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  1. Well that was properly amazing. Can’t wait to get back in there tomorrow. We barely progressed, but we did it all together and had so much fun along the way. Not felt anything close to that since the original WoW days.
  2. About to start this with a group of friends. Private server, no knowledge, and no Google allowed. Super hyped.
  3. So does this have persistent worlds that a groups of 10 friends can play in, regardless of who is online?
  4. Nice. I guess there's the risk of import duty as well. Bah.
  5. That looks interesting. The postage is pretty steep, but still tempted to pick a copy up. I'd love to know how much content is actually in there, and how much of it is just pictures, etc. Edit... found a video. Looks ace. I'm in.
  6. I use rest mode all the time, and have recently added external SSD for PS4 games, and not had a single issue. I love my PS5.
  7. Edit: Are we allowed covers?
  8. Can I add a new SSD yet, or have they announced when that will be supported? I installed a few PS4 games on the SSD and filled it up, but the faster loading times make me want to leave them there, rather than shift them to an external drive.
  9. Finished this over the weekend. Lovely game, and just the perfect antidote to Demon's Souls and Cyberpunk stressing me out. I loved the exploring, and didn't get too hung up on the ridiculous number of icons on the map. Couldn't be bothered to hunt down any trophies after it finished, but at 35 hours I think I had my money's worth. What a great game.
  10. Correct. Looks over stats EVERY TIME.
  11. Mine sometimes plays the theme from Silent Hill.
  12. Hell yes. This stuff is always entertaining.
  13. It really is. I've just bought it again in 4K to go with my new PS5 and TV, and really can't wait to watch it again. I've seen it loads of times now, and I just never tire of it.
  14. What’s the issue that the disc spinning thing causes?
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