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  1. snowbind

    Working Zombies

    Why isn't this Picross?
  2. I have no idea @gooner4life it's for the recent server outages.
  3. Also if you login in the next 2 days there's a free million.
  4. Yeah, that's the one I need to do now. They have also capped the amount of skills you can do per run I think. To stop people gaming it. I just need to eat whilst I play and I should get there soon enough.
  5. Yeah, thankfully I bought my intelligence folders last week.
  6. Yeah, sorry I mean the Scav gambling mechanic. I've got a Lucky Scav Junkbox, that is seemingly full with guest gear.
  7. Yeah, I just need to get Jager upto level 2. I've basically been ignoring the quests and hideout, but I want the scav crate. Little did I know intel center 2 is the hub to which seemingly every other upgrade is attached :/
  8. Sorry, which quest is what? The scavs spawning are just a random thing and there my doc cases labelled with keys for each map Finally got the Gas Analyser, yeet!
  9. @Sir Mullo Ah ha ha. So there's a bug on interchange, whereby if you stand in a particular area the scavs will not stop coming. It got introduced in one the pre 12 patches. The community asked for it to be left in, but kept in a localised area. Sounds like you hit it. I did this earlier and it has brought me so much key sorting joy.
  10. No, I've basically played the same online games for the last 3 years. I've recently added Tarkov to the mix, so that makes three :/
  11. Yeah, it has to be in raid. Even tried having a mate give me one, but it didn't work. I've heard they're in Interchange, which is why I've started running it, but I'm still not massively famliar with it. Had a run with a mate earlier. He died and I capped 11 scavs and got out
  12. This is good to hear. I got the game on launch, but bounced off it quite quickly for just that reason.
  13. So I've had a good run of runs today. I wanted to get to know interchange as I need an in raid gas analyser for my quests. I did a few hatchling runs, but got capped by scavs. So I ran with a pistol. I killed a few scavs in Oli and ended up with a decent kit. So I decided I'd just play with the kit until I died and do another pistol run. Then I accidentally loaded into customs and was super near dorms, so I ran over and straight into Rashala. I killed him and his henchmen, then got into a fight with a PMC. I also killed him and then very slowly took my hobbled ass back to cross roads. I've ended up ridiculously kitted, all off the back of a pistol run Still haven't got a fucking gas analyser though!
  14. In factory I have a few spots I like to sit in. The dead end blue containers near the two searchable boxes, the raised platform above the dead scav or the tunnels to the left if you are coming out of gate three. Then I usually wait and listen. I try to get a feel for where people are and where the fighting is. Keeping mental note to scavenge the bodies. Player scavs you can see a mile off so I try to kill them, but in general I don't agro the scavs by killing them, unless by accident. Then once I have a feel for the map I try to play around the fighting, moving under the cover of gun fire and looting. It's amazing how easy it is to pop players whilst they are looting if you wait. Even better is that they have usually harvested the good shit for you. Getting out gate 3 is always a bit risky, but it's my preferred exit as you can get to it from a number of ways. The corrugated box the closest to the right is the one to watch as you go past into the exit, as well as watching for exit campers. I was down to 1.7 mil two days ago as I wanted to buy stuff to upgrade my hideout. Currently sat at just under 4mil, mostly from factory scav runs.
  15. Ah, just on the upgrade. If you are going to buy the big one. Buy each stage as you get the gear for each bit. I didn't but my friend did and got more shit than me. It only works the once though, when they wipe you just get your tier back. This is why I love scaving Factory. I spawned in with a pistol and some bandages 260K from that quick 5 mins. I kept the keys, the relay and the drinks.
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