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  1. Watching that interview, I think Valve see this as a way of easing themselves into building big-budget singleplayer experiences again, and possibly egging themselves on to build Half Life 3. It's a way of breaking the paralysis, by thinking of the platform first and letting everything else follow. Depending on how this is recieved, it's easy to imagine Valve not having a shortage enthusiasm and ideas for a sequel.
  2. Yeah, you're not wrong. I'm hoping that eye tracking and foveated rendering becomes mainstream pretty soon, because that could really lighten the rendering requirements of VR. Possibly down to levels where consoles can cope easily. I could see a PS5 and a PSVR2 handling this really well, but only if it doesn't have to try to render full 1440p or whatever at 90hz.
  3. Yeah, if they didn't go all in, they wouldn't be able to fully explore the possibilities. It must be hard enough having to account for some users sitting down and using a thumbstick, others teleporting but moving in a limited area, and others roaming around their luxoruous dedicated VR space. I wonder how they'll handle having the player inhabit such a fully realised character. It would be odd to be towering over characters who are supposed to be taller than Alyx, for example.
  4. Interesting that they've recast Alyx, given Merle Dandridge is a seasoned voice actor in the interactive medium, and would have presumably been up for it. I assume it must have been a creative decision. I assumed it was because they wanted someone younger but they've cast an actor who's roughly the same age.
  5. Okay so that's basically saying "if you get motion sickness, choose a different play style". That's a lot of modes to support! Must be a headache for the designers. Still, this looks great. I'll definitely pick it up, I just don't know whether that'll be next year or in five years. VR isn't really at a point where I'm happy jumping into it yet. But content like this will surely help it get there.
  6. https://www.half-life.com/en/alyx
  7. Yeah, I think he has just sent him off because he doesn't want a player on the pitch when they're clearly distraught, and they're not going to be able to concentrate on the game. I understand the reasoning, but that should probably have been left up to his manager's discretion. Just give him the yellow, because that's all the foul itself warrants, and tell the third official to pass the message on that you don't think he's in any state to continue. VAR is such a mess as currently implemented. They need to make it clear whether the VAR team or the ref themselves have the final say. The delays all seemed to come from this not being clear, and neither party wanting to stick their neck out. It would be so much quicker without the back and forth.
  8. Promising stuff, but I could see it losing viewers unfamiliar with the material a bit. Jumped around a lot in terms of location / perspective when maybe it should've stuck with Lyra. Also the Alethiometer looks wrong. The actress playing Lyra is capturing her curiosity and total lack of self-conciousness beautifully, even if she is maybe a few years too old for the role.
  9. Norwich looked very much like a team second from bottom though.
  10. Haha. Norwich score and 6 minutes extra time. Bet they reckon they can get something from this...
  11. A genuinely delightful bit of play! Lovely combination between Rashford and Martial.
  12. I find if I'm going to a artsy film at the local indie or whatever, a decent number of the punters are usually there solo. I'm sure the cinema are happy for the custom! I don't think I'd be willing to go to a multiplex or whatever to watch some blockbuster on my own though, at least not for the first couple of weeks. That may have more to do with not wanting to deal with people on their phones, or talking loudly or whatever though. I live dead near a Vue - five minutes cycling to the shopping centre's car park, and then another five minutes walk inside to the cinema - and go to late screenings a lot. They charge you to book online, the gits, but I'm not waiting till I'm there and finding out there's no decent seats left. There is an indie just as close, in terms of time from leaving my house to being sat in front of the screen, but locking up is a lot more awkward, so I don't go there nearly as often. They show films the Vue don't sometimes though, plus it's just nicer - the seats are ridiculously spacious and comfy for instance. I should go more often tbh.
  13. Does this make sense to people here who bake their own bread? Or is it all a bit "this ONE wierd trick / sourdough nerds hate him" etc? I bought a big dutch oven a while back and intended to get into baking sourdough, but put it off because it seemed like a faff (the autolyse, getting a banneton, etc). This process seems pretty hands off by comparison, aside from the initial mixing and kneading and then the baking. Obviously the physical form of what results is quite different though. The urgency has been heightened by my favourite local bakery, after telling me for months that they were getting their kitchen sorted and would be up and running again soon, confirming that they're only going to sell in bulk from now on. I'm a big fan of sourdough - tastier than normal bread and doesn't seem to give me as much of the same bloated feeling.
  14. Good draw. On target for the magical 40 points.
  15. Fred has been useful hasn't he? That has to be a positive, even if we don't manage to hold on here. If he can settle at last and show what he's capable of, it would be like gaining a new squad member. Talking about that, Liverpool are seeing a lot of the ball and moving us around a lot, but in a wierdly unthreatening way. The back three is working well, and the centrebacks are doing a great job of knowing when to step forward and when to hold position.
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