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  1. Shat out of Alien Isolation. Stunning game though.
  2. Nice one man, cheers. I’ll keep you posted. I had a bag of magic mushroom-laced chocolate edibles lined up for this and everything Since my travel is all booked regardless I’m now going to trip balls at the Back to the Future musical instead
  3. Joe Hisaishi has caught the Rona and postponed this weekend’s concert. The Witch of the Waste has evidently cursed the crap out of this tour.
  4. It is different. Wasn’t Lost Judgment released after PS5 had launched? The original Judgment was a few years before that, and they didn’t provide an upgrade path for that. PS5 version is a separate app / SKU. https://www.gameinformer.com/2021/02/01/yakuza-spinoff-judgment-coming-to-new-gen-pc-stadia-in-april
  5. Be epic if you loaded in naked, stripped of your expansion gear, like some sort of Terminator Lalafel.
  6. Great. So is it just the £9-odd ‘base game’ plus the £30-odd Endwalker expansion (Steam versions obv) that I’d need to buy to access everything again? What would happen if I just got the base game and logged in with my usual account & character? I’m partway through Endwalker on PS5, would my man’s just wake up in Ul’Dah and be locked out of all the Endwalker content whenever I logged in via Steam Deck? I suppose I’d also be locked out of Stormblood and Shadowbringers content. Anyone else ever played using the same account across different platforms while only owning the expansions on one of them? Curious how it would work in terms of accessing items, gear etc. I’d imagine it’s a mess.
  7. I’ve played neither btw. I bought the PS4 original in a sale yeaaaars ago but there’s since been a PS5 version of that, and there’s no way to upgrade the PS4 version without straight up buying the PS5 version. Shite.
  8. Yeah I got the impression @Rayndone fucked up getting the sequel unintentionally ahead of the O.G.
  9. Has there been anymore patter about an official dock for playing on the telly? Anycunt dicked about with an unofficial one?
  10. It must be said that I’ve never figured out how to do much of anything in FFXIV mind you.
  11. Oh, and I never figured a way to copy hotbar layouts between different devices. I play mostly on a PS5 but occasionally on my old PS4 handed down to my sister if I was back visiting my family. I used to manually set it all up again, a particular ballache any time I unlocked a new ability for my rotations that I wanted to assign to the hotbar.
  12. I need to do this. So it now runs well enough on the Steam Deck to buy with confidence? Previously it would just hang on the title screen or someshite.
  13. The first game that was like Rogue would have been the first Roguelike.
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