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  1. This is what I had to do. It was just traumatic and nerve shredding with the mantas reigning their terror down.
  2. 4-2 is the hardest stretch of the game in my book.
  3. Raytraced reflections in puddles under your character would allow you to see your own gooch, which I’ll be setting to maximum hairy flabbiness using the relevant sliders.
  4. I personally think it’d be a shame to just magic the fuck out of everything, but it all depends on what you want from the experience. Magicking everything means you get to batter through it and sample all the locations at least, but for me a large large part of what makes these games so amazing is the melee combat. Learning attack patterns, getting into the flow of dodging, rolling, blocking, and picking openings while managing your stamina and so on. How far in are you? Maybe if it’s already a considerable way through you could save a strength / dexterity melee build for a second playthrough?
  5. I can some 6th archstone DLC happening, surely? I’d only want it if FromSoft were designing it, however.
  6. I felt kinda bad using similar tactics on OH but was I fuck running the risk of having to run through 5-2 again. Such a punishing and brutal run.
  7. Yeah the thought crossed my mind to maybe check out the vanilla version on PS+ but I heard it was a bit of a slow start. If it doesn’t put me off, and I slog through the opening to get to the meat of the game, by that point I’d probably be as well sticking with it, rather than having to go back and play the beginning again with Royal. But I just know if the slightest thing doesn’t gel with me in the vanilla version, I’ll be cussing myself out for not just stumping up the 20 quid for a version with sweet sweet QoL improvements.
  8. Would I be a total mug to buy P5:R when I could easily just download vanilla P5 for free via the PS+ Collection on PS5? (Goddam, that’s a lot of P’s, S’s and 5’s for one question ) Never played a Persona or Shin Megami Tensei game before, or anything like that, but have been interested in trying P5 for a while now.
  9. He’s bullshit. His tongue and sword just clips through everything always. You can get hit just by standing somewhere anywhere in the arena. He beat me first couple of times with bullshit.
  10. I don’t think it’s a skelly. It’s a samurai dude.
  11. That only cuts out other real actual human players invading. I think Len’s new friend is a scripted CPU-controlled invader.
  12. Looking up a wiki, looks like the invader is there no matter the world tendency (certainly in O.G. PS3 Demon’s Souls, though I can’t imagine they’d have changed this). I must have cunted him and forgot all about it
  13. Does he only show up if you’ve got black world tendency in that location? I don’t remember having to deal with a phantom invader in that level, but maybe I did. My overriding memory of that whole section is of farming the fuck out of it.
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