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  1. Been listening to King Killer Chronicles on Audiobook and really loving it. About 6 hours into the 2nd book now but it's 50 hours long on 1.3x speed so once I've finished the book I'm on now I'm gonna switch between reading and listening because I keep finding myself wanting to know the next bit. Also, I'm gonna throw out another plug for Ian Irvine's Three Worlds Saga. It's 13 books into a 15 book story and one of my favourite series.
  2. Why is her voice wrong? Theres no right or way, just want you prefer. Theres been loads of difference Jokers who have been decent but dont sound like Hamill. They dint have to copy everything that's gone before, having new takes and versions of the character is fine. Also, the swearing and violence is fine, it's a new show/take that's clearly catering to late teens/young adults. I'd have thought by now, that people would have realised cartoons doesnt mean "kids show".
  3. American Made was a really nice surprise, I really enjoyed it.
  4. Sonics design certainly looks much better and that was a much better trailer than the 1st one. Still doesn't look great mind.
  5. Exactly this, but it's across the board really depending on who you support/like/dislike. Everyone calling for a TAA handball and penalty didn't say shit when a more clear and obvious handball happened in the Villa match. Spurs fans waving away the clear hand ball in the Everton game and when Ali handballed it the other week as other examples. Just all getting stupid now and VAR is making the waters muddier and I was all for itx but theyve fucked it so much.
  6. The lack of daemons was annoying me and then they just hand waved that away with "We dont always feel the need to have our dameons on show" Well that's settles that then lol
  7. Bobby Madley said it is not a pen, not only because it hits Bernardos arm, but also because it is a richochet that hits TAA, and prem refs have said they will give defenders benefit in those situations, because it is impossible to react to that.
  8. Watched this again and another thing that lends itself to the
  9. Haha I know, just throwing out some bait
  10. We've now faced all the traditional top 6, as well as in form Leicester and Shef United and still top, undefeated. UP THESE FUCKING REDS
  11. Pretty much what Bradigor said but if we do, I'm being this post back up lol.
  12. Pep absolutely hates things not going his way doesn't he. Proper spoilt brat. Massive result that, not only for the points but a big clear win. Shame we couldn't keep a clean sheet again, becoming an issue now.
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