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  1. Guardian liveblog said "Rashford and Abraham having a good game" which I thought was about right. The funny thing about Maguire not getting sent off, it's violent conduct so normally that would be a three match ban, even if the ref has missed it. But now VAR has had a look at it, so I'm assuming retrospective action is out of the question.
  2. I misunderstood this post, and spent injury time expecting to see a screamer from James any second.
  3. Liamness

    James Blackshaw

    He's un-retired. New song streaming on the adult swim website, of all places! https://www.adultswim.com/music/singles/3 Apprarently this has been out since Novemember, I'm terrible for not realising artists I like have released music.
  4. Nah, I think there's a place for this. I know a couple of guys from when I was studying who took internships working on a sandbox game, and I passed on that opporunity because they seemed to be remaking Unity using Unity, which is an unoriginal idea which many have failed at. By comparison, this seems to be adding useful abstractions which will genuinely enable creativity. Unity or Unreal don't have that feeling of "play", you have to learn the tool before you can use it. I mean, how many people will have tried to get a little prototype or something going in one of those engines, and given up at the first hurdle? They have solutions to make it easy for anyone to write game logic - Unreal has blueprint, Unity has similar visual programming solutions available in the asset store - but this has that integrated with an intutive editor supporting motion controllers, with a vast array of materials and assets avaialble for use. I think it would make sense to support PSVR for asset authoring at least. I get that they probably can't guarantee a good experience during gameplay, but having a tilt brush-esque experience for modelling individual assets would surely be useful.
  5. Part of it's got to be how people get their start these days - self promoting on social media. It's not like it used to be, when record execs basically decided to create a group and auditioned young talent. People seem to have lost interest in singing competitions too. Instead the talent comes to the record label when they already have a platform. As others have already stated in this thread though, the old model is still alive and well in some Asian countries, particularly Korea.
  6. Well some good news https://www.imust.org.uk/Blog/Entry/m-u-s-t-response-to-confirmation-that-manchester-united-has-submitted-a-proposal-for-a-rail-seat-trial-at-old-trafford It would be great to see rail seating installed in Old Trafford. No downsides from my point of view - it's safer, and potentially allows more tickets to be sold, at a lower price (if the Premier League allows clubs to actually sell standing tickets). I think I'd actually prefer it for comfort reasons too - people are too fat these days to squeeze into 90s-era density of seating.
  7. I just went through the checkout process on Steam to test this, and you get this message: That's what I was referring to. They all use roughly the same language, it's just that Sony used to take it a bit too literally.
  8. Well this isn't a legal question. Sony have the right to withold the refund, as they have in their T&Cs that all digital purchases are irrevocable, like pretty much every company with a digital distribution service. They all largely allow exceptions though, in the name of providing a good customer experience. As Sony were slow on the uptake, I'm just giving them another chance to grant an exception, according to their new guidelines. This is completely within their power to do.
  9. Well it only took a minute out of my day. They can make it right if they want to, I don't really see what the date has to do with it.
  10. Hmm. I did get treated very poorly in 2013, back when I mistakenly bought a PS Vita game despite not owning a PS Vita. They were very keen to hold onto that £7 instead of having a happy customer. If they've changed their tune, well, better late than never I suppose. I doubt it's retroactive, but I've just created a new request for a refund. Maybe I'll be able to end my semi-boycott of all things PSN.
  11. Yeah, my hope is that eventually the headsets have a pretty massive FOV and use eye-tracking to only render what you're looking at with full resolution (or maybe some kind of supersampling, if they really want to push the boat out). That would also stop VR from requiring, compared to using a TV or monitor, much more powerful hardware. I don't see the 5-8 years or so bringing anything transformative to gaming tbh, mainly incremental improvements. Many of the technologies mentioning in this thread seem a decade or more away from being mainstream propositions to me. Cloud gaming seems to have hiccups even if you've got a fat connection and are close to a data centre. Might be exciting for slower-paced, walking simulator / story heavy games, but that's about it. Raytracing has seen a smattering of exciting implementations that run at playable framerates on high-end PC hardware, but I feel like it will only be included in PS5 and Series X as a box-ticking excercise. Given the need to fit within a reasonable power budget I expect it to be scaled back by comparison and used mostly for effects / enhancements instead of being a key part of rendering. VR I don't see becoming popular soon either, but it's been discussed to death in this thread already. Having CPUs that aren't bobbins in consoles will be exciting. Combine them with the quick SSD access, and we can expect large and varied open worlds, which require fewer tricks to slow down players while content streams in. Combine them with HDMI 2.1's VRR capabilities, and hopefully 30fps won't be the norm.
  12. Has this thread replaced this thread? I was looking for it but it's quite a few pages back now: Anyhoo, Queen and Slim 3 / 5 The opening is great. The scene with the cop feels very believeable and as an audience, you struggle to see a way the protagonists could've handled it better. As the film goes on, credulity is stretched, and guess how much you care about that depends on whether you're swept up by the more romantic / emotional aspects. I see the film as largely being about a desire for self-determination and dignity, so all those Thelma and Louise comparisons people have been making are perfectly apt. After the opening it seems happy to detour continually from the main plot and ruminate on these themes. It is quite long. I think I would've preferred a taut thriller, but instead I got an leisurely cinematic experience, with some interesting ideas, great visuals and a stellar soundtrack. Also saw Parasite 5 / 5 but I'll post more about that in its own thread.
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