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  1. Sea of Thieves wins this for me by miles, the whole game is one immersive playground that looks utterly stunning non stop and simply is a living breathing love letter to all things piratey. When I play this game I *am* there, not just playing a video game. Credit to @Boothjan as these are his pictures.
  2. Good news for you newer players that missed the various events, capcom is bringing all of them back https://twitter.com/monsterhunter/status/1149474777855225857?s=21
  3. Anyone else not getting achievements when playing the PC version of games? I played through Tacoma last night on PC and it only gave me one achievement. I had the xbox console and PC Gamepass apps open at the same time (even opened game bar to check too) Edit: Pic added, xbox cant count... multiple unmissable achievements not popped
  4. I'll be honest 99% of the time I use chefs special out of lazyness, the canteen is still largely a mystery to me unless I need something specific, this is a great guide. @Jamie John it's really nice to see a video like that, it's not all about maaaaaaax deeeeeps. So many people try and build speedrunning glass cannon builds and cart when a monster so much as drops dung near them. Until I got high armor augmented Gamma sets I used to play a lot more defensively. Lance and Gunlance are right up there in my most used weapons due to this, I'd rather take a lot longer and survive than cart repeatedly. This thread has me all revved up about MH again, hurry up Iceborne!
  5. @carlospie Crafting is pretty essential especially in the field for certain builds (like making more bow gun ammo during a fight, or for making more explosive barrels) For most of the game I carried around extra flash bugs to craft them on the fly, for fights like Kushala, or basically anything that flies they are ridiculously good. Try and give this video a watch, it's basically how to organise your inventory and wheel to get the most out of it and how to craft things quickly on the fly while in combat without going into menus.
  6. I like the look of all of them, so basically whoever my friends don't pick.
  7. Just a reminder: The Borderlands 2 free DLC (Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary) leading into Borderlands 3 is only available for free until tomorrow.
  8. Just a reminder: The Borderlands 2 free DLC (Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary) leading into Borderlands 3 is only available for free until tomorrow.
  9. GT: Mechamonkey Mk2 Available: umm sporadically, not Tuesdays - with warning time whenever really, Up for: Would like to do Tall Tales with people that havent played them. Done 1,2,4.
  10. From my PC I use www.gamerdvr.com to get at my uploaded files Then I tend to host them on https://imgur.com/ and if you click on your image there should be an option for direct link which I paste here.
  11. This is the true SoT <3 The scaling is indeed crazy, there has been specific mention of it in the Developer Updates so expect change at some point. Talking of which.
  12. Sounds like a forum crew needs to happen eh me laddos?
  13. It scales with crew. 1-2 players on a sloop is really really easy, just storm in there and batter her. 3-4 players, nuke her from orbit because thats the firepower you need. We stuck about 60 cannonballs into her first attempt.
  14. So I've been thinking, The Anniversary update I was unbelievably stoked about has completely broken this game for me. Reasons: 1. I cant play with people that have already done Tall Tales. They are about discovery and marvel, that is lost the instant you have a crew mate that has done them. 2. The rewards for Tall Tales are awful. You can forget doign them 5 times for absolutely no reason and those books can do one. How anyone found the books without spoilers or literally days looking I have no idea. 3. If you want to be an actual pirate, there is no loot on peoples ships any more (see 2), noone is doing proper voyages with boats full of booty these days. I do not want to steal a f*cking fish (see 5). This is my main gripe, the game is basically PvE now, not how it was and I believe intended. 4. Arena is broken beyond belief. Go in with a team, win (or die horribly to an actual PvP team), go in solo, lolz complete waste of time. 5. F*ck fishing. I really really hate it, people are basically just afk all the time and it's one of my most hated activities in any game, all it does is make lazy crew even more inactive from actually sailing and helping. I really really want to play this again, it's gone from my favorite ever game to a stained memory, help pls.
  15. Definitely, I've reported loads of people being racist sexist twats on Sea of Thieves or via messages and had responses saying action was taken.
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