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  1. I dunno, James Gunn has already written the script for GOTG3 although other events in Endgame are going to have to him to rewrite it anyway. Hes also busy with Suicide Squad. I could see Thor coming first with that featuring the Guardians and leading into GOTG3.
  2. Thor 2 is quite integral to Endgame but it's a boring as fuck film. More Taika for more Thor is awesome though. I wonder why they didnt just wait for their Hall H panel to announce it though.
  3. Kind of had simular with Metallica. I'd heard the odd song but then I saw them at Leeds Festival and now I have every album.
  4. Great, fancy sharing? Was kinda hoping for people to share some stories of artists they've discovered and maybe find something new in the process.
  5. How many times have you come to a band or song super late on? Something/one that's been around for decades, but for whatever reason they never made their way into your ears. Last weekend @kerraig UK posted an Instagram message about seeing The Who and Love Reign O'er Me (which is an absolute belter may I add) being one of his favourite songs. Of the other favourites he mentioned, one was "I wish you were here". At the time the only song I knew with that title was an Incubus song, but I was quickly corrected on it being Pink Floyd. I loaded it up and recognised it immediately. It's a great song that I knew of but didnt know the artist (see also Baby O'Riley which came up on a playlist). After that Kerraig and I were chatting about Pink Floyd and I was given some songs to listen to. I listened to them as well as Dark Side of the Moon and was blown away. I know to most people this is a bit of a "well duh" moment but for whatever reason, even though my dad was into his rock music Pink Floyd was never played and I'd never really bothered with them when I got older and was discovering my own tastes. I've been hammering them all this last week as well as Pink Floyd radio on spotify. That has also thrown up some great song from bands I'd never really considered before too. Its how I discovered the track Baby O'Riley was by The Who, a song I'd heard countless times in other media but didnt know the name or artist. Even though the Spotify radio has been a good listen, finally discovering Pink Floyd this week has been so amazing and all I can think is what took me so long? I just cant explain the reason for not even trying them when I enjoy other big bands from that era (Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin etc). Either way, I'm happy to have finally "discovered" them, even if I'm ridiculously late to the party. Time is currently my favourite song of theres so far. So I was wondering has this ever happened to anyone else? Have you ever got into your 30s like me and certain songs or artist have just skipped you by until one day where it changed and you finally discovered them.
  6. I think we all saw films we should have when we were kids but I think the OP was thinking more along the mines of kids/family films?
  7. I get that, I did find some of the jokes very of their time and was a bit put off by them but I can't help but still enjoy it and go along for the ride. It was the same to tonight. We watched Monster Squad (not something I'd seen before but was looking for a kid friendly horror and was given that as a suggestion) and they just throw in words like faggot and have guy perving on someone with binoculars and a camera. Luckily my daughter didn't ask was a faggot was.
  8. Only two weeks ago I watched the Goonies for the first time in about 15 years and before that it'll have been at least 10 years. I feel like its definitely one you need to have seen as a kid to enjoy as an adult though cause theres some proper dodgy acting and set pieces. But I still love it and my daughter really enjoyed it too. She was even trying to do a truffle shuffle haha. She picked up on the octopus line which I never did. I only found out about it via the internet.
  9. Awww man is the sequel only going direct to blu ray then? My daughters been watching the show on Netflix loads recently so tonight we're watching the film. It's so great.
  10. Stigweard

    Saw 9

    Ok, ok, ok, ok I wanna play a game.
  11. My grin grew wider and wider as I read that. Even started to well up a little. I don't think I'll ever get over the Portals scene, it's going to hit me every time I see it.
  12. Stigweard

    Saw 9

    Hang on. Danny Glover was a cop in Saw 1. Chris Rock was a cop and Danny Glovers son in law in Lethal Weapon 4. Clearly this is a Saw x Lethal Weapon film with Chris Rock looking for revenge for the death of Murtaugh.
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