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  1. First dud episode in the entire run, I think. Was good to finally see a but otherwise, a bit dull.
  2. Counter Strike Global Offensive features voice communication between players
  3. I agree with all of this! I don't feel he's suited to an entertainment role, nor that he's articulate enough to discuss game mechanics or industry news in an interesting or engaging way. And, admittedly, within a couple of months I started to find his insistence on injecting failed attempts at humour, and a lot of his general mannerisms, intensely irritating. I think developing that type of sentiment is inevitable given the long form nature of their content. He did seem to be on every fucking video as well, although that was probably just some sort of negative bias at work in my he
  4. It's a nice touch that he's so much lankier than Naomi and Marco, a little hint at the physiological changes Belters are going through generation-by-generation due to living outside gravity wells. That side of things was something that would obviously have been impossible to adapt faithfully but it's nice to have a nod to it.
  5. He's mis-cast, the actor isn't really conveying all that much inner turmoil. Filip has been instrumental in killing millions of people at the behest of a bullying father, but he just looks mildly confused all the time. @And I've been looking forward to this particular season for years too, and it's not delivered what I was hoping for. I'm enjoying it for what it is though, it's still fantastic sci-fi with (mostly!) brilliant characterisation. It does seem like this season would have benefited from being able to watch 2 or 3 episodes at a time, given how much time they'r
  6. I seem to remember the first couple of seasons of The Shield being shot on tape, but then they moved to film? Or at least the picture quality gets significantly better, somehow or other, and the aspect ratio shifts to 16:9. Also it becomes one of the greatest TV programmes ever made!
  7. The Quorn Smoked Ham Free Slices are really tasty, and are vegan. Their Vegetarian Ham Slices aren't so nice, they have a sort of weird musk to them. These vegan tikka pieces are great in sandwiches and salads, ASDA and Tesco sell them: They're really meaty, for want of a better word. You could almost be fooled it's chicken.
  8. I hope they lean a bit more into depicting the confusing horror of a nightmare. Not quite Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, but moving in that direction. I suppose that's a bit much to expect from a Marvel series though!
  9. We Are The Best! (2013) - 5/5 Lovely Swedish film about three teenage girls from Stockholm who start a punk band in 1982. The three leads are amazingly confident actors and the whole thing is a funny, heartwarming joy. Unfortunately at the moment it looks like the only place to stream it is on the BFI Player.
  10. Yeah seems to be what's going on from the I quite like it, although I hope they lean into horror a bit more as her situation unravels.
  11. Don't think I've even heard of this remake before, it looks great! The scriptwriter has a hell of a CV Happy to hear them say they're going to release another commentary track soon, they're all hilarious and there are some genuinely interesting production tidbits from Jay in the horror movie ones.
  12. The first episode of season 1 is markedly worse than the rest of it, it immediately gets better from episode 2 onwards. I like it, it's the perfect length for a nice cup of tea and some enjoyable fluff. Like a bitesized, twee version of The Trip. Michael Sheen's brilliant in it.
  13. Papa John's do a great range of vegan toppings and sides, if you're in the market for some greasy pizza mouthfeel. The vegan sausage and jackfruit pepperoni are both really tasty and their cauliflower wings are like crispy delicious crack.
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