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  1. What generic soulless shite would you rather play?
  2. Yak 3 is probably the weakest in the series available for PS4/5 Bone/Series since it’s now the oldest. It especially begins at a very slow pace, but I happened to quite dig that in a Shenmue 1/3 kinda way. It starts out very small town vibes.
  3. That’s not what gooner was claiming. He said they’d never made a good game ever. Why hit him across the chops with, like, an Everybody’s Golf when there was the opportunity to fully scant him and pelt his cheeks with some of the honest to god legit all time greats?
  4. My 26 y/o sister was buzzing about this asking if I’d seen it and I was like yeah, looks rough. And she was like shut up, don’t ruin it for me. And she was quite right to do so. She grabbed my mums face earlier and told her “THERE’S A NEW POKEMON GAME COMING OUT IN 2022 AND I’M SO EXCITED.” No need to let these people into bad frame rates and all that shit. Let them buzz.
  5. Nintendo are doing great stuff, sure... but even at that, I think we’re starting to see what a Furukawa-helmed Nintendo is like as opposed to the more risk-taking and creative Iwata era. It all seems like quite conservative times for the big Japanese devs.
  6. You reckon? Squeenix seem ruthless with their pricing. A friend of mine fucking animated the bosses in it and even he had to shell out top dollar on release to see the fruits of his labour I just assumed they gave a disc to all their staff who worked on something, but maybe that would bankrupt them given the duration of most modern games’ production credits.
  7. Posted this quandary in the wrong cunting FF7 thread. So now what am I gonna do? It’s an actual question I want advice on.
  8. I was holding out on FF7R for a couple of reasons. I wanted it cheap/free and I wanted PS5 upgrades. Now what am I gonna do?
  9. The idea of a Ueda game being on something other than a Playstation makes me feel kinda similarly to how a Miyamoto game coming out on something other than a Nintendo would. Strangely and irrationally sad somehow.
  10. You’re articulating exactly why I feel like I’ve wasted £450. That money was intended to allow me to access the Ico’s, SotC’s and The Last Guardians of this world, and now I hear they won’t be coming A truly sad day for gaming man. Gutted.
  11. Some good stuff in there for sure. But they’re not really Ico now, are they?
  12. What games though? Soulful amazing Japanese slices of genius? Then great Bunch of cinematic experiences from the western world? Then less great
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