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  1. Season 6, episode 5. Fuck. I was not ready for that. At all. Made my eyes leak and everything.
  2. OogyBoogy

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

  3. OogyBoogy

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    I've started to collect "The Complete Peanuts" in hardback. Currently reading the third volume (1955 &1956), and I have to say, it has aged surprisingly well.
  4. OogyBoogy

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    You mean Disney.
  5. OogyBoogy

    The Game Development Thread

    This needs to stop. It's making me wanting to start programming again.
  6. OogyBoogy

    Pillars of Eternity 2

    Any chance of them patching the first game as well?
  7. OogyBoogy

    The Game Development Thread

    Is this going to be a puzzle platformer? Looks very promising.
  8. God, please no. Neither Kate McKinnon nor Leslie Jones are funny in anything they've done in my opinion. I couldn't care less the last GB movie was a team of females. The problem was that they tried to make a funny movie with unfunny actors, and it just didn't work.
  9. OogyBoogy

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    Added Cliffhanger to my collection, hopefully I'll have time to watch it this weekend.
  10. OogyBoogy

    Xbox One Console Thread

    It's probably renewing itself every month, check your credit card statements.
  11. Years ago I watched the first three seasons and stopped there (we got rid of HBO at the time). Then, my co-worker started talking about it. He never watches tv but got the first season as a Christmas gift from his sister and got majorly hooked. I think he"s on season six now. This prompted me to do a complete re-watch myself, though a bit slower, I am currently on season 2 episode 8.
  12. OogyBoogy

    Stuff that astonishes you about gaming

    - The first time I discovered arcade emulators and was able to play Donkey Kong on my PC. - When I found out that people made homebrew games for the Gameboy Advance and that I could too (I bought a GBA SP the next day). - Playing WoW for the first time as a very naive NightElf, and some higher level character takes me to Stormwind. Mind was blown.
  13. I've had a pretty productive weekend, even though I did some stupid things I managed to earn my first million. What stupid things, you ask? Well, imagine me taking on 5 transport missions to a distant system. Checking the map and plotting the route told me it'd take me eight jumps to get there. Sounded good to me, so I accepted all five missions and launched my ship. Made the first jump, no problem. Allign the ship for the second jump, and I get en error saying mass exceeds jump distance or something to that effect. Well, that's just great. At this point I'm still flying the standard nothing-upgraded-or-added sidewinder. Calling up the galaxy map and furiously trying to find a route that would get me to my destination yields no results, and I decide to give up. And as I plot a return course for the system I came from, stupid stupid me cancels all five contracts and jettison the cargo I was suppose to deliver, giving myself a fine in the process. What makes matters even worse, is that right after I paid my fine I upgraded my ship's core modules, effectively increasing my jump distance enough to change that eight jump journey into two manageable jumps. As an afterthought I also bought a fuel scoop, and wonder why I've waited so long getting one.
  14. Thanks guys! All sorted now, thankfully. Because I traveled between these two systems - comprising of three jumps - a few times, I ended up scanning all planetary bodies and picked up four more missions. Also, I shot down a pirate who interdicted me and tried to steal my cargo. Yay me!

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