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  1. Full list of Pokémon returning with the DLC. https://www.serebii.net/swordshield/expansionreturning.shtml
  2. Do you think it may be worth putting the game title in the thread? You're correct. It looks... alright.
  3. Somehow I don’t think the 69 in the price is a coincidence.
  4. @moosegrinder Sent you that harp earlier.
  5. Did I forget to send it? I'll post one over. Sorry man.
  6. I got this from a blatantly hacked raid – been seeing loads of Zeraora and MissingNo popping up in my feed lately.
  7. I really enjoyed it at the time. Can’t really remember it TBF.
  8. Metroid Prime Hunters DX
  9. Modest spike to b318 this morning if anyone’s interested.
  10. If you get a spare, I’d love it — I’ve been posting a mate 30 stones so he can craft them for me.
  11. Yeah! It's a Western-Style Stone according to the catalogue entry.
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