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  1. Is Sea of Thieves a shambles then? Haven’t really been paying attention. Last I knew it was the Bone’s great white hope. Has it ended up being a turkey?
  2. Yeah, especially seeing as nocunt knew about any Dark Souls Remastered until Nintendo gave it pride of place at the end of their New Year Direct. I doubt the entire DS remaster project received higher publicity than that unveiling. Galling that it should be the Nintendo version that gets delayed. And into such a vague timeframe to boot. "Summer 2018" could very well mean fucking September for all we know.
  3. This was always bound to happen for the reload.
  4. Goddam bloody nature of causality
  5. Gutted about that Switch delay I'd especially booked time off work for it and everything
  6. You're saying it wrong!

    But they come from Hyrule, innit? Not fucking Hirrule. Me and my cousins used to call that ninja cunt from Virtua Fighter "Cage", rather than "Kah-gay", which is how a half-Japanese dude at uni pronounced it.
  7. Nintendo Switch

    My only problem with the joycon is that the left stick is pretty sensitive to being accidentally pressed down unintentionally. It was a right cunt during heated Zelda combat, causing Link to duck and crawl instead of popping the insane backflip dodge that I had in mind I think I’ll need a Pro controller for Dark Souls (what does clicking down the left stick actually control in that game, if anything?).
  8. Yakuza 6 - Baby's Day Out

    Helping that wee boy get that jazz mag
  9. Nintendo Switch

    I clicked and collected one from Tesco yesterday. Today I noticed a photograph on the box of the fucker plugged into the back of the dock. Just the exact same as the fucking thing I’ve already got. I took it straight fucking back so I could get my £25 back.
  10. Nintendo Switch

    How come nocunt told me that the £25 official Nintendo charger is the exact same fucking thing that already comes bundled with the Switch? The thing that plugs into and charges through the dock? How come I’ve never bothered to check exactly how the dock receives power since setting it all up over a year ago? Over a year I’ve been on-off researching suitable and sufficient USB-C chargers, thinking how it’d be handy to have one. Turns out I’ve had the exact fucker the whole time
  11. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Is there an edition available for this that includes the Blu-Ray disc, plus digital download? I think I saw one that was BR/DVD/digital, but wondered if there was also just BR/digital?
  12. Limmy's Show

    Big two hauner sword fae Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum. Fuckin' cut him in hauf, man, like that "BBRRWOAAAWWRGH"
  13. Ok, cheers. That’s exactly what I thought, although thinking about it, those thoughts were probably mostly shaped and informed by reading posts made by Mr Gerbik

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