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  1. Bump to remind people to log in and watch 30 mins of twitch if you want those cannons today https://www.seaofthieves.com/twitch-drops
  2. Should be golden with 4 controllers and split joycons? we played a ton of runbow on wii u, top fun
  3. More freebies - link your twitch account and watch a stream for 30 mins on 19th - I must have those cannons!
  4. I'm having a bit of a meetup with friends (6-10) at the end of the month and looking for good party type games, I already have 4 controllers + the two joycons and these games: Flat Heroes Overcooked 2 Astro Bears Smash Mario Maker 2 Rocket League Enter the Gungeon Snipperclips Virtua Racing Heave-Ho Crawl Robonauts Mario Kart I was thinking of getting a couple of these (cant get more than a couple due to budget) ( * = already have on another format so know they are good) Towerfall * Ultimate Chicken Horse * Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime * Tricky Towers * Hammerwatch Stikbold Think of the Children Retimed Anything else you'd recommend or any of those above you think I definately should get. Cheers.
  5. Credits rolled, onto the never ending quest for all the things. That was awesome.
  6. I just made a giant frozen fish greatsword, more of that nonsense please
  7. If you can kill enough of those new treasure skeletons to cover the cost. They drop ancient coins(?) which is the paid for currency.
  8. 2.0.7 Smugglers Fortune patch notes
  9. re: Spoilery bit
  10. I'm at I've only upgraded to the Acidic Glavenus Greatsword (which is pretty much just a bone sword dammit), literally everything else is still my day one set ;p I really should start making something else. I also appear to still be wearing a HR Damascus chest piece, need those slots! What really annoys me is the Palico Glavenus sword looks so awesome!
  11. WARNING SPOILERS IN VIDEO. I'm fairly near the end of the campaign now and I have to say this nails my single complaint spot on, some of the weapon designs are absolutely bloody awful, extraordinarily lazy, especially when you look back on previous entries magnificent gear.
  12. Best bit of a livestream ever, an actual real life Monkey vomiting over the devs ;p http://web.archive.org/web/20190909164103if_/https://cdn.livestreamfails.com/video/5d768028a4616.mp4
  13. @CheekyLee You can very easily make a starter MR set at the beginning without even fighting a monster. You can "Return from quest" straight away, then you can take on one of the optional quests (At Master Rank level) and go run round mining/gathering/bonepiles etc in the old regions. Also its a good thing to stop by Rotten vale (again must be at MR level) and kill a pile of honetaurs (in the grotty bones/tar area where Radobaan stops off) use poison smoke bombs or specimin talents on your armor so you can loot them. With that done you can craft a pretty decent set of Bone/Hornetar/metal MR armor that will be MILES better than literally anything in HR - even top end gamma sets I found personally but I'm sure some aths expert will prove me wrong ;p. I am still using the same set I made day one (although it's been upgraded quite a bit now) so don't worry. Get a MR weapon asap, honestly the difference is staggering and fights go way way quicker. Again I'm just using the same Elementless Jagras hacker I built early on, it's totally fine still (I have upgraded once after Barioth mind you)
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