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  1. John Edward Gammell

    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

    Contrary to people pissing and moaning about season 2, I'm 5 episodes in and unless it shits the bed spectacularly towards the end, it's maintained the standard set by season 1, (which didn't exactly hot the ground running, IMO).
  2. John Edward Gammell

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    Most of those were £12.99 at HMV.
  3. John Edward Gammell

    You (Netflix Series Thriller)

    Speaking of which, I genuinely don't like Beck.
  4. John Edward Gammell


    Yay, the rest of my sales anime finally showed up!
  5. John Edward Gammell

    Bros: After the screaming stops

    I've tried to watch this twice after all the positive reviews, but I can't. Every time Matt Goss opens his mouth, I want to throw something at him and it's not a pair of knickers.
  6. John Edward Gammell

    Do people still use DVDs?

    I sold all my DVDs in 2008, when they were still worth something.
  7. John Edward Gammell

    Do people still use DVDs?

    Netflix is a supplement in this house, nothing more. I spend more time deciding what to watch on it, than viewing actual content.
  8. John Edward Gammell

    Do people still use DVDs?

    There's an increasing amount of movies being released straight to DVD in the UK. No blu-ray, just DVD and if you want to see them in HD, you'll have to buy it digitally. Looked like a right dick the other day, when I released that Tag wasn't released on blu-ray over here, after seeing the DVD for £6 in HMV.
  9. John Edward Gammell

    Movies that need a remake

    Speed 2.
  10. John Edward Gammell

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    Went a bit mental in Best Buy and a couple of 2nd-hand stores, when I was in New York recently: I now have my 4K discs running left to right across three books cases. Alphabetical and running downwards, was boring me. Currently waiting on How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2 arriving from Italy, as no sign of a UK release so far.
  11. John Edward Gammell


    First sale items starting to trickle through.
  12. John Edward Gammell

    Die Hard

    All available here: https://www.zavvi.com/elysium.search?search=die+hard
  13. John Edward Gammell

    Hellboy to be rebooted, new director and lead

    Looks fine to me, the Del Toro movies aren't exactly masterpieces, (sorry, internet). The director's cut of the first one, is all over the fucking place.
  14. John Edward Gammell


    All The Anime and MVM have been running sales since early December. I picked up the following: Space Dandy 1 and 2 Collectors Editions £9.99 each Blood Lad Collectors Edition £4.99 Gakutsuou £4.99 Samurai Flamenco 1 and 2 Collectors Editions £4.99 each Psycho Pass: The Movie £4.99 Outlaw Star Collectors Edition £14.99 Rage of Bahamut Collectors Edition £14.99 Expelled From Paradise £4.99 A Silent Voice £4.99 Ergo Proxy £14.99 Also picked up One Punch Man and the GKIDS releases of Porco Rosso, Princess Mononoke and Howl's Moving Castle for $15 each, when I was in New York last week.
  15. John Edward Gammell


    I've bought a load of anime BDs recently, due to various 12 Days of Christmas sales. I don't really bother, otherwise. Is that really a brand new US release of SFII being worked on? Discotek already released it uncut, two years ago.

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