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  1. I’m quite fond of the 80s Akira dub FWIW, given that’s what was on the VHS I wore to fuck back in the day. Kaneda is such a rad dude in it. Couldn’t be doing with the English dub on the DVD release onwards, so now it’s JPN audio all the way, at special cinema screenings and at home.
  2. If it makes it any better, Tomato Convenience Store finally had Dandy Old Man available to buy on cassette yesterday in Shenmue. Made sure to snap it up with the swiftness. Tom’s stereo batteries got wrecked.
  3. I wouldn’t dream of watching it any other way. Only my current play-through of Shenmue 1 gets the English dub selected. EDIT: Until I move onto my Shenmue 2 revisit, that is - never played it in terribly dubbed comedic English before (I don’t think the PAL Dreamcast version had the option?) Really excited to check it out!
  4. I voted for Mononoke, maybe because it was the first Ghibli I saw. I think it’s the one I get most excited at the prospect of sitting down to watch, maybe it’s the magical fantasy action element that tips my preference in its favour, seeing as I’m all about dat. But I could easily have voted for a few others. I think Kiki’s is a low-key favourite of mine, and I feel bad for the Wind Rises not having a vote yet. I only saw it once, in the cinema, but I remember it being incredible and very moving. Kaguya got my Takahata vote. I love the look, feel and atmosphere of that film perhaps higher than any of the others, probably owing to its very distinctive, more experimental visual style. Incredible soundtrack as well, which is of course a given. I haven’t seen many of the non-Miyazaki / Takahata films. No Cat Returns, Poppy Hill or Whisper of the Heart for me, I don’t think? Saw Arriety which I didn’t really rate, but did like Marnie a bit when I saw it. On a Takahata tip, I haven’t seen the Yamadas. Might pop over to Fopp and see if I can plug a few gaps in my collection this afternoon
  5. Revisiting some old tunes, and came across this Skream remix that I’d never heard before: Absolute ravey breakbeat banging insanity I’d imagine a few DJ’s around the world closed their set with this last night.
  6. @Sixkiller As discussed in an old really good thread, the IGAvanias are quite Dark Soulsy, or rather Dark Souls is quite IGAvania’y. A mixture of the level architecture, some of the enemy types, trying to figure out how to reach tantalisingly out of reach loot and items, the vast range of different weapon types, the interlocking level design, levelling up systems etc. Yeah, the similarities are quite plain to see when you think about it, albeit Castlevania and Bloodstained no doubt camp things up compared to the grim desolation of Dark Souls. They’re like a 1960’s TV Batman to Dark Souls’ Nolan trilogy or something.
  7. Was really sad to hear this, being a long term fan of Cassius and French house in general. Didn’t realise our boy @myoozikk had professional links with Philippe Zdar. I’m simultaneously impressed, proud and sad for our man. Just to repeat I’m sorry for your loss. The boy was responsible for some fucking tunes and played a significant part in a genre-defining movement. Respect.
  8. ^ Related: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000644t BBC Scotland documentary about the history of Scottish hip-hop! Worth a watch.
  9. Haven’t watched a ball being kicked this whole tournament, but I just read the match report and it hammered home just how fucking Scottish being Scottish actually is. FFS It’s never ending.
  10. Both involve lots of waiting around, bored out yer nut and surrounded by people who speak English in comedy accents.
  11. I read somewhere recently that the Eiffel Tower cost Paris $42m in today’s money, while Shenmue 1 cost Sega $47m in 1999. Mad bastards.
  12. Happy Fathers’ Day, sons of Shenmue
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