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  1. Anyone had their machine stop recognising button presses from the dualsense? Nothing would work. Turned on my other pad and selected swap pad luckily that worked.
  2. It makes me wonder then what these charges are actually for.
  3. Holy shit that's some increase. Someone upthread mentioned server maintenance costs etc. Does Xbox live gold and PS+ membership find it's way to devs towards those things? If so why do they sometimes shut servers down?
  4. Have any of these things changed in the meantime: "Launch lineup had one game I was interested in. Don't like the pad ergonomics, frequent hard crashes, £70 games (fuck that), its ugly, terrible UI, its huge and coil whine. "
  5. I was in an hour long queue before christmas and ended up getting one. Don't lose hope!
  6. Downloaded the 70+ gigs apparently required to play the free Zombies week. How do I play the PS5 version? Seems to just be the PS4 version as there's no option for 120fps etc.
  7. Climb to the top of banthas to reveal new parts of the galaxy.
  8. I still listen to this album fairly regularly.
  9. This is the issue i'm having. Royal pain in the arse
  10. It's on immortals fenyx rising. I'll be playing it on disk then a pop up will appear saying it's downloaded and ready to play. It's a PS4 disk but I downloaded a 20 gig ps5 update.
  11. Is there anyway to stop this thing downloading the digital PS4 version of a game I'm playing on disk?
  12. Sake. No doubt a few new ebay listings will be up shortly
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