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  1. Liamness

    A movie watchers blog

    Apostasy 3 / 5 This film made more angry and upset than anything I can remember watching in a good while - although not because of the film making, which is basic but serviceable, or the performances, which are pretty great across the board. Rather it's the subject matter - the depiction of which I'm happy to take as accurate given that the director is an ex-Jevovah's witness, and that many materials and writings shown in the film are apparently produced by the church and shown as is - that is difficult to stomach. I only watched it because my sister said I should (she apparently tangentially knows the director and is basically trying to get anyone and everyone to see it, because of course it will make little to no money otherwise), and my Picturehouse membership was running out... but I think I'd recommend it all the same? The film mostly follows two sisters, who having been brought up within a strict system of religious and social control, try trying to navigate their lives and loves within that system. They reminded me a lot in their dress and mannerisms (I couldn't quite place where it was meant to be set, the accents seemed to be Oldhamish) of the kind of girls I taught in Manchester back when I was trying to become a teacher, which perhaps explains why I was quite so affected. It presents a Kafkaesque existence for anyone who does not strictly follow the rules of the church, presided over by "Elders" who seem to be exclusively male. Imagining someone so young being put under those kinds of pressures is quite horrible.
  2. Liamness


    Watched this a couple of weeks back, I thought it was good but the theatre I was in got a bit giggly (not helped by a middle aged man getting up and leaving, muttering "fuck this" after literally the first mild scare) and so it was harder to take everything going on seriously. Still, there were a couple of moments that shut everyone up all the same. Ultimately it did a very good job of racheting up the tension, which is the main thing I enjoy about horror films, just the heightened state of it all. It's not it's fault necessarily if a certain audience releases that tension in a different way than intended. I think some moments may have been intentionally comic, the film is just trying to knock you about through every possible emotion I feel.
  3. Liamness

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Read an article, not sure it was linked to in here, saying Disney really fucked themselves by firing James Gunn so quickly, and I would have to agree. They made it into such a massive story by doing that, and also probably increased the sense of injustice among fans (and apparently some of the cast). If they'd waited a week or maybe two, said they were looking into the context of the tweets and giving Gunn a chance to explain himself, they'd maybe have been able to walk it back, or if they fired him anyway it wouldn't have made such a splash. If they rehire him now it will be a massive story, and the only thing anyone will be talking about approaching the release... so it's pretty impossible for them to do that I would say. Now they'll probably go ahead and make a GOTG3 with the cast who are legally obliged to be involved, and with a new director who doesn't mind having the stink of filming Gunn's script on them. It'll probably be a decent film. But in many fans eyes it will have to live up to the hypothetical film that James Gunn would've made, which will of course be practically impossible. There's also the chance of cast members not wanting to continue working for Disney past what they're obliged to do, if they feel this episode has soured the whole thing for them (although only Bautista has been open about this). My guess is that unless Pratt and / or Saldana make a fuss they won't be too bothered though.
  4. Liamness

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    I doubt they'd want it now, would just be free advertising for a rival service surely?
  5. Liamness

    Shazam! - Non-grimdark WoDC movie

    That looks great! Literally never heard of this character before and I'm quite interested in seeing it. I don't mind the suit - the body is not "real" after all. It looks like a bigger-budget version of Conan O'Brien's superhero outfit and I'm fine with that.
  6. Liamness

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    I'm not saying that notable people are better than those who aren't - just that James Gunn is a better person (and has actively tried to improve himself and understand issues outside his experience) than these MRA, "white genocide" sad sacks, and that he was a position of responsibility where his words and deeds mattered. Probably goes without saying. People say the left eats its own, and might cite criticism in the past from GLAAD about James Gunn as an example of that, but I'd prefer that to the right's willful ignorance and selective moralising. Mike makes a good point about Patreon etc and alt-right ideas crossing into mainstream politics. Still, I can't bring myself to do anything but pity these guys, their persistence and lack of shame just comes across as sad. Maybe there are taking some gullible people along for the ride with them but they ultimately just seem like quite damaged individuals given their world view.
  7. Liamness

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Not "profit" though - aside from the fleeting warm feeling they will get from "owning the libs". There are no consequences for them because they have achieved nothing of great import in their lives, and as such there is little that can be taken away from them when they say or do terrible things. On the other hand, Gunn was until yesterday the main creative voice in a massive mainstream blockbuster film series - so naturally he had a great deal of expectation and responsibility weighing on him. This is not a bad thing, per se - better people are held to higher standards, and this is precisely because they are better people. It's a privilege to have people calling you out and expecting you to actually give a shit, really.
  8. Liamness

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Hmm, I think this is a dangerous argument to make, and one that the twitter alt-right themselves are making. "lol I guess if Gunn shouldn't have been fired then Roseanne can have her job back?" etc. There is a difference between manufactured outrage over something someone said years ago, in poor taste but intentionally so, and real concern over something someone said today that ties into a pattern of behaviour. There is a lot of anger and bile on Twitter, but it is not all about mob justice. Indeed Gunn's original apology for some of these tweets came after dialogue with LGBT activists on social media and blogs - some people are genuinely interested in having a meaningful conversation. Others are just interested in whipping up controversy and gaining attention for themselves, of course.
  9. Liamness

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    The audience and the financiers for the kinds of films he was making before Disney came calling probably couldn't care less. James Gunn working on projects with budgets totaling hundreds of millions always seemed like a bit of a weird anomaly in his career anyway.
  10. Liamness

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Fucking does my nut in how people will pretend to care about these things when it suits them. I mean if you actually care about issues facing marginalised and vulnerable groups, you would show this your actions and words consistently, and not just when it's a convenient weapon to use against someone you disagree with. Cernovich is a literal white supremacist.
  11. Liamness

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Strange. I don't even find those tweets offensive, the spirit they're meant to be taken in is obvious, even though that doesn't necessarily make them funny. Even if they were genuinely objectionable, a person can change a lot in ten years - plus it sounds like he's already publicly apoligised for some of them even before they were dredged up this time. Cernovich was concern trolling and it worked. I guess Disney just didn't want any bad publicity at all and the detail or nuance wasn't important.
  12. Liamness

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Stadium aside (they should've kept the running track and had Leyton Orient as the tenants) the legacy has been pretty fantastic. The area has been transformed, almost entirely for the better. I do think the legacy corporation isn't transparent enough and can ride roughshod over local concerns at times, but you can't deny what has been achieved overall.
  13. Liamness

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Lloris doing a great Karius impression.
  14. Liamness

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Among the many ironies about this all is Blatter's request to CAF, asking them to move the Africa Cup of Nations from January to the summer, so as not to interfere with the european-centric international calendar. This completely prevents many African nations from hosting the tournament now, as they have monsoons during this period. But apparently moving heaven and earth so that Qatar can host the world cup in the winter, this avoiding temperatures north of 40°, is fine. I hope some big leagues just flat-out refuse, and players are forced to pick between club and country commitments.
  15. Liamness

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Welbz on at the 70ish minute mark for Kane wouldn't have been a terrible idea tbh.

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