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  1. Stigweard

    Just Cause

    John Wicks strengths isn't its writing.
  2. @SharkyOB is your avatar Iorek?
  3. I reckon we can stop with the spoiler tags now right? Its aired in the UK and if you're in here without watching it, then thats on you. Mainly it's just annoying me having to open spoiler tags of quoted spoilers to see what the spoilered reply is replying to.
  4. Nothing to do with Season 8 but just stumbled upon this video. It's a thing of beauty.
  5. Stigweard

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Oh that's good. I know @Naysonymoussaid you can get a replacement but there's something quite sad about an original/the one presented getting destroyed.
  6. If nothing else, at least this season has provided some quality memes.
  7. I've come to the conclusion that the books have been finished for at least 2 years now and GRRM has been playing the waiting game knowing full well that D&D couldn't finish the story well. Its perfect marketing "Now the TV show is over, come buy my book and read the REAL ending"
  8. Stigweard

    Football Thread 2018/19

  9. This is why I'm gutted I didn't do a rewatch of everything before this season. I don't think I could bother rewatching something I knew was going to end so poorly.
  10. So that cave in that killed Jamie and Cersai in Ep5 ....

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