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  1. I never played the originals but I'm enjoying this immensely, it's such a lovely game. The music is really bloody great too. I do kinda wish I'd played this all those years ago though so I get that nostalgia pop but on the other hand I like that I have to figure it all out cause it's new to me.
  2. I kinda like it, as they pick music that works really well with the nature of the show. Period music works just as well too, like in Boardwalk Empire. The Greatest Showman falls into this category as the music doesnt fit the period at all, but I dont really care cause the music is bloody great.
  3. At this point what's the point in even having VAR. I'm all for its implementation but fuck me if all they're gonna do is use it for fractional offsides and dubious handballs, what's even the point? We have the tech for people to watch an incident and overrule something the ref might have missed or got wrong but they wont because they dont want to admit it when refs fuck up. It's the whole boys clubs thing where they refuse to admit their own failings. Either use it properly or fuck it off.
  4. Subjective from the ref at full speed yes, but not by the idiots with replay ability. Hes going down before he even gets near Robbos leg.
  5. I'm bothered by all our losses.
  6. VAR is worthless. I was all for it but what's the point when they just side with the ref everytime even when he makes a mistake.
  7. I loved how Baddiel pointed out the music they put over the top haha.
  8. Disagree, I thought their team task was utterly hilarious. Also the picture task was great too. I've always found Brand funny, she probably genuinely doesnt care if she wins or not either.
  9. Do you? If the club you're at keep dominating, pay you well and you're happy what's the incentive to leave. We need to win the league or CL again this season though to really lock him down to staying.
  10. Anfield is a fortress right now and Mane had been so amazing for us
  11. Childs Play (2019) This is played way more for laughs and gore that the original ever was. It lags in the final 3rd but overall it's pretty fun. 3/5
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