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  1. Gotta get some use out of that rice cooker Benny?
  2. Yeah. I've been experimenting using my phone to emulate a headset and Asgard is the one's that got me hover over the Rift S button.
  3. Got it, link went to a 48 second trailer.
  4. Nah. The Cerny interview was two months ago, which is terrible timing to try and cast shade on Microsoft's E3 reveal. Sony played their hand too early, giving Microsoft ample time to prepare a 5 minute presentation that disclosed literally nothing. Either way both approaches are pointless. No one gives a shit until they see the actual console.
  5. The Scarlett announcement was nothing more than an announcement to draw parity with the next gen PlayStation specs that were spoken about.
  6. Can't wait to scatter my wife's ashes again.
  7. Ooooh, the cross chat is interesting.
  8. Thanks for posting this. I'd seen it ages ago but had forgotten. It's beaut and has really cleared up my desk top.
  9. Just email their support address and they'll refund you the difference between full and sale. Rory has done it a few times for me.
  10. Yeah I'd imagine Austin is due for the chop at vice at some point, he's been making lots of comments about the mothership being annoyed at them on various GB productions recently.
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