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  1. Nintendo Switch

    I've also never played a Payday, going to give this one a go. I seem to be getting quite a backlog of just started games on the Switch that I need to get a handle on soon
  2. Gaming Magazines

    I've just bought my last ever gaming magazine. I've been buying them every month for the last 20+ years but after today purchasing GamesTM and realising I'm spending £5.50 for pretty much out of date information by the time I pick the mag up and the fact that 90% of the magazine I have no interest in I won't be buying one again. Go back a couple of years and I was paying £4 for the same magazine that was twice as thick if not more, and the reviews are really poor, there's about 4 reviews in this month's issue, all games that have been out for months and months. Anybody else still feel that Gaming Mags are value for money or are people in the same boat and now use the net for their gaming news ?
  3. Nintendo Switch eShop

    For all the crap released there is a huge amount of Gems though, in the last couple of weeks we've seen Celeste, Night In The Woods, Owlboy....
  4. Nintendo Switch

    And me, if anyone's on the fence Its really lovely. My Mrs said what's it like, the best way I described it was get a pot, put in a pinch of Zelda and a bit of Minecraft and a tiny sprinkling of Animal Crossing. Can see me losing myself in this for a good while
  5. Nintendo Switch

    Bugger it. Glad I decided to purchase before I did much more then !
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Guys I downloaded the Dragon Quest Builders Demo, realised after an hour it was the most up my street game I've played in ages and bought it, can I continue from where I was on the Demo rather than doing the open hour again ?
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Bought Tetris and Pool Arena today, Pool Arena is the perfect game I've been looking for to wind down of an evening. All I need now is a fishing game and I'll be happy
  8. Xbox One Console Thread

    Has anyone got Turtle Beach XO Ones ? Sick of using the horrible one ear headset you get with a XBO so just spend £44 on these which I didn't think was too bad considering you get the adapter aswell.
  9. Nintendo Switch

    Is there a decent Tennis game on the Switch? More like a Virtua Tennis than a cartoony one?
  10. Nintendo Switch

    Then here's your chance to explain to me where I'm going wrong because I haven't a clue what you're talking about
  11. Nintendo Switch

    I decided a few months back that I wanted to go Digital Only with the Switch, part of its charm is it being so massively portable and rather than taking a load of carts with me on trains I like the idea of Switching between say Mario and Skyrim at will, without the cart swapping. So I sold my only few cart games, Zelda, Skyrim and Isaac. And started getting all my games via the eShop. I decided today with a 3 day course coming up tomorrow I'd download Zelda and carry on from where I left off........UNTIL I SAW THE PRICE, £60 !!!!! I can't justify spending £60 on any game, let alone a digital game and let alone a game I've already bought for £50 and sold for £30. I had guessed at £42-£47 Mark and would have probably paid £50 but £60 ? I'm not having that......It's actually made me rethink the whole going digital thing, especially with the current lack of cloud saves and if all new big releases will be £10, sometimes £20 more than their physical counterparts. So that's where I'm at, regretting selling my carts and putting off making the Switch my first ever digital only console, if anyone sees Zelda for cheap anywhere, let me know...
  12. Nintendo Switch

    Night In The Woods is great guys, it comes with the CovisGod seal of approval, I couldn't recommend it enough. @sandman also try out Thimbleweed Park and Oxenfree while it's cheap
  13. Got him ! He's the first 5 star regen I've seen and he's incredible ! 16m will turn out to be an absolute bargain ! I'll post pics up tonight
  14. Having a right moment on my FM at the moment, it's all I can think about today. There's a Brazilian wonderkid, 18, first player my scouts have picked up that says "Sign whatever the cost", and here's the interesting thing.......He's got a 16m buyout clause. Trouble is it's early December, I've got literally 0 funds, although my balance is over 50mill and my wages are 100k above the budget. I'm going to move heaven and earth to sign him in Jan, I'd literally flog 80% of my team to sign him, if I miss out I'm going to be bloody fuming, he's that once in a generation player. I'm refraining from posting much up because I don't want to Jinx anything, but expect a potentially exciting report from me in a day or two !
  15. Stardew Valley

    I was in exactly the same situation, either use a Rain Totem or it rains for 3 days around the 20th

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