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  1. Yeah, this is really quite good, once you download a subtitles file and set it to a 14 second delay. I think I enjoyed the second half more than the first? You just have to be willing to go with it I think. I could see how some might find it jarring compared to the gritty, grounded start. But I enjoyed the wierdness and the melodrama.
  2. Surprised that Netflix would just chuck something up like this without some kind of solution for the Korean dialogue. It's been entertaining enough so far, but I'm probably going to scour the internet for a version with baked subs and watch that. Shame because Netflix is mostly a pretty good answer to the whole "piracy is a superior product" argument. So far: wacky, fun concept. Tilda Swinton's accent has been the most entertaining thing so far.
  3. Liamness

    Football Thread 2018/19

    It was City's last game of the season, no point holding back. It was pointless as a competitive spectacle of course, but they can only beat the team in front of them.
  4. Liamness

    Football Thread 2018/19

    He's just brought the latter on. Guardiola has no chill. Subbing off Mahrez was almost callous... like the game was in their hands and he was playing well!
  5. Scene needed a battle roll or two.
  6. Yeah - this is easily the most I've been impressed by any episode so far. You could absolutely just put that in cinemas and no-one would bat an eyelid.
  7. Thought this was great. Wonderful visuals. Most of it made sense. Everything was extremely Dark Souls.
  8. I lolled: They clearly made a decision like 5 seasons back that the Direwolf CGI was too expensive, and it wouldn't impact the show as badly as cutting back in other areas. To be fair they're probably right. This episode was decent enough. Gwendoline Christie continues to be among the best of the cast, hope we've not seen the last of her.
  9. Yeah the incomprehensible end battle sequence was pretty much what I was worried Infinity War would be. I would've liked the "time heist" to take up much more of the film, as it achieved a similar trick as the previous film of splitting up the characters yet making them work towards a common goal. Plus all the stuff about seeing scenes from previous films from different angles was great, lots of wonderful character moments. It didn't have anything like the same narrative focus as Infinity War, and traded that for emotional payoffs and fanservice - which I had no problem with tbh. Aside from the ending, it didn't really feel like a big budget blockbuster in many ways. I could definitely see Disney wrapping up their next arc of films in 10 years or whatever with a couple of episodes only available on their streaming service. One big bombastic film with a plot that's comprehensible for newcomers, and then a bunch of 30-40 minute asides wrapping up plot threads for die-hard fans. Which I feel like the best bits of this could've been covered by. I made a point of watching Captain Marvel before this, and honestly wished I hadn't bothered. It's a pretty mediocre film and she does very little in this. Still waiting for her character to get interesting. She can fuck up spaceships, but Thanos can almost go toe-to-toe with her? Felt like the writers had to shoehorn her in late into production, and were struggling to give her things to do that made sense. In which case, why even make her part of this saga if she's not going to be crucial to the denouement? Really excited to see the next GotG film now. Chris Hemsworth is a pretty great comic actor - he got some big laughs in this film just with a look or the way he said something. They've really figured out what to do with him and his character after Ragnarok. Plus the idea of the Gamora in their universe not being their Gamora is very interesting - I can't imagine most of her "family" having the emotional intelligence to approach the matter delicately. They'll try and force the issue and she will lash out.
  10. Liamness

    Is your local cinema terrible?

    I've got an independent cinema ("The Castle" in Homerton) near me which is fantastic (big seats, wonderful picture and sound quality - it's like watching on your sofa at home if you happened to have a brilliant setup) but also expensive. I also go to the Barbican every now and then. However the cinema closest to me, and that I go to most often, is a Vue. Usually I go there late in a film's run, and it's only about ten minutes away from me so I can go at awkward times. But I was too worried about spoilers for Endgame to wait, so I went late yesterday. Had to tell two people not to use their phones. WTF? Thankfully as the film went on most people seemed pretty gripped so no much talking or phone usage. Even some people crying at the end, lol. Also tbh I get really annoyed by them charging 75p for book online. I'm paying for the privilege of them being able to employ fewer staff basically.
  11. Liamness

    The Man Utd Thread

    Genuinely execrable viewing. No idea where the club goes from here. I think I would be happier watching lesser-tier players playing with a clear plan, and with some confidence and desire, than watching this expensively constructed but ultimately directionless group. Even if the end result were the same, if that makes sense. But I worry that the people running the club are so incompetent that any fix they attempt might just make things worse. Amazing that we scored in the 8th minute against a team rooted to the bottom of the table, relegated weeks ago, and yet their confidence grew and grew while ours diminished.
  12. Liamness

    The Man Utd Thread

    This flagpole stuff is the most entertained I've been since the 15 minute mark.
  13. Liamness

    The Man Utd Thread

    Oh yeah and we'd need to get back in front in this game too!

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