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  1. catinthehat

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

    You realise you’re in the monitory of people who didn’t think MI:F was great, don’t you? “some people enjoyed it”? “allow that”? Take another look at that post, kerraig. I’ve just finished making my way through the 6 hours of those Empire podcasts. They’re really interesting, but highlight a few key things for me. McQuarrie has an ego the size of a small moon. Tom Cruise is absolutely awesome and I think I love him. Anytime he or anybody says “that’s not Mission”, they sound like a massive dick. They made huge chunks of this up as they went along, but seem to have so much time and love for the series that they’ll do anything necessary to make it work. It’s a great film. One of the best ive seen this year, easily. And Luther’s scene with Ethan’s (ex)wife towards the end is brilliant.
  2. catinthehat

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    Is the big update out yet? Was it Ranked?
  3. catinthehat

    I've made a game - Yoxall VR

    Seems harsh to get all of those 1 star reviews just because you don't support the Xbox controller. Is it difficult to add support for that, though? If that's the main controller people want to use, then it'd be worth adding it in if you can. The game itself looks interesting enough, although it's hard to tell how it plays from the video. Is your viewpoint in the centre of the play area, and you need to look all around you to see the entire grid?
  4. catinthehat

    No Man's Sky

    This is a bug with the external view which pops up occasionally. Switch to internal view and you're free to continue shooting things without taking damage yourself.
  5. catinthehat

    PS+ August 2018 - Mafia 3 & Dad by Daylight

    You don't even really need to play it. You can just load it up and run around punching people in the face. It's got some of the most satisfying random acts of violence in any game ever.
  6. catinthehat

    PS+ August 2018 - Mafia 3 & Dad by Daylight

    Yeah, Mafia 3 is great. Happy with the PSVR bonus, too. Good month.
  7. catinthehat

    No Man's Sky

    Anybody tried remote playing this? Not that I'm addicted or anything, but I'm seriously tempted to dig the Vita out of the cupboard just to give it a try at work during lunchtimes.
  8. catinthehat

    No Man's Sky

    Quick one: how do you use photo mode to take in-flight pics? As soon as I switch to photo mode, my ship flies off into the distance.
  9. catinthehat

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    Yeah, similar here. Several wins on Switch, none on PS4, but plenty of top 5 finishes. I usually get 2 or 3 kills per game. Don't play it much any more, but still enjoy watching other people play. Edit: That last line is totally about Fortnite, and in no way represents my sex life. No way at all.
  10. catinthehat

    No Man's Sky

    Heh, did something similar myself, although ended up using the terrain manipulator to build myself a bridge to get back to my stuff. Loving this game so much more than originally. I don’t think the game is drastically different, it’s just completely clicked with me this time.
  11. catinthehat

    No Man's Sky

    Yeah, it's a known issue on the Pro. It's borked. It's fine on a regular PS4, though. Solved my issue by dismantling the Hyperdrive. Thanks @footle!! Back in the game!
  12. catinthehat

    No Man's Sky

    So this didn't work. I've tried everything I can think of and it keeps just telling me to refuel my Hyperdrive. My hyperdrive is fully fueled. Not sure what else I can try. Any suggestions?
  13. catinthehat

    No Man's Sky

    Gah, starting the main quest line in a friend’s game is proving to be a nightmare. I’ve just got to the bit where I need to fuel the hyperdrive, and no matter how many times I do it it doesn’t progress. I’m guessing the place I need to warp to is so far away I can’t reach it with one full hyperdrive, so it doesn’t know what to do. Hopefully if I can do that step back in my mate’s game that will get me to the more open part of the game, which will hopefully allow me to progress in my own world. Still hopelessly addicted, regardless.
  14. catinthehat

    No Man's Sky

    Can you expand on this a bit please? Can you add slots to your suit on a space station somehow?
  15. catinthehat

    No Man's Sky

    Whispering eggs worked for me. I made a couple of million farming the lava things that pop out when you shoot them. You need to be quick to grab it, then retreat to high ground a kill a few of the aliens (they can’t climb). Rinse and repeat. They sell for 100K each.

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