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  1. Streets of Rage Remake is amazing

    Yeah, its fantastic. You can get it running on a Raspberry Pi too (with a bit of effort), my Pi has essentially become an under-tv SORR machine now. Its a complete game changer having the full set of moves from SOR3 (rolls, running, etc.) available with characters like Max. Presumably they animated all of that themselves as he wasn't in 3? Looks seamless, its an amazing achievement all round. This reminds me that I need to check out the Metroid 2 remake actually, I assume that's still floating around somewhere online if you look hard enough?
  2. Pls Like - BBC3 mockumentary about Vlogging

    At the risk of being pedantic, Charlie South was the youtuber (with the slide), Liam is the main character. But yeah, this was great, thanks for recommending. Agreed on the Nathan Barley comparison (don't watch this thinking it'll be massively similar, it's not, you just get occasional glimpses of Barley-esque situations/humour). I kinda wish that they would have stretched out the whole
  3. Star Wars: Rogue One

    I think I actively disliked this, which is a real shame as I had high hopes. I felt no emotional connection to any of the main squad, so the second half fell completely flat as I couldn't care less what happened to any of them. The acting seemed almost universally clumsy and awkward (Diego Luna in particular), Jyn got next to no character development/backstory beyond 'untrusting orphan, hid in a rock', and the action scenes were solid enough but boiled down to just recycling the same old toys in a different setting (or with some camo paint on them), which I'm feeling a bit numb to by now. Ben Mendelsohn was great, and I liked the , but that's about the only positives I took from it. I can see it being quite a divisive one. I think if it hasn't grabbed you by the time it gets to the big tempo change in the second half then you're probably a lost cause. If you're invested by then, its probably great. The Half in the Bag review is worth a watch if you share my thoughts:
  4. Titanfall 2

    Yep, mag launcher all the way. I switched over from the laser and haven't looked back.
  5. Titanfall 2

    I'm having a blast with Northstar. A fully charged shot takes off a massive chunk of energy from an enemy titan - you gotta hang back + charge up your shots, and make use of the dash to quickly break cover, get a shot off, and then retreat (or use the aerial hover if you're on a more maze-like map, although you're a bit of a sitting duck just floating there). Enemy pilots are a bit of a pain as they're hard to hit with the somewhat vague crosshair, but the secondary incendiary has a nice bit of splash damage (especially handy if they're hiding in a building, just pop one through the window and it's a guaranteed kill). Certainly not the best titan for every map, but on Last Titan Standing (where it's possibly the least common titan type) I find I'm consistently near the top spot on the leaderboard for damage-dealt, even if I don't actually last to the end of the round all that often!
  6. Samsung Gear VR

    Yeah, it does. Looks miles better once you remove it too, so get 'em off!
  7. +1 for this being a bit rubbish - although my g/f enjoyed it as did the Half in the Bag guys (who usually have pretty good taste) so it's obviously a bit of a marmite film. I just found it too toothless to be enjoyable - I was hoping for something a bit more gruesome but it's definitely aimed at the younger end of the market. I did like the character arcs of the family all gradually changing their views on one another (evil aunt drinking schnapps with the kids, the dads bonding, etc.), but overall I found it a bit tedious.
  8. Demon's Souls

    Yeah, only (IMHO) a bit better. Not wanting to be down on BB, but I think the general consensus is that DaS did the coherent world thing the best out of all the Souls games. It certainly makes a hell of a lot more sense than DaS2, where it often just feels like a load of random stages slapped together without much thought.
  9. Mad Max - Fury Road

    There's definitely a pact between Bullet Farm/Gas Town/Citadel, given the signalling between them when the convoy sets out and how Bullet Farmer/People Eater/Immortan Joe all team up to hunt down Furiosa. I assume that the tanker coming from the citadel is full of water too (implied in the scene when the wives are hosing themselves down), and that they are taking it to Gas Town in exchange for guzzoline. I saw someone on Neogaf point out that collectively they control the regional supply of Bullets/Gas/Water (essentially the three main commodities), so it makes sense that they'd strike up a trade deal. The spiky guys only attack when Furiosa goes off road towards the canyon, I don't think their territory lies between the Citadel/Gas Town - I hadn't considered it before, but I quite like the idea that Joe is just putting up a big show of what would probably be a fairly routine trade operation in order to keep the population in check and stop them straying outside Anyway, went back for a second viewing tonight, was good to catch a bunch of dialogue that I missed the first time round.
  10. Bayonetta II - Wii U Exclusive. EDGE 10.

    Heh - good point, that totally didn't register! The Pro buttons feel like more of a stretch to get to, I guess, whereas the pad buttons are underneath where my thumb would be resting naturally.
  11. Bayonetta II - Wii U Exclusive. EDGE 10.

    See, I was thinking this too, but after trying the demo, I was surprised at how well it played on the Wii U gamepad. I've only very briefly fondled a friend's Pro Controller (as in, not even played a game with it), but having the buttons below the right analog stick instinctively felt a bit weird. I guess it depends on how heavily mid-combo weapon switching features - I find gripping the pad in a way that lets you have easy access to both LR and ZR is a bit tricky, so that might be its downfall. Would be interesting to hear from somebody who has played the full thing. £40 for a Pro controller seems awful steep, so if I can get by as a sort of medium-level player on the game pad, that'd be great!
  12. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

    For anyone not using their pre-order codes - flog 'em on eBay! I did a buy it now for £6 and it sold in less than an hour - just the two power up runes from Amazon. I'm sure you could probably get more than that too. Brings the cost of the game down nicely
  13. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

    Boo - my Amazon order is MIA too
  14. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

    For anyone that got multiple pre-order runes (Deadly Archer, Flame of Arnor etc.) - did you get one code per DLC rune, or was it just one code to unlock them all? I gave away my code, but apparently its only unlocked one rune rather than the two that were advertised. The original Amazon email does make reference to a 'second code' so I'm wondering if they dun fucked up and just failed to send me the second one.
  15. Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    I think for that line he's supposed to be speaking in the voice of the people he's ranting at/about (hence why he's put it in pink ), but the whole thing is so badly constructed that its hard to tell....

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