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  1. CovisGod

    Abandoned Theme Parks in Games

    Do you know when I made this thread I thought "I feel like I've made this thread before" but I think it was a "Favourite parts of games" thread and I mentioned Theme Parks
  2. CovisGod

    Abandoned Theme Parks in Games

    Spurred on by the "Nightclubs in Games" thread, I didn't realise how many games had Nightclub levels and enjoyed looking through the videos posted. I'm a fan of Abandoned Theme Parks in Games, Max Payne (2?) had a great one, Left 4 Dead too. What are your favourite Abandoned Theme Park levels?
  3. CovisGod

    Ever been totally hooked on one game?

    Football Manager, Literally thousands of hours on each one since 1998.
  4. CovisGod

    The Outer Worlds | Obsidian 2019

    Colour me excited. Right up my street this, and a 2019 release so not too long to wait, fantastic.
  5. CovisGod

    The Official Rllmuk Awards 2018 - Voting Thread

    Game of the Year A1. Diablo 3 (Switch) A2. Monster Hunter Generations (Switch) A3. Two Point Hospital (PC) A4. Football Manager (PC) A5. Celeste (Switch) Biggest Disappointment of the Year (game, hardware, or anything else) Z1. Fallout 76 Z2. PlayStation Classic Z3. Mario Tennis Aces Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. Switch Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Nintendo Your game of the year that didn't come out this year (basically what is your favourite game you played this year that came out in 2017 or earlier) X1. Skyrim (Switch)
  6. CovisGod

    The Official Rllmuk Awards 2018 - Voting Thread

    Quick question, If a game came out this year on a system, but had already came out on other systems in previous years does it count? Ie. Diablo 3, came out this year on Switch and was the first time I played it but has been out on other consoles in previous years
  7. CovisGod

    Nightclubs in Video Games

    Funny how certain parts of a game appeal to you, its abandoned Theme Parks with me, love a good abandoned Theme Park level
  8. CovisGod

    Brand loyalty

    Wouldn't say I'm Brand loyal but Nintendo have really impressed me of late, after the absolute powerhouse that was the Wii they really dropped a bollock with the Wii U, to go from that to The Switch is amazing, I remember watching the unveiling and ridiculing the shit out of the Switch "It will never work, trying to be a jack of all trades, Master of none" and I've never been so delighted to be proved wrong. It also can't be coincidence that most of my favourite Franchises are Nintendo, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Pokemon. Maybe I am brand loyal, I've got Red Dead 2 still sat in its wrapping on top of the dusty Xbox in the other room while I'm playing through Skyrim for the 100th time just because it's on the Switch and in the palm of my hand. I'm off to get a Nintendo tattoo
  9. What's yours? A few examples... Fallout 3s Megaton questline Mass Effect 2's Suicide mission All Ghilled Up from COD MW What are your favourites and why?
  10. I must admit my parents were great when it came to games, I was bought a Master System, Mega Drive, PS1, PS2 and a Dreamcast growing up, the original Xbox was the first console I bought myself. My Dad used to come home from work randomly some days and he'll have gone to a local market in Northampton and there was someone selling games and gaming magazines, he used to come back with a handful of gaming magazines that I'd spend weeks and months pouring through every word, and then on the very rare occasion he'd randomly bring me a game home, not my birthday or anything I'd just suddenly have Mickey Mouse Land Of Illusion turn up in my lap and that would be me and him sorted for a few months! Ive mentioned on here before, Dad died when I was 18 and we were best mates, some of my favourite memories are me and him playing Tomb Raider 2 together late into the night when he had work and I had school in the morning, passing the controller to each other after each time we died. I'm trying to do the same now with my kids, my 9 year old has a 360 that she barely touches but it was buying her a 3DS that got her into gaming, you'd think "awww cute, bet she loves Nintendogs" but she's a totally different gamer to me, she loves competitive games, Mario Kart, Smash Bros etc. And she's actually really good! Between me, you and the rest of the world my plan is to buy her a Switch soon so we can play together, maybe around the time Animal Crossing launches. Can't thank my parents enough for getting me into gaming
  11. CovisGod

    Dreamcast is now 20 (in Japan)

    The Dreamcast is and will always be my favourite ever console. It was released in the UK on my birthday and my parents spent an absurd amount of money that birthday buying me the console with 5 games including Power Stone, Sonic Adventure, Trickstyle and Ready 2 Rumble. These kept me happy until the launch of Shenmue, a game which at the time really felt like the future, I remember being amazed at the sound of walking through snow, something so little by today's standards but something which genuinely amazed me 20 years ago. Dreamcast is still home to some of my favourite games of all time, Resident Evil Code Veronica, The Shenmue's, Skies of Arcadia, Jet Set Radio and Grandia 2. Here's hoping for a Dreamcast mini
  12. CovisGod

    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    I think I'm right in saying this season finishes December 16th and the new one starts shortly after
  13. CovisGod

    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    Yep as @moosegrinder says this is a level grinders dream, collecting loot, doing more damage, running rifts and bounties, seasons stuff and repeat. There's a ton of content but I can see how this wouldn't be for some people. Personally I've now done the seasons stuff, got up to Level 70, Paragon 170 and I'm going to leave it about there to avoid burning myself out ready for the next season. Can honestly say it's so far been some of my favourite 100+ hours in gaming
  14. CovisGod

    Nintendo Switch

    I've actually spent about 8 hours on it today and it seems to have bit again with me this time, there's something that seems like magic about handheld Skyrim. Definitely buy it, especially at £32, a lot of game there for that price

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