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  1. Went for a walk around Fewston reservoir.
  2. This looks great. Any news on a Playstation release?
  3. £70 You need to have a word with yourself if you're paying that.
  4. I played 3 when it came out and have got to 3 again on this and I honestly don't remember a single thing about it! I really don't like the galaxy map on 3 though.
  5. If you have a 2nd account on your ps5 (if not, go make one) you can download via that account. Then when it's finished hit download on your main account which will complete instantly then voila you can play for 5 hours.
  6. Prioritise avoiding damage rather than doing it. You're so much more powerful with a maxed multiplier.
  7. I couldn't bring myself to pay a tenner for it. The game was short enough so I dread to think how short this is. I'll likely grab it in a sale at some point.
  8. Pretty sure similar happened to me
  9. PS5 annoyance: I have a PS4 game in my machine, this entitled me to download the PS5 version, fair enough. So why does it insist on installing the PS4 game from the disk every time I turn it on?
  10. Pre-order items detailed: https://blog.playstation.com/2021/09/21/gran-turismo-7-pre-order-items-and-25th-anniversary-edition-detailed/ They appear to be priced (on the PS Store) as PS4 standard: £59.99 PS5 & PS4 bundle: £69.99 Digital deluxe / 25th Anniversary edition (PS4&PS5): £89.99
  11. Finished this last night and i've gotta pretty much echo @Garwoofoo's thoughts. I loved every minute I spent playing this, I just wish there were more minutes to enjoy! It looked superb too on the PS5.
  12. A banana in a curry? i'm intrigued.
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