around anything for longer than it took to complete it and move on, but I did manage to get Gold on every event (Race and Showoff) with every rider on SSX Tricky, which was a bit... wait for it... I was a long-time Tony Hawk player, so it took a while to get used to the trick system (I think I had an epiphany one day when I was giving it a(nother) go whilst off sick), but once it clicked I never looked back, and it's still one of my very favourite games of all-time.
  15. JDubYes


    Just the Lavazza derby going about as well as expected, unfortunately. We feel so isolated, talent-wise, in that we’re good enough to stay ahead of the chasing pack without really feeling like a match for the “proper” Champions League contenders. i like Emery enough to continue giving him the benefit of the doubt for now, and can see us improving further under him, but I’m not sure what he’ll be able without further (and better) reinforcements, either in January or the summer. That’s assuming I’m right to give him the benefit of the doubt in the first place, of course. I’m also beginning to wonder how many other Premier League defences I wouldn’t swap wholesale for ours. I know we have a lengthy injury list, but that doesn’t seem like an acceptable reason for them veering between terrifying and mortifying, with only very fleeting glimpses of competence interspersed.

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