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  1. Pre-installed it on my Xbox, remembered I bought it in my Switch ages ago. I hope this is cross-save.
  2. You’re not wrong. But the true answer is Iron Horse.
  3. Does anyone know when the Switch versions of Spelunky 1 & 2 are out? Is it July?
  4. It's surprisingly well-featured, but these things could always use more primitives/objects, colours, world options and a better texture editor would be superb. Maybe the ability to use two or more cameras. Oh, and a music editor would be
  5. Lap counter is now working. Need to get player two/AI opponent in there to establish win/lose conditions and design a second track. I think a lot of that is covered in the later tutorials, so I need to get through those ASAP. If you're wondering why I have those white steps in, I've set the world material to 'Slippery" so you get a little power slide when you drop off the end. I just need to make a little ramp up as the car is so tiny it sometimes bumps off it as you can see here. RooooollingSTAAAAART_sm.mp4
  6. It’s pretty much what I’m making
  7. I finished it – shouldn't they have unlocked zooming? Try holding ZR and using the right stick or pinching on touch screen.
  8. That's the plan! Once I get course finished my hazards all set up, the list is: • Decide on my camera view (thinking fixed, like Super Sprint TBH) • Lap counter • 2nd player • Auto-restart • Season Pass • Loot Crates • $$$
  9. How about making an invisible object which is destructive and attaching it to the fist? If that's not possible you could maybe fake it? I'm completely new to the programming side, so I'm just amazed I've managed to get this far. (Apologies for the tiny video, I had to shrink it to get it under 2mb) Isometric_sm.mp4
  10. I've gone off piste and started swatting about in the free editor. Managed to make a puddle that slows down your car. Next stop: Forza Turismo Super++ Series X|S Turbo Ultra Championship Edition Gold EDIT: This is my new favourite thing. Somehow, I've hacked together puddles and boost pads. fast-n-slow_sm.mp4
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