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  1. They have built sets - really bloody nice, expensive looking sets - so part of me wonders if they are actually using the footage of the actors from the performances somehow? I think this might be the rare example of a film that would've been better off produced on a bare soundstage, with the talent having to imagine everything and complaining that this wasn't why they became a thespian.
  2. Alright which one of us runs this account?
  3. The pop culture references reminded me of this a bit:
  4. I always found Cats to be sort of disturbing. So I guess they nailed it?
  5. I don't think the poor sods at my local multiplex get paid enough to have to deal with puns, on top of everything else.
  6. Article says the live action Akira remake is in the wind now as a result. As I didn't want to see a director I like try to make a film that would always struggle to justify its existence, never mind actually elevate the material, I consider this doubly good news. We're going to get a lot of Thor over the next couple of years I guess then, seeing as it was heavily implied he'll be part of GotG 3 too.
  7. Just here to join the general anger and disgust being directed at Hanzo.
  8. It's well made, but not like Hereditary in which certain scenes would just not have anything like the same effect if your black levels are off or you room wasn't dark enough. If you have a decent enough telly and sound system (mostly for the score) then by all means wait I would say?
  9. I know complaining about negs is a good way to get negged, but why did this get negged? Complaining about latter-day Richard Curtis being creatively bankrupt seems pretty standard. Also not sure why it would be controversial to complain that a screenwriter failed to make an obvious connection that would've tied their narrative in a nice little bow.
  10. Sigma have announced a very small full-frame body using the L-Mount system: https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2019/7/11/20690392/sigma-fp-camera-full-frame-mirrorless-smallest I'd question how good the handling can possibly be with anything other than a pancake lens. There is a grip attachment. Might be interesting for people doing video, as you're going to build a system around it anyway so the ergonomics don't really matter.
  11. There may be free ice cream available in London tomorrow. I don't think I'm going to watch this season but I'm always up for being the beneficiary of marketing budgets:
  12. Liamness

    Nintendo Switch

    So people still need to buy a regular Switch, duh.
  13. Liamness

    Nintendo Switch

    Cut down how? The chip is the same, right? I thought the Switch just changed clock speeds between portable and docked modes. I don't get how cutting out the ability to connect to a TV would even save any money.
  14. Liamness

    Nintendo Switch

    30% of the massive market that the Switch has carved out for itself is a huge amount of money. That's without counting the expansion of the market that will be caused by this price drop. $100 will make a lot of parents more comfortable buying it for kids. The Switch is a smash, but I think it's traded pretty heavily on 30 something and older males getting their 80s / 90s nostaglia on, understandable Nintendo would want to make something lazer targeted at their more traditional market.
  15. Liamness

    Nintendo Switch

    Well that's the potentially great thing about the Switch - it's a platform, not a single console. You can have the expensive do-everything very, and then cheaper variants that don't. It's just surprising that this can't connect to a TV because I can't think of a technical reason why this would be. I mean... how hard would it have been to switch the USB-C port to the top, and let you game on a TV, using the controls on the console itself, with just a single cable?
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