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  1. @Miner Willy thanks, I'll go back and examine in detail
  2. @Miner Willy May I ask your opinions on The Body Library (interested in this and the prequel), Station Eleven (same) and Senlin Ascends (as an indication of if we like the same stuff for comparison)? I’m just nearing the end of The Arm of The Sphinx and I’ve loved them both.
  3. The writer has already confirmed the next series will be the final one.
  4. I'd broadly agree with the sentiments above. 2nd is decent but not a patch on the first, 3rd was so bad I didn't bother with any more after that.
  5. Finished the second of the 3 and taking a break before piling into the Stone Sky. I'm really impressed by it so far. I agree the narrative style is very unusual (at least for the sort of stuff I read). The overall story setup is excellent. I also like how the world building is explained as it goes and not explicitly basil expositioned at certain points. It feels very natural. Would also unreservedly recommend. Just started The Arm of the Sphinx, directly after finishing Senlin Ascends, 100 pages or so in. Would absolutely recommend this too, my god it's amazing. The last time something totally blew me away like this was Cryptonomicon about 10 years ago I think. Obviously it may go to shit in books 2-4, but so far it's so so good. While I'm here I feel duty bound to recommend Perdido Street Station and The Scar by China Mieville. Amazing world, and beautifully written. Two of my favourite books. All of this with the caveat that I don't generally get on with the fantasy genre. LOTR bored me so badly I gave up. I've tried various fantasy books over the years and just cannot get on with them at all.
  6. That's a shame. I was hoping this would be a return to form after SevenEves (which I found very tedious despite some very good bits). Amazon reviews all seem of a similar mind also.
  7. £7.49 on Steam currently for TGC2.
  8. I have it on the blu ray of Apocaypse Now that came out about 5-6 years ago. Maybe it’s cause of that to do with licensing as I remember it being readily available on YouTube etc before then.
  9. Apocalypse now is quite the story. Leading man had a heart attack, Marlon Brando rocked up about 10 stone overweight, sets destroyed by the weather. The whole crew went fucking mental as the shoot ballooned into 18 months in the jungle. The whole thing just degenerated quickly into total fucking craziness. Can't find the full documentary, but trailer is here. It's an amazing watch:
  10. Who's the lady in the maroon leggings in the first and the lady on the left in the third? New characters for S4?
  11. So far the merchants I've found don't even stock that many purses anyway. I've cleaned all of them out of small and large. Now I tend to buy the prosthetic ammo at the idol when I have cash that needs spending.
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