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  1. CovisGod

    Gotta catch em' all

    They are all still massively playable, I started playing Yellow which was Gen one on Virtual Console the other day and couldn't believe how playable it still is. If I was looking for a gateway into Pokemon games I'd probably try the 3 3DS titles in order, so X and Y, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, Sun and Moon.
  2. CovisGod

    Gotta catch em' all

    Only traded Pokemon won't obey you, caught Pokemon always will. My rule of thumb when starting a new game is to get my original Mon up to level 20 before I even leave the opening village, its a massive grind for the first 5 hours but then the rest of the game is less of a chore., then get yourself Exp Share and your main Mon with False Swipe and you're laughing
  3. CovisGod

    Gotta catch em' all

    Bit of an update on this, I think I'm probably at about 600 Pokemon caught with me as the OT. I've got games from every gen so I can catch Pokemon from as far back as the Gba Games and transfer them to Pokrmon Bank. I've literally got 100s of Shinys, Event Pokemon, Tons of Level 100s, pretty much every Legendary caught by myself. I've also set up a bit of a breeding service, if anyone playing needs any Pokemon breeding I'm your man, I can even provide a male and female of pretty much any Pokemon including all the starters from every Gen so you can breed them yourselves and be the OT of their offspring. I think given another 3 or 4 months I'll have one of every Pokemon, trained by myself in my Pokemon bank, and thousands of others besides.
  4. CovisGod

    Nintendo 3DS

    Much lighter and alot cheaper. They feel cheaper to be fair, very plasticy feel to them. I've got both a 2DS XL and a 3DS XL and I prefer the 2DS
  5. CovisGod

    Nintendo 3DS

    Wish I'd bloody waited a week, Animal Crossing 2DS XL announced and its the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I'm getting one, actually bugger it I'm getting 2 and leaving one in its packaging and cuddling it in bed at night....
  6. CovisGod

    Desert Island Discs - game edition.

    Good thread... Fallout 3 (360) Animal Crossing NL (3DS) Football Manager 18 (PC) Puyo Puyo Tetris (Switch) Pokemon Ultra Moon (3DS) Stardew Valley (Switch) World Of Warcraft (PC) Enter The Gungeon (PC) I actually put quite a bit of thought into this, I tried to pick games that if stuck on a desert island I wouldn't get bored of, so games with huge replayability, although it wouldnt get into my Top 10 games of all time, something like Puyo Tetris I could happily play until I starved to death. Luxury item would be my PipBoy that came with the Special Edition Fallout 4 because I'd look cool as fuck sat on an island with that on.
  7. CovisGod

    Nintendo 3DS

    I'm currently buying in unwanted DS Lites, DSi's, 3DS etc. Off the local selling pages and refurbishing them, you can pick up a DS Lite for £10 working easily, just a bit grubby, change the housing and give it a good clean up for a tenner and I've got something to play all my GBA and DS Pokemons on for cheap. Does anyone charge their 2DS / 3DS with an Anker powerbank? I've got a 20100 on its way that I'd like to be able to charge my 2DS and Switch with, can someone point me in the direction of the lead I'd need for the 2DS to the Powerbank?
  8. CovisGod

    Nintendo 3DS

    Got my 2DS XL today, the colours lovely. Even though it's an XL it feels absolutley tiny after a year playing with the Switch I've missed the whole Street pass stuff, surprised there's nothing similar for the Switch.
  9. CovisGod

    Are games fun?

    Yes. A couple of weeks ago me and a couple of mates were playing PUBG, headsets on, first time we'd ever played it together. running about blindly we found a Van to get in, two of my mates in the front, me in the back hanging out the window shooting being followed by another group in a car, my mate pulls a handbreak turn and I go flying out the window under the other car which kills me, we were laughing about it for a good 45 minutes, certainly more fun for me than sat down with mates to watch a film etc.
  10. CovisGod

    Nintendo 3DS

    I've gone for one last hurrah with the 2DS XL, bought that Black and Green one coming tomorrow, Pokemon Ultra Moon, Zelda Ocarina Of Time, Majoras Mask and Link Between Worlds. Never played any of the Zeldas bar BOTW so thats my holiday sorted. Also credit where credits due, emailed Nintendo not expecting muvh of a response saying I sold my last 3DS and have bought another, any way I can use the same NNID so I can redownload my purchased games, had a 3 email conversation each way within an hour and my account was unlinked ready to go. Really impressed
  11. CovisGod

    Nintendo 3DS

    Yeah but you could argue "I'd love a 3DS but without the clamshell design and without the 3D but can still play 3DS games" "But that's not a 3DS", yet they brought out the 2DS? "I'd love a 2DS but with a Clamshell design like the 3DS but without the 3D" "But that's not a 2DS", yet they brought out the 2DSXL Well no, it's not but it's catering for the needs of specific people. If I could keep one Switch at home plugged into the Telly and take a slightly more portable one about with me, without the functionality of having Joy Con's, would I? Absolutley.
  12. CovisGod

    Nintendo 3DS

    Just playing devil's advocate If they did decide to do a one off Switch aimed at handheld gamers where by the Joycons were attached, it was possibly slightly smaller and had a clamshell design I'd be all over it. Just like a 3DS XL with a slightly bigger screen and more guts
  13. CovisGod

    Nintendo 3DS

  14. CovisGod

    Nintendo 3DS

    Well this thread has died hasn't it I've just Pre-ordered a new 2DS XL which comes out on Friday. Quite an odd choice considering I have a Switch that I spend all my time on and after counting earlier this will be my 11th 3DS/2DS. One of the main reasons is I'm actually dead nervous to take my Switch to Tenirefe in a couple of months time, I can just see my Kids throwing it in the pool or summat and considering I'm digital only the idea fills me with dread. Another reason is I'm a massive Pokemon hoarder, I've completed Pokedex's on nearly all games but never picked up Ultra Sun / Moon and saw someone round my way selling it on Facebook for £15 so I thought why not, time to get another, and possibly final ever adaption of this handheld. Reason 3 is missing my Animal Crossing save, Ive done all there is to do on that game over the years but I do like to pop in every now and again, until the Switch Bucks its ideas up and announces an AC. As much as I adore my Switch, and I only ever play it in Handheld mode, I really do miss the Street pass stuff and the fact it for me was truly portable, fit in my pocket walking round town portable.
  15. CovisGod

    Nintendo Switch

    Maybe it no longer says Summer because its ready and they're going to release it tomorrow

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