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  1. Matip yes, Lovren can do one.
  2. "Lucky Liverpool" when the foul was outside the box LOL Ah well, never mind, one of those things, fair play to Shrewsbury they were the better team in the 2nd half and deserved it.
  3. Fair play to Shrewsbury but fuck me that was a hard watch. Be happy to see Lovren go this Jan tbh, he's awful.
  4. Lovren is shocking. Matip hasn't been much better either.
  5. I liked Dunkirk but god yes, this is so much better and devastating than Dunkirk.
  6. Re Data, the only thing I find off about him really were the eyes, they're too bright.
  7. That interview, though. Stewart's acting chops were on maximum settings there. So good.
  8. Yup. Its what's needed and he has the pedigree to do it. Dammit
  9. Yup Feige has been given a Star Wars roll. He's developing a Star Wars and it would surprise me if that was a new trilogy or even the next set with Rey and co. Kennedy has just fucked things up massively. She can point to the money all she wants but its Star Wars, it was always going to earn billions. Creatively she hasn't got a clue and the fact they started the new trilogy without any over arching plan has shown. Then theres the mess with R1 reshoots and Solo. Her tenure on the creative side has been a disaster.
  10. Well this was inevitable. Wonder how far they'll take these live action remakes. Reckon we'll get as far Frozen?
  11. Surely the world of Mass Effect would be perfect for a TV Show?
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