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  1. fattakin

    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    I really enjoyed this on gamepass and finished it on Sunday. The combat really grew on me, saddened i had to turn auto down to easy for 1 bit later in the game that had me pulling my hair out. The Story was interesting and held together well. The level design was excellent, especially the background detail - always changing and disintegrating as the game went on. Plus the audio on headphones was stunning and a real highlight. A perfect gamepass title.
  2. fattakin

    Metro Exodus - First on the Epic Store

    I'm looking forward to it but its came at a bad time, as id happily play Apex for the next few weeks and dip into Crackdown. Cant decide whether to buy now or pick up when ive actually time to play.
  3. have you ever played PUBG on console? The lobby on this is frankly amazing compared to it! you can exit a game, be in lobby and back in a game within a minute or 2. PUBG, party get split up after a game, re-join party, ready up, ready up broken for someone, drop back to game, rejoin party another 2 times before it finally loads. Average time between game near 10 mins.
  4. After 8 hours I’ve finally broke my duck and won a round. Playing with 2 randoms, no voice chat but all sensible and pinging away. Pathfinder hacked and unlocked the circles. Had reasonable loot and I decided to let the more experienced player in the team lead. So towards the end where I’d have been zip lining to the circle he took us a different route meaning we got a bead on the last few squads and were already in the final circle. A wild firefight to finish including a well timed revive by me, I take out the kill leader and become the champion with the final kill. I wish my video settings were 2 mins to capture our assault on the last 2 teams. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/fattakin/video/69294127 The adrenaline was pumping, heart racing and took me 10 mins to recover - the same as the few times I had a squad win in PUBG. PUbG wins were so hard, and often frustrating due to its jank and poor player feedback. Apex has load of feedback, I know when I’ve knocked their shields due to the colour flash etc. Anyway I’m rambling. TL:DR it’s starting to click for me and I’m enjoying it loads.
  5. fattakin

    Battlefield V

    Some lovely looking bits in the single player. Which I quite enjoyed on the X. Nice looking on the big TV and didn’t outstay it’s welcome
  6. How much did you pay for it? Thats how much its worth..?
  7. fattakin

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Since the recent thread has brought buying from other regions to my attention, can it be done for the 2DS? I bought both my kids one and few games. I'm worried about the carts being lost and need multiple copies for some of the multiplayer games.... Can i buy some digital copies from South Africa etc - is there a guide?
  8. fattakin

    Xbox "Scarlett" - next gen consoles

    Agreed. It’s fine for iPhones which are twice the price of a console, to have the entry level and the fancy one(s). Surely consoles can do the same. Multiple points only entry, same games on them all.
  9. fattakin

    Battlefield V

    Yes I will - but i think its a great approach, as opposed to BF1's grind for something good. I love the sten!
  10. fattakin

    Battlefield V

    I've fully upgraded the Sten & unlocked 5 Medic guns so far, none of which I've even tried - their stats all seems lower. Same for Assault. Seems they've started people with a good gun and i have to say it makes a difference, level playing field at the start.
  11. fattakin

    Rat Arsed Gaming

    2 drinks is fine, i had some red wine last night and felt invincible - a third would have been too much and my aim would have been shot.
  12. fattakin

    Battlefield V

    Yes we play with 2 meds in the squad, sometimes even 3 if the map needs it. We smoke the objective & pinch points while our heavy gunner lays down fire. He'll switch to assault if its a tank map. The 2 meds revive everyone (tho green get priority) We switched to 3 meds for the last 3 objectives on Hamada last night and it was enough to tip the map and win the 3 flags. We had been reviving hard all game and it meant we have 200 tickets to do the last and hardest part. So much fun!
  13. fattakin

    Battlefield V

    Brilliant 3 hour session with my mates last night. After the usual warm up nightmares we started to click and had 3 or 4 majestic maps. Full of the ebb and flow but quality squad play, pushing on objectives and reviving every downed player we could see we managed to turn around maps and i even had my first ever top of leader board finish & best squad. Absolutely loving the game, it feels as good as BC2 did. I hope it sticks around and gets the playerbase it deserves.
  14. fattakin

    Battlefield V

    Slightly annoying its dropped by 50% within a month. As much as Im enjoying it and realise its good in the long run its still annoying and would put me off a future launch purchase.
  15. fattakin

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Hi all - I’m getting my kids and their cousin a 2ds XL for Christmas. Is there any point in setting up a parent account in advance and accounts for them? Aren’t there any perks / game sharing that they can do with each other like Xbox? Anything else I can do in advance? By fun party games to pick up?

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