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  1. And just when I’d scored a fat stack of coins.
  2. Did anyone buy The Stretchers? Looks like a lot of fun.
  3. How's the weather in here today? Am I allowed to look forward to the cutesy animal catching game or do I have to wish death upon myself for having purchased this unholy affront to the sacred foundations of upstanding moral society?
  4. So is it best to spend my rubies on Coin Rush?
  5. They're very rare versions of Pokémon with alternate colouration.
  6. 9. Luigi's Mansion 3 (Switch) One of the most beautiful 3D games I have played, packed with incredible characters, animations, music and some of the most inventive boss battles I've experienced. Exploring the Hotel is always a delight, with each new floor successfully ratcheting up the silly on the previous one and mixing up the mechanics nicely to avoid repetition. There are so many nooks and secrets I've yet to explore, and will be going back for all the jewels and Boos. Highly recommended. Poltergeist /10 ––– Abandoned Games
  7. Is it any good? I have 90 rubies to spend on a no-chance-of-getting-this.
  8. I was away last weekend and missed the Pokémon skin... is there any way to get it now?
  9. ... and done. Same as above. Incredible until the stupid last boss.
  10. From what I played at E3, this was lovely and fun and this trailer has me hyped.
  11. When does the review embargo on this lift?
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