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  1. So, I finished this yesterday, thoroughly enjoyed, but
  2. Thanks for the replies - I suspect that the loved ones will get my vote - it looks ace. Quite fancy the House w Laughing Windows too, but I think that my missus will veto it... Prince of Darkness is ace - not seen it in years - back when Carpenter was doing ace stuff. We watched Trick R Treat the other year - good stuff, I loved drag me to hell too - a wee bit tongue in cheek, but great fun.
  3. Hi all, I'm having a halloween horror movie night and I've got the comedy and crap slots filled with "Big Tits Zombie", "The crow: wicked prayer" and maybe "Dale and Tucker" and I'm looking for some quality horror for the last film of the night - something actually scary. Preferably something recent, but not torture-porn, something along the lines of The Orphanage, Devil's Backbone, Alien, Dawn of the Dead, etc, etc, something classic is fine too, but we've seen a lot of them. Anyone, anyone? Ta, G
  4. Pet peeve is probably when gameplay is sacrificed for cinematic fidelity - snappy controls ruined by the need to have pretty animations, fun sandbox solutions to puzzles nullified by cinematic bottlenecks. Who cares that you spent 10 minutes blocking that entrance with cars - we'll just clear those so the car can pull out neatly. Always feels cheap. Protect / tail / follow sections where the AI is terrible or just has too little health. Long tutorial missions. QTEs as a replacement for gameplay. Lazy, lazy, lazy!
  5. Mmmmm, fond memories... I randomly got an early copy of Q1 from a parent's friend that worked at a pressing plant - the label was completely buggered, but the game was fine. I just remember hearing the der-der-deeer-der-de-de-deeeeeer of the NIN soundtrack (was a huge fan in those days) as it booted and practically exploding with excitement. Did my first playthrough on my DX4 75mhz 486 in delightful chug-o-vision. Really came into it's own with two additions - reaperbots, that allowed me to get good at multiplayer, and then leaving for uni where there was a computer lab full of networked pentiums, which me and a few friends hogged mercilessly to get our online quake fix! Fondest memory was making a chum scream "where the fuck are you!" as I axed him to death while standing on his head. Q2 and Q3 were also great mp games, but for me DM4 is the best DM level ever.
  6. I'm still not sure if I love this or loathe it, regardless I can't stop playing it. And I'm still crap it. But anything with instant restarts like this automatically hooks me.
  7. henrys_cat

    Portal 2

    Yeah, we'll definitely see good content from that, but I think given the push for more user friendly level editors - and games like LBP - it would be nice to see something that is a much better creative conduit for the less experienced gamer. The technical challenge would doubtlessly be immense though - it would probably require a whole new engine built to handle tile based levels - either that or a large build / export step between creation and play, which would defeat the purpose...
  8. henrys_cat

    Portal 2

    Finished this last night - definitely one of the best game sequels for ages - feels like an extension of the original story without cheapening it. Great voice acting again, buoys the story along brilliantly. Some good sound design too - liked the laser targets playing a tune in sync with the main music when activated, good melding of SFX and music. I did find that the puzzles were more constricted though - felt less sandboxy than the original where there was more opportunity for alternative completion scenarios. Also there was a lot more portal correction that I remember from the original - they have much more of a tendancy to snap to the absolute centre of a surface. Together it really smoothes along the gameplay, especially on the more tricky levels. It felt like they'd really concentrated on making the conceptual solving of the puzzles the focus rather than the execution - all of the chambers were pretty easy to complete once I'd worked out what to do; there were less of the frustrating chambers where you know exactly what to do, but still die ten times trying to do it. What I really want now is a tile based snap-together level editor to allow you to create your own test chambers - as the levels are already so modular looking this would be a great way of extending the challenge. Actually, reading earlier comments, I'd almost expect to see this appear soon - with the player in the Glados role and the two wee robots as your test subjects. Obviously the cinematic side of things would be ramped way down, but with a decent system for online sharing there could be a great library of fiendish puzzles made.
  9. Definitely on team inception for this one - while SC isn't bad, it lacks style, feels very boil-in-the-bag compared to inception or moon. Twists are obvious and well signposted, the science is too far into the silly realm; it feels like a generic mainstream scifi/action movie. Also the soundtrack is seriously meh; not a patch on the Mansell score for Moon (or Zimmer's for Inception). I also think that he really needs to show something a little more stylistically original - Moon was loaded with very obvious influences and so is this, but in Moon it's forgivable because it's a debut feature, this time it's harder to bear. Still, I did enjoy it - I'd really love to see a game rip off the concept and really run with it...
  10. Hmm, will watch this with interest - I liked the aesthetics of Samorost, but the gameplay had me tearing out my hair. Machinarium improved on everything from that game - gameplay especially. So if this is their next step forward I'll definitely be snapping it up.
  11. Man, rhythmatic is awesome - spent about three hours just farting around with testing "just one more tune" - too hard for me though - need together my skills up. Honestly I think that they could really assure victory if they added one or two features: - online track ratings to share with friends that can select well rated tracks from your library - single and two lane "beginners / casual" mode for crap people Great fun though, the analysis seems to give really good results a surprising amount of the time!
  12. Snes mariokart whenever I see certain friends, Doom 2 over Christmas at my parents, monkey island 2 when I'm at a loss. I've tried to replay link to the past many times too, but I always get a couple of dungeons in and then forget to play it for a week or two and start again six months later. I've also played more versions of tetris attack than I care to remember... I really miss being a PC gamer though - such great back catalogue of games to replay - shit, if I had a working pc here I'd totally fire up Command and Conquer, The incredible machine and maybe unreal tournament too. Oh and Ski-free!
  13. Wow, that's some great stuff; just saw Red Shoes for the first time a couple of weeks back - the ballet scene is genuinely one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, on or off screen - I'd love to see some of the archive stuff (and more p&p films at the cinema) Speaking of old film stock, have you seen Decasia - amazing documentary entirely cut together from decayed film stock set to orchestral score - fascinating images.
  14. henrys_cat

    L.A Noire

    I don't think that that's necessarily true - there definitely are shortages, but they're engineered by the shops - it makes a certain shite sense for them to do it: no backroom full of hundreds of copies of unsellable shit, increased pressure on shoppers to buy pre-owned copies of games, ++profits. Depressing, but probably true.
  15. I just hoped for a little more than a boil in the bag Western (albeit an attractive and fairly amusing one). Thought that they'd be bringing something new to the genre, something at least a bit more subversive or exciting. There's nods towards it in the dialogue, but it feels like it's given up and settled to just be a traditional Western - it's a very "safe" film. Edit: but damn, do I like it more than Will Self - mind you he is a massively elitist arrogant cock.
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