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  1. yeeeep. Picking it off the floor to put it in a drawer. Moving it out of the way to get to the switch/xbox controller. Digging it out from under the sofa cushion because the boy has been playing Lego The Incredibles for the 400th hour. That sort of thing.
  2. Bah! You caught me out. I was lying about the whole thing. Sorry. It’s never happened to me let alone all the time. I nearly got away with that one. I don’t even own a PlayStation 4.
  3. Yeah but it sits proud of the controller. Meaning the slightest nudge and you hear they irritating beep and the pad turns your front room into a wedding disco. As as amazing as some of these consoles are there’s some awful shit about each and everyone on of them. i adore my switch but fuck me that kick stand and game card flap can fuck right off.
  4. The DS4 is ‘fine’. I don’t hate it but it’s easily the weakest pad of the 3 (switch pro included) to add to the points already mentioned CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW FUCKING STUPIDLY EASY IT IS TO ACCIDENTALLY TURN THE FUCKING CONSOLE ON JUST BY PICKING UP THE DS4? FUCK.
  5. I’ll say it again, Random is in no way pointless! During the early stages I use it a lot. It keeps you off the radar for a bit. it changes with every junk line you send so you won’t be targeted by people set to ‘attackers’ for long. You won’t get many badges so the badge attackers won’t be going for you either. Keep your wall to 8 or so lines and you’ll be off of the KO attackers hit list too. I don’t aim for badges until there’s about 40 or so left. Then I try and nick as many as I can so I can go for it in the top ten. a full set of badges is pretty essential in the top ten these days.
  6. elmo

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    really enjoyed it. Thought it got better as it went along, can’t wait to see where it goes as the series goes on.
  7. elmo

    Crackdown 3

    I sure did.
  8. Not sure if this was in there from the start but noticed I was getting a bonus while being attacked by a bunch of people last night. Even single lines was getting me a three clear (I had no badges). Obviously this doesn’t help you right at the start or if you’re keeping your wall low but it highlights the importance of making sure you have some clear lines up and ready to go to fend off attacks.
  9. elmo

    Crackdown 3

  10. Ive watched it far too many times but it still makes me laugh.
  11. elmo

    The Random Game Video Thread

    Murray on Resi 2 is incred.

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