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  1. But I'd argue Mings plays that because he knows Rodri is there. Like you said, it doesn't even touch the floor or is undercontrol and Rodri is making a B-line striaght for it. He goes straight for the ball in an offiside posstion. As I've said, all season they've been giving offsides for ones that you can't even tell without moving lines to make them offside and yet this ones given without a second thought.
  2. Apparantly from the fact the City player is moving towards to ball to make a challenge. Fucking shambles.
  3. How in the hell is that not an offside for the City goal? He literally comes from an offside position to take the ball off the Villa player. What the actual fuck. Look at where he is AFTER the ball has been played forward. All season they've been calling offsides for a toe nail and then let that go.
  4. This didn't work out at all and I've watched all of Season 4 thats available and now I have to wait till the 25th for the next episode *cry face* Caught up on it all in less than a month. Been loving it.
  5. I have BvSM better than this, but Suicide Squad is easily the worst DCEU film. My personal favourite is how she just let WW2 and all other atrosoties/wars happen inbetween because.....*shrug*
  6. I've seen many MANY shit films and this doesn't come close to them, so whilst I agree its not the worst film ever (that gets thrown around way too easy) its still fucking shite.
  7. Not sure how you tone down Netflix Punisher for MCU, unless they decided to make some of these character R Rated (they are doing Blade & Deadpool 3 after all), so I could see them just not bothering with The Punisher. But The Kingpin, I think he's much easier to tone down and they have the perfect man ready in waiting for the role. They need to get him brought in.
  8. Quite obvious that was the last attack of the game why keep 4 back? Fucking shite. The front 3 need to get their act together ASAP. No goals in 3 is terrible. Dont care if we held a clean sheet, we need to score and win these games.
  9. There will be a miniumum of one minute added time. Blows the whistle before that minute whilst Mane was certainly through on goal Anyway, now I've got my moan about the ref out the way, we REALLY need to work on our finishing.
  10. Spree (2020) My friend described this as The King of Comedy for the TikTok generation and I couldn't think of a better way to describe it. There's a moment where the film seemingly has something to say about social media but almost instantly turns it back on that message. This feels totally by design though to show the addictive and horrible side of it all. Ridiculously silly and at times brutal. Make sure you keep an eye on the comments, because its awful at how accurate they are, especially if this were real. It made me feel like it only a matter of time before something like thi
  11. Big thumbs up from me for Bloody Hell. Definitely leans more towards the comedy side but still really enjoyable.
  12. Ridiculous isn't it. Even I can admit he was absolute quality. I'd have loved for him to be a red scouser and not a blue.
  13. It really was, especially as Zeke
  14. So they don't get to do that because they made loads of money previously. What a weird way of looking at it. You still risk turning a lot of people away and then they might not be as keen on other TV content. Even in this very thread people didn't like it and they might not stick with it. Its not your typical MCU fodder which is always usually pretty safe.
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