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  1. Handy site to track historical game prices across various sales etc: https://psprices.com/region-gb/game/2568743/tetris-effect Also looks like there are Amazon sellers offering it for £25 currently.
  2. Calashnikov


    December 17th for the real PS4 game about reconnecting people
  3. Insane the turnaround that Gerrard has overseen at Rangers. Fucking incredible
  4. Some braggadocio lowest common denominator street heater shit for yo’ mind:
  5. Makes you think. Share if you agree.
  6. Try mentally walking from Firelink Shrine to Quelaag’s Domain to delay climax during coitus then, when it’s time to spend your souls, try holding with both hands.
  7. Hollow Knight did well in these votes last year, owing to its various 2018 releases on Switch and PS4 and all that. It originally came out on Steam in 2017, however.
  8. They did make a new version of Smash for Switch.
  9. I’m kinda thinking of Joaquin Phoenix’s shite digging AR game in the movie Her, with the wee sweary guy.
  10. Have fun in the Yellow Head Bldg. I really didn’t when I revisited it recently. Still fucking loved the shite out of it, obvs.
  11. Interesting topic, I’m sure everyone on this board has more than one or two titles that are actually pretty crap games that they otherwise love due to how they hang together. Shenmue and Earthbound being two of mine. Mechanically they’re turgid slogs, but when you add in the music, art, story and other je nes sais quoi type vibeyness they come out the other side as amongst my most beloved titles and experiences in the medium. Death Stranding sounds like it could be one of those types of games.
  12. I played Steamworld Dig on the Switch. I quite liked it, and I do see some of it in Shinsekai, but I thought Shin was far better. As in, close to a Hollow Knight. I’d call it the next essential one of these games that people must play. I think it’s a bit sad that it’s been buried somewhat by all the other games on Apple Arcade but hopefully it’ll find a decent audience eventually. The same was quite true of Hollow Knight before it came to Switch and PS4 etc.
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