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  1. PK

    Red Dwarf

    Absolutely. There's lots of great little details in the books as well - such as stasis pods originally having been created for interstellar travel in pursuit of making contact with other races, only for humans to come to the realisation that they were "utterly, incomprehensibly alone in the universe". They end up for hire to people who want to spend their spare time "not existing" like Rimmer, or as a method of docking peoples' wages on long-haul journeys. I'm re-reading it at the moment and it's not quite the heart-wrenching sci-fi epic I remember, but it really does well at depicting the bleakness of everything.
  2. PK

    Red Dwarf

    Why the fuck was Petersen carrying a calculator
  3. I thought from the slight off-angle they had, it looked like it was parallel to the try line? Could be wrong though.
  4. Quake 1. It felt like I'd waited a lifetime for it to finally come out. The engine completely blew my mind and got me into building PCs, it was my introduction to multiplayer gaming and I spent most of my 1996 and '97 weekends in a LAN cafe playing DM and Threewave CTF, and I'm still playing custom singleplayer maps to this day. Never really liked the rest of them but the first game changed my life. Close second is probably Ocarina of Time because of all the pre-release anticipation and the feeling of a grand, epic adventure that I've never really got from any other game.
  5. I only knew this film from clips of it in an 80s South Bank Show episode all about the Underground, which me and my brother used to watch on VHS repeatedly (we really liked the Tube!). It looked like the scariest film ever made. Where did you find it to watch?
  6. PK

    Red Dwarf

    You're right, although my suspicion's based on there being some of the bleak, dryly fatalistic humour from the book in seasons 1-6 of the TV series, and none of it from season 7 onwards. Yeah I think it'd work brilliantly. There's so much great stuff in the book:
  7. PK

    Red Dwarf

    It'll be shit. I've always thought a film of Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers would be good, although these days it'd have to be with a different cast. I remember it being pretty dark and bleak, and most of the comedy coming from dry sarcasm about how shit their situation was, rather than the wacky adventures of the catchphrase brigade. It was credited as both of them but it almost certainly has to have been written by Rob Grant, considering everything post-season 6. I think the plot arc goes The End -> Kryten -> Better Than Life (possibly with Marooned in there as well I think?) and a properly faithful adaption with a decent budget and none of the "remember Duane Dibley?!" shite would be great.
  8. Oh, I'm a fucking moron. The guy tweeting at him doesn't have the wrong end of the stick. Here's the bit in question:
  9. I don't think Ben's referring to complaints about a poor taste joke, the guy tweeting that at him has the wrong end of the stick. I think he just got some details wrong in some news item that he mangled his way through, and some people tweeted him about it, and now he's unhappy because that's someone actually telling him he's shit at his job for apparently the first time ever
  10. What was it that was so bad about Halo 2? I've been really looking forward to the MCC on PC having never played any of them but loving the combat in Destiny, but it sounds like there's a massive gulf in quality between the 1st & 2nd game?
  11. There's a really interesting-sounding indie adventure game in development about that strange, unsettling 6-month period between uni and real life called No Longer Home and this blooming game has ruined it for me before I've even played it because I'm looking for the hidden evil goose in every screenshot
  12. Colossal - 2/5 Really disappointing film, they set up a great metaphor for binge drinking & addiction in general, and then don't really use it particularly well. One of the leads also turns in a pretty duff performance.
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