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  1. OogyBoogy

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    Sooooo... Avengers: Endgame, eh?
  2. Will this get a physical release?
  3. OogyBoogy

    MAME controller help needed

    A shot in the dark here, but make a backup of mame.config and then delete it and see what happens. If it did not help you can always restore the original.
  4. OogyBoogy

    The Lion King (Live Action)

    Is dubbing still a thing in Germany?
  5. OogyBoogy

    The Lion King (Live Action)

    Off topic: I think this is where VR entertainment is ultimately headed: movies will be shot in full 3D, and viewers are able to float around in scenes to view the action from whatever angle they want. It won't happen anytime soon, but in 20 - 30 years this will be a thing for sure.
  6. OogyBoogy

    Civilization VI - Civ on the streets, Civ in the sheets

    There isn't on PC either.
  7. OogyBoogy

    The future of emulation

    I think I fished it out of a bargain bin years ago for a tenner.
  8. OogyBoogy

    What do you emulate and what do you do it with?

    One of those unofficial 360 pads. The cord is extra long so it reaches wherever I sit.
  9. OogyBoogy

    What do you emulate and what do you do it with?

    Raspberry Pi 3b, mostly Snes and Arcade stuff.
  10. OogyBoogy

    Arcade 1up

    It wouldn't be too hard to cut a thin piece of plexiglass to size for covering the control panel (or some other clear thin material).
  11. OogyBoogy

    Arcade 1up

    On our weekly shopping spree at Walmart, I spotted these kits to build your own arcade cabinet. Has anyone tried one of these? I did not see one at the store, but the website shows a Galaga edition, and for $299 I might just have to get it.
  12. Added a few more titles, which concludes the 4K portion of my collection.
  13. I have some movie codes to give away. No guarantee that they work mind you, some do not specify an expiration date, while others do (but maybe expired codes still work?) I'm assuming that the code would still work in Europe while these are US codes? Please just one request per person. - Blade Runner - Final Cut 4K - Jurassic Park 4K - Jurassic Park II - the Lost World 4K - Jurassic Park III 4K - King Kong 4K - Logan 4K - the Martian extended edition 4K - the Matrix 4K - the Patriot 4K More coming soon. Movie codes handed out: - Avengers - Infinity War 4K - Black Panther 4K - Blade Runner 2049 4K - Close Encounters of the Third Kind 4K - the Dark Crystal 4K - Deadpool 4k - Deadpool 2 - Super Cut 4K - Die Hard 4K - Doctor Strange- Dunkirk 4K - Forrest Gump 4K - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Jurassic World 4K - Saving Private Ryan 4K - Spider-man - Homecoming - Thor - Ragnarok
  14. OogyBoogy

    Best WWII Movie

    A Bridge too Far is a worthy addition to any of these lists.

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