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  1. Definitely a more than decent night of results for both Old Firm teams. I wasn’t impressed by Feyenoord at all. First half they didn’t string 3 passes together, under our pressing game they were hitting balls out the park. Second half we started to stand off them and show them too much respect, making for a brutal final 20 minutes. Delighted over all though, no doubt about it.
  2. Feyenoord were there for the hammering tonight. 1-0 flatters them. I am just fucking delighted to be in a position where I can feel vaguely disappointed at not having fucked a club like Feyenoord 4+ nil considering where we’ve been recently. Incredible stuff and an emotional evening. R.I.P. Fernando Ricksen you mad bastard.
  3. Cool, looks just about worth the extra £25 I stumped up for the Limited Edition. The other tat don’t matter.
  4. At least half of the people who complied that Guardian list write frequently for Edge. EDIT: Maybe.
  5. Metroid Prime was the big oversight for me, otherwise a fine list. Yakuza 0 woulda been nice, but like others have said, it’s rare to see Ico correctly placed higher than SotC in these things.
  6. So fucking good. Hip-hop lives, evidently.
  7. That Pharoahe Monch thing is utterly incredible.
  8. Stupendously eternal but hitherto unasked questions.
  9. I managed to add it to my basket earlier, completed payment info via PayPal then just got dunted back to the product listing with no sign of any confirmation from Game or Paypal, only to find the product now un-basketable. I snooped around a million other sites trying to see if it was available elsewhere, failed, came here, saw your post, tried that, created a Game account because it couldn’t recognise my log-in, went through Capthcha hell for it, eventually check out, got a confirmation page on the Game site, received an email from PayPal to say the preorder is in place, but no confirmation email from Game, despite them saying I’d get one, tried to log in to my Game account to look at my orders, got an error saying to try later, tried this several times again later, got the same shit, got an email from Game with the account verification code that I seemingly requested despite not requesting, which I then copied and pasted into the relevant page on the Game log in page, only to be told the code doesn’t work. Tried to log into my order info from their email and got the same error message. Looking gOo0oOo0d
  10. Castlevania II: Alexander Graham Bellmont's Revenge
  11. Castlevania: Order of EE-cclesia
  12. Castlevania: Aria Code of Sorrow
  13. Castlevania 3G: Dracula's Curse
  14. Not that I’ve played it myself, but Bloodborne is conspicuous by its absence in @LaveDisco‘s rundown of usual suspects there.
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