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  1. Perfect. Good for my daughter then. Cheers @Sidewaysbob
  2. Unless we find a vaccine soon then cinema going numbers are going to be way day all through next year anyway. They won't make the money back at the cinema anyway and if they delay further then cinema won't even be around anyway. Just do staggered releases Months 1-3 - Cinema Months 3-8 - PPV Home Streaming Month 8+ - Physical/Digital Month 12+ - Subscription streaming services
  3. He had a good World Cup 2 years ago, thats it. He's been Evertons weakest link every since.
  4. He's so shit. Why is he Englands number 1?
  5. Those showstoppers were amazing and for all the wrong reasons. Glad to see it wasn't just me that thought Freddie looked like Frank Sidebottom
  6. They're missing 1 CB to achieve this.
  7. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) A teenage coming of age film set in the early 90s about a loner boy with issues who forms a special friendship with the outsiders/punks and falls in love. I did enjoy this and the performances but it also felt incredibly cliched and twee, it's like the writer just wanted to chuck everything in there... Lonliness - Check Bullying - Check Teenage Angst - Check Homosexuality - Check Drugs and Alcohol - Check Depression - Check Absue - Check Teenage Suicide - Check Mental Breakdowns - Check
  8. I wonder if Quicksilver will be back in this then? You'd have thought if she's got to the point where she had to create an alternative reality to bring Vision back she might have brought her brother back too.
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