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  1. In biome 3, is there a quick skip to the boss, like there was in 2?
  2. Finished this run. It was EPIC. I had such an awesome set of augments and parasites by the time I reached boss 2, that I actually killed him without even using my astronaut doll. And then... AND THEN... I made it all the way to boss 3 in the same run. Got him down to half way through his last bar, before finally falling to my death. My heart rate was all over the place for the last hour or so. So much fun. Now I'm looking forward to some late night exploring back in zone 1 with the This fucking game.
  3. I've not hit any bugs yet, but I'm in the middle of an epic run (cleared B1 and almost at the top of B2) with super upgrades and a cracking level 9 Carbine. I got an hour in before work, and an hour at lunchtime, and I'm just terrified that it's going to update or something while it's in rest mode and I'll lose this chance to finally defeat the B2 boss. Not going to get back on until 10ish tonight, so need to keep the kids away from the PS5 until then. Bring on the save feature, please!
  4. Been steering clear of this thread for a while for fear of spoilers, but now I'm fully back on board. Took me about 8 hours to beat boss 1, and now I'm struggling through the second zone. Having such a blast though, and none of the deaths seem unfair or unbalanced. I'm just a bit rubbish. Can't stop thinking about it. Don't get to play nearly enough.
  5. PS5 only, though. Still a result for those of us lucky enough to be able to snag a console. Loved this when I played it on PS4 when it came out, but none of my mates were playing it and the load times were awful. Fingers crossed for the PS5 version.
  6. Right, I think I'm outta here for a few days. Too much stuff leaking, and I refuse to have this spoiled for me. See you on the other side, folks!
  7. Bah, my copy will have shipped by then. Which I guess is what they want.
  8. I know these are a thing, but I don’t think I’ve ever used them. Something in my brain tells me to load the game normally and press continue from the menu screen. I don’t know why.
  9. I think this will be closer to the Sekiro model, where it holds its price for ages.
  10. I’ll pay it occasionally, particularly as an early adopter of the PS5. But like everyone else, I’d much rather pay less. As with every game ever though, you never pay the full RRP. Even if you go digital you can get the credit for less. It’s more like £60-£65 for Returnal.
  11. Ordered. I reckon if I hate it I'll still be able to get £50 for it from CEX for a few weeks. Hoping I'm going to love it, though. I really need something to get my teeth into.
  12. How hard is it? It looks properly good, but I get easily bored when I can't progress. And the bullet-hell side of this scares me.
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