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  1. Each to their own, but in general past the first year or by paying for additional support, you get less warranty with a prebuilt.
  2. I can't believe it's 2020 and I'm jazzed about playing cod. It's slowly grown on me over the past few months. I ended up buying the full game to play the sp, then I wanted to play the mp to level up some warzone loadouts. Now I'm itching to play mp and getting better and better at warzone. It's absolutely bizarre to me. But I'm enjoying it none the less. Hands down the mp is the best thing I've ever done for aim training. I'm by no means particularly good, but my k/d grows each time I play and I've got a decent crew to play warzone with. Grau, archangel, monolithic silencer, commando grip and 50 rnd mags. Savage.
  3. I've recently got back into the Division 2. I roused a group of mates to get up to wt5 so we can do that 8 man raid, it's been really relaxing running through other peoples maps to help boost them.
  4. Yes, I've been playing non-stop since Thursday. Theres been an 'intervention' today.
  5. Press X (maybe z) to auto do it. Same button as crouch.
  6. This is phenomenal. My first lord Martin of House Taco Bell ended up destitute and behind enemy lines. Karen of Kentucky is doing far better. The 1000+ men battles are amazing. I javellined our opponent lord last night If you don't know there's currently a major bug that fucks the game if you don't do the first and second major quests within 3 game years.
  7. At some point these console lads might realise these machines aren't a technological reckoning.
  8. yeah, the labs keys go for quite a decent amount of cash.
  9. If you do the upgrades. Buy each one in sequentially, because you get the stuff for each tier.
  10. snowbind

    Working Zombies

    Why isn't this Picross?
  11. I have no idea @gooner4life it's for the recent server outages.
  12. Also if you login in the next 2 days there's a free million.
  13. Yeah, that's the one I need to do now. They have also capped the amount of skills you can do per run I think. To stop people gaming it. I just need to eat whilst I play and I should get there soon enough.
  14. Yeah, thankfully I bought my intelligence folders last week.
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