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  1. I'll be honest, I basically hope this is fantasy co-op sea of thieves Do want!
  2. @Boothjan We shall sail together for this
  3. More newness from XO19 stream tomorrow at 3pm with more info
  4. Tune in to the XO19 mixer broadcast tomorrow at 8pm and get the Obsidian Wheel - Personally this is a total must have for me, I only need the Blunderbuss and Capstan now for a full equipment and ship set! http://mixer.com/xbox Gears of War inspired livery set free if you log in after 6pm tonight, runs till 23rd Nov
  5. If you ordered from cdkeys check your link, my code was just ready, pre-installing now
  6. Played through this on a whim tonight, looked lovely on the x, quite puzzle light but really enjoyed the trip. if you like the general style of inside it’s worth a go, doesn’t hit quite the highs of that but has oodles of atmosphere and lovely space weirdness
  7. Well so much for the Arena weekend, tried queuing for an hour three times over the weekend not one match!
  8. I've done them, the Bioweapon event is ace fun (also the Teostra Hunting Horn makes it ridiculously easy) Going to buy the Mr X Handler outfit ;p
  9. Welcome back old friend <3 Wyvern Ignition, not as good but glad to have it back
  10. This will not do! I've been playign bits here and there quite a lot lately again, loving just helping random people ;p
  11. Jacket of the Damned get!
  12. Summary Arena Gold & Glory weekend from Nov. 7 - 11 Battle for London:
  13. I’m really hoping they add some form of moba like mode, basically I want Heroes of the Storm as an FPS. loving Overwatch again right now
  14. Online playable pac man vs , and while youre at it Battle Royale please
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