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  1. The Cyberpunk delay is excellent news as I’ll save playing it until the series X lands. We have a launch game!
  2. fattakin

    Xbox Game Pass

    Ha i didn't see the wink, its only displaying in the quote for some reason
  3. fattakin

    Xbox Game Pass

    Have they? I think their relationship isnt what it once was so id be surprised? but happy
  4. fattakin

    Xbox Game Pass

    login to microsoft.com \ my microsoft account under your signin picture\ devices and delete it if its still there? Note if gamesharing you'll see your mates xbox, dont delete it
  5. boo just tried it, says it’s expired even though small print says 3rd jan!
  6. I wish it didnt even have a drive, i own 1 xbox one disk and 1 blu ray.
  7. fattakin

    Xbox Game Pass

    He can still browse the games from the gamepass tab in the dash but just has to jump out to the store once hes picked one he wants to install. Only a minor annoyance.
  8. fattakin

    Xbox Game Pass

    Hi, you can share gamepass fine, its just a bit fiddly. He just has goto the store on teh console and search the game he wants to play (thats on gamepass obv) and then install from there, you'll see a prompt to buy or install. to explain: My friend and I do family sharing. My xbox is set as his home console and his xbox is set as mine, so when we make a purchase, we both can play & install it. He upgraded his xbox live to gamepass ultimate. So he can use the app on his phone /dash to install, but I cannot. I have to goto the store, search for it and install from there.
  9. I like Phil a lot and think hes really turned it around. I don't see why he didn't just say "we are not looking at VR at launch but will keep investigating and if you guys want it, let us know" I've dabbled a bit on my friends VR and like it a lot. I really want to play Alyx but little desire to own an actual kit at home. I'm buying scarlett - so fk knows what deographic i am, probably Phils target.
  10. how can you possibly feel that 5% difference? Im really enjoying the story, hence being brought back in. It feels epic. I cant actually remember what difficulty im playing it at, its normal or easy. i did indeed rinse White orchid at the start. I'm level 10 now and i think the Kiera Metz ones were level 8. I'm ok in confident until i hit a monsters nest then im in trouble! will have an inventory play before i start my next session.
  11. Finished Metro this week so thought i might try and pick this up again. I had played 27 hours before and quite enjoyed. I was surprisingly able to get back into it and finished off Kiera Metz subplot in the swamps. I think id like to start playing on again but find the weapons / inventory / powers / oils and potions overwhelming. Can i more or less ignore it?
  12. Slightly disappointed to read the articles today about no VR at launch for Scarlett as I want to play half life alyx. But I’m happy that Spencer is turning round Xbox in general so I’m happy enough. I just need a plan B!
  13. It does need you to stick with it. the first few hours are straighforward until you get on the road. Its at this part it can feel very hard as you are scavenging, hiding and underpowered. Stick with it for a few hours of that and you'll hopefully be enjoying it then.
  14. Finished it on Friday night and really enjoyed my time with this game. I've played it in 2 bits, first half the game when it came out then got distracted but a new release. Made a conscious decision to get back into it before this year finished. It seems to long ago i was in the icy wastes and hiding from any number of beasties and running around shitting myself with janky weapons that i couldn't hit a thing with and praying for somewhere to sleep. By the time I was finishing the summer level I felt more confident but still wary, always wary of wasting ammo and being left with nothing. Its not a generous game! Not being able to change between weapons mid level always made the decisions weighty. The game is dripping with atmosphere and it really quite beautiful at times. The 2 main open world levels feel interesting then the game narrows a bit towards the end but by then that suited me as after 25 hours I was looking to move on. Certainly Half Life 2 fans should play and enjoy this, I'm not sure about people reporting of jankyness.. apart for some audio sync issues i had a clean, bug free run. I'm miss some of the characters.. Anyone played the DLC?
  15. Enjoy, great console I’ve loved mine since day one!
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