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  1. I rather like this but its a total landslide most games, bloody stupid internet randoms who cannot play as a team to save thier lives as usual, stay silent with thier mics open so you can just hear thier sound effects all game, the usual garbage. Kulev the support guy is my bag.
  2. I absolutely hate the GL levelling/de-levelling grind, its stopped me playing a lot more than I would have, I tend to just look for a high level one and join it now its bloody annoying. New Brachy and Rajang look absolutely terrifying.
  3. @skittles You and the gang might like Killer Queen Black (Switch and Steam at the moment) too, its a team (4v4) local or online game (any combo, 4 local vs 4 online etc) on a 2D platform single screen (similar to Towerfall) http://www.killerqueenblack.com/
  4. You'll either get a decent group and breeze it or cry onto your controller swearing for hours ;p I advise not trying to solo it
  5. Finished this tonight, it's right up there in my GOATs, I'd go as far to say this as close to a masterpiece I've ever played personally. I'm absolutely exhausted and need to go look at some pictures of kittens.
  6. nice little Capcom tie-in with the new event hammer In the comments someone also says about one of the Lances being from Red Earth too.
  7. Started this last night, got up to : I find this absolutely terrifying, disorienting, stunning (I mean literally it paralysis me in confusion and terror). The puzzles had me proper stumped for a long time with the voices and visual assault prolonging that. I actually ended up stopping there as I couldn't take any more sensory bombardment, felt absolutely drained. Magnificent so far, now I just have to work up to pressing on with it.
  8. Just finished this tonight, absolutely loved it, short and sweet but oodles of atmosphere and I found it rather relaxing. Not sure I want to revisit it for the final couple of achievements (speedrun and multiple playthoughs for miles) but had a great time with this tonight.
  9. re the new festival which is now out : Quick and easy way to get VIP Gratitude Tickets Equip full Astral armor with geologist/botanist. Run the Flora Frostbite MR event quest, start at Camp 15. You can get the quest done in 2-3 Frozen Foliage.
  10. It’s an oldie but Spaceteam (you just need phones) is still totally brilliant and will have you all absolutely screaming at each other https://spaceteam.ca/ see also Keep talking and nobody explodes (pretty much every format)
  11. Id love to see a sequel or Switch conversion of the excellent Wii-U coop Affordable Space Adventures
  12. Finished this tonight, really enjoyed it (played through on Grand Master). Sadly a couple of achievements were bugged and wouldn't unlock which annoyed me greatly. Got all the others though. I don't think I've seen it mentioned but later on when tootling round looking for collectables and levelling up (I had 16 unused skill points at the end after unocking everything....) I got a very Metroid Prime vibe wandering around using my newfound traversal etc to explore environments. I am keen for more to be honest. Also bloody fantastic last section <3 Jolly Good / 10
  13. Here's a link to a post I did in September after a local play day which may be useful. Out of all of those the absolute essentials are definitely Heave-Ho, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and Towerfall
  14. Had a couple of friends over last night and their kids, I set up the switch 4 controllers and Heave-Ho , after a quick period of learning how to control it all of them were literally crying laughing the whole night and begging their parents for one, they didn’t want to play anything else, just fully in love with that!
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