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  1. Nintendo Switch

    That genuinely looks atrocious. And for that reason, I'm not going to invest, I'm out.
  2. Nintendo Switch

    I've got my eye on this too, need something to scratch the Stardew / Animal Crossing itch. Is this a port of an old game then? I presumed it was just the next one in the series? Ps. Anyone know know anything about Homebrew / Emulation / Piracy? I don't see a line anywhere?
  3. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    No, you're right but I really enjoy it, win some loot, possibly a baddie to fight to give you Exp, sell your wares and buy more Cylinders, it's a fun little difference away from the missions The Merc Missions aswell actually, I send my favourite blades on Merc Missions to level them up until they're battle ready then put them into my team and see what they're like. I understand the game isn't for everyone but it's really resonated with me, in the same way Fallout 3 did. Maybe it's because I don't really get in to a lot of games and give up fairly quickly but this I adore.
  4. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Although it is so you can go through a door it's giving you guidelines of things you should be levelling up for later on. I actually found getting my Blades levelled up really fun
  5. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    1) The story is utterly gripping and immersive, I've not played a game that I've cared about the characters so much since Final Fantasy 7 2) It has the single best combat system I've ever seen in an JRPG, its so in depth you can get 100 hours in and still be learning new things 3) It's beautiful, the fact you can play it on a handheld is mental, the locations are stunning and varied. 4) The mini game in Toras House is loads of fun, I've spent hours just playing that alone. 5) The salvaging is great, It's a game in itself. Buy cylinders, Salvage, Sell for profit. I've probably spent more time Salvaging than I should admit. 6) Poppi, best character to come out of a JRPG ever. I'll list you a few more after tea.
  6. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Buy 5 Juicy Samods, eat them all and you've got Superstrength up, failing that I'm sure you've got a few core crystals knocking about? Open them all and see if any you unlock have Superstrength, it stacks so 3 Blades in your party with level 1 Superstrength is equal to level 3 Superstrength
  7. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Best game this gen. For every minor fault there's 10 things it does better than any other game in its genre.
  8. Nintendo Switch

    This. I bought the Gold Edition of Far Cry for the XBO and haven't touched it, because why would I want to sit at my desk and play games like a crazy person when I could sit on the sofa and play Xenoblade on the Switch.
  9. Nintendo Switch

    You Sir, are in for a treat.
  10. Nintendo Switch

    So Xenoblade Chronicles is now firmly in my Top 10 games of all time, I utterly adore it and any RPG fan that hasn't played it I couldn't recommend it enough. Ive just started Chapter 5 and I'm about 45 hours in and enjoying eye very second. Now that I'm fully used to the combat system and loving the battles, I literally try and fight everything I see because I love the Exp grind and see the Level 99 Cap as a challenge! Going to get the DLC on Payday, has anyone got it that can recommend?
  11. Nintendo Switch

    A Switch Pokemon and Animal Crossing and you'll see a grown man cry
  12. Nintendo Switch

    Some games may look better but no other game in the genre comes close to Stardew, for me it's a masterpiece.
  13. Nintendo Switch eShop

    Just seen Don't Starve on the eShop, when did that happen!? Didn't even know it was due out on Switch, its a game that's sat on my Steam wanted list for ages but I've never pulled the Trigger, anyone recommend or is it shit?
  14. You're saying it wrong!

    Went 20+ years calling Alex Kidd, Alex The Kidd before someone on here picked me up on it, the shame.
  15. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I'm now on Chapter 4 and must have put 30+ hours in already, I love it, first time I've got totally engaged in this sort of game since probably Final Fantasy 9. At the stage I am now would you say purchasing the DLC was a good idea or shall I not bother until I complete the game? Thanks guys

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