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  1. Same. He still does his Clakrson schtick on trying to rile up the left but for the most part the rest is very entertaining. Plus I also think it helped that we saw a more human side from him in terms of the animals (although he still had to make a joke about eating them) and the plight of farmers. I think the supporting characters (is it right to call them characters?) really helped it as well. I really enjoyed it and would watch another season.
  2. 15 minutes in and even the grandma is still alive.
  3. There's been like 2 films that have touched on these themes and I would hardly say they were "really really bad". One of them was an origin story too where it needed time to set up the character, plus its sequel is going to expand on it by all accounts.
  4. Ah yes that's a good point. Could imagine them carrying it on even after the pandemic ends (if it ever does )
  5. I think at least all these will be televised. Spurs vs City Brentford vs Arsenal Norwich vs Liverpool Leeds vs Man Utd Looking at Liverpools fixtures, I'd say the period over Xmas is the toughest part of the season. 3 away games against Spurs, Leicester and Chelsea and home to Leeds. Also, not keen on both games against the Manchester clubs being 2 weeks apart for this year and next year.
  6. They do it every tournament. There's always one or two that try to sound smart with player names pronunciations and get it so so wrong.
  7. Why. I thought Greenland was pretty good. It doesn't need a sequel.
  8. I remember my cousins having a load cartoons on VHS in this style. Used to love watching them when I went over.
  9. Did none of these silly cunts calling it a woke liberal agenda watch the original cartoon that had 3 very strong female characters and a storyline that also led to a female version of He-man with her own spin off show? Fucking idiots.
  10. In The Heights (2021) Adapted from the award-winning Broadway stage play written by Lin Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame. This tells the story of Usnavi, a bodega owner who has mixed feelings about closing his store and returning back to the Dominican Republic to restore his late father beach bar or staying in Washington Heights. From the get go you can tell this is by the same guy who wrote Hamilton, there’s a lot of the same sounds, inflections and if you’ve watched Hamilton you recognise the rhythm of his hip-hop style. But this is less “epic” than Hamilton, it’s more
  11. He probably had to buy new trousers over the years.
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