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  1. Stigweard

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Probably not. The tweets aren't great but like @Fierce Poodle said I image rather than just a telling off they've just sacked him to avoid another Lasseter situation.
  2. Stigweard

    Football Kits 2018/19

    You think that's bad, this is a local towns kits. The sponsor, Heck are a sausage manufacturer. This was last years
  3. Stigweard

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Probably. Playing is safe than sorry. Taika Waititi to direct hopefully.
  4. Stigweard

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Very bizaare, surely Disney knew of these things when they employed him to do Guardians? Very dissapointing as I've followed him on social media since the first Guardians film and always found he came across as a pretty great person with some solid values, unaffraid to speak up against the shits of the world. I've not seen these old tweets, but do wonder if stuff like that is enough to sack someome 10 years later after they've already tried to make amends for it. Like he said, hes a much different person than he was 10 years ago, I know I am. Its seems like this far right guy had a personal vendetta against Gunn though, probably because hes been so anti Trump and gun the last few years. It's also a massive shame as Gunn knew where Guardians was going and had a unique style I don't think will be recreated. The script is done though so at least Disney have that to work off.
  5. Imagine them intorducing him just like this
  6. Stigweard

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I reckon Grabara will be promoted if Migs and Karius go
  7. Stigweard

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Love it, what a show of intent signing this is. I'm so happy we've finally addressed the keeper situation. This summer we've seen Kieta, Fabinho, Shaqiri now Alisson. This has the best the best Summer of signings we've had in a very log time.
  8. Stigweard

    The Staircase (contains verdict spoilers)

    Oh no doubt but there stuff like that the doc misses out that FF episodes brings up. They wouldnt be allowed to bring that sruff up if it wasnt true surely.
  9. Stigweard

    Mark Kermode's Secrets of Cinema - Tuesdays 9pm BBC 4

    Film critic watches too many films
  10. Stigweard

    Football Thread 2018/19

    It's no Mr.Perfect
  11. Stigweard

    2018 FIFA World Cup

  12. Stigweard

    The Staircase (contains verdict spoilers)

    I've just watched the Forensic Files episode and it has me convinced he killed her. Regardless of the ramped up drama of the show, theres so much in the show missing from the documentary. Even with Deavers fuck ups I think he did it and he's lucky that Deavers other cases came to life and allowed them to use that to free him. I think he did it, started to try and clean it up, realised it was impossible and went with the accident story.
  13. Stigweard

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I read something earlier from a Roma fan who said he went to about 95% of Roma games last year and said Alisson was world class.
  14. Lol how? It's only the 3rd series.

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