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  1. Finally a Battle Royal game I have a chance of winning. Downloading now
  2. Buzzing for the Switch release, nearly bought the PC version for my GPD but I think I'll hold off, gives me a reason to give the Switch some love for a couple of months
  3. CovisGod

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    Solid that. Can't wait for Dragon Quest 11 Also kind of wish I hadn't played through FF9 on an old PS1 at the end of last year when I could be playing it now on the Switch in bed. Rune Factory Deltarune DQB2 All defenite purchases for me too. Slightly dissapointed at no Animal Crossing showing but I can wait till E3
  4. CovisGod

    Rllmuk Game of the Year 2019 predictions

    Animal Crossing Switch. Edit - Also I think when Portia hits Switch in the Spring it will be massive, like really massive.
  5. CovisGod

    My Time At Portia

    One sec I'll check Edit -
  6. CovisGod

    Silly mistakes by companies that should know better

    Fallout 76. Biggest mistake I've seen a company make for a while.
  7. Loving the list and write ups so far, good work guys. Can I just say I do miss underneath each title "Voted the game of the year by....", not sure why I found that interesting, but I did.
  8. CovisGod

    My Time At Portia

    Yep, the 15k one really does give you a bit of room, hold off as long as you can but when you get the Quest to help the fella with his barn you're going to want a horse! So for me that was the 15k land upgrade, 10k for a stable then 15k for a horse, keep plugging away at commissions!
  9. CovisGod

    My Time At Portia

    Last night I did the second farm upgrade giving me loads more space, built a barn and a stable, and now I'm saving up for a horse I'll post some screenshot when I get home
  10. CovisGod

    My Time At Portia

    The fighting comes later on, wait until you get to the hazerdous ruins later levels
  11. CovisGod

    My Time At Portia

    Just a tip guys, go into settings and change the game speed to half, the days take twice as long allowing you to do more in a day. Also as soon as you can afford one buy a massage chair, sitting in it replenishes 3 stamina per second allowing you to fully replenish and carry on 3 times a day
  12. CovisGod

    My Time At Portia

    Not come across anything like that and I'm 50 hours in, there's plenty of people that have racked up hundreds of hours without issue. Was speaking to someone last night who's played for 883 hours They seem quite quick to fix things with patches, especially now the full release is out
  13. CovisGod

    My Time At Portia

    It does indeed
  14. CovisGod

    My Time At Portia

    And I'm saying that as a massive Stardew fan. I loved everything about Stardew but sort of 3 years in I hit a wall where I'd made so much money that I didn't have to plant anymore and didn't really have much left to do, I know I'm only just scraping the surface of Portia but it seems that even long into the game there is still an absolute mountain of stuff to do and upgrade Just as an example I spent last night building bus terminals, there's one right outside my house so rather than tredging across the map every time I can catch a bus and fast travel to where I need to be, another thing I like is that the days genuinely feel long enough to do what you need to do that day, you pass out at 3am but you don't lose anything by doing that, so every day I keep plugging away until 3 and then waking back up in my bed the following day.
  15. CovisGod

    My Time At Portia

    It actually runs really well, got it on medium settings and it's running lovely. I was arguably Stardews biggest fan, played hundreds of hours across PC and Switch and honestly? Portia is miles better, there so much to do, I've been watching a YouTuber thats been playing since it was in its Alpha phase and then started again a couple of weeks ago when it released, my god, how she's got her house and farm looking is incredible, it just makes me strive to keep playing as that's where I want to be. I wish there was more people here playing so we could get a bit of a community going, I'm calling it now, when this drops on Switch people will be going mad over it, not been this addicted to a game since AC New Leaf

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