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  1. Silent Runner

    EFL Championship 2018/19 - All aboard the rollercoaster

    Leeds official twitter tweeting the DeCaprio 'I'm not fcking leaving' picture was priceless. We need more of that shit-housery in football.
  2. Ronson tweeted that it will available outside of audible in April.
  3. Silent Runner

    EFL Championship 2018/19 - All aboard the rollercoaster

    This is the kind of Bielsa crazyness we need.
  4. Silent Runner

    EFL Championship 2018/19 - All aboard the rollercoaster

    Leeds have called a presser for 17.00 and twitter suggesting Biesla is going to resign. Leeds gonna Leeds it up.
  5. Silent Runner

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    I was pretty much unbeatable on the SNES Mario Kart. I could nail the fast start every time and hit the Ghost Valley shortcut if I had a feather or mushroom. Gold on all tracks with all characters. Good times.
  6. Silent Runner

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    GameBoy Tetris for me too. Such a great feeling to be able to start L9 H5 and know you're able to react quickly enough to have a chance. I'd probably have a stroke if I tried it now.
  7. Silent Runner

    Good new horror films

    Anyone seen 'One Cut of the Dead'? A Japanese zombie movie. It's getting great reviews along with the usual recommendation to not watch the trailer or read reviews.
  8. Silent Runner

    A movie watchers blog

    Yeah, the last thing I saw him in was Juliet Naked which I hated. So it was nice to see a real performance from him.
  9. Silent Runner

    A movie watchers blog

    First Reformed https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6053438/ A minister of a small congregation in upstate New York grapples with mounting despair brought on by tragedy, worldly concerns and a tormented past. This is another film that appeared on a lot of Best of 2018 lists that I only got around to this weekend. Written and directed by Paul Schrader who has had an interesting career. He wrote a bunch of legit classics back in the 70’s but has lost his way a little in recent years. And his recent directing efforts with Nicholas Cage have been pretty bad. Ethan Hawke is a priest in a small church. He has very few parishioners and his services are only attracting a handful of attendees. At the same time he is having health problems and his sickness seems to mirror the decline of the church. After a visit from Amanda Seyfried he starts to work with an environmental activist who has just been released from prison who is having difficulties in all parts of his life. This was a very tough watch. Hawkes intensity makes for kind some uncomfortable viewing and there’s some really hard scenes. It’s easy to see this is from the guy who wrote Taxi Driver and Raging Bull – it features the same driven, slightly unhinged loner protagonist. It’s constantly surprising and I never knew where it was going. The two leads are superb and I’m sure both will be nominated come awards time. I loved how it looked – it’s has an almost square ratio like Cold War. And the handful of filming locations are beautifully shot. A unique film that was hard to watch but is definitely recommended. And it’s great to see Schrader still has the ability to make something like this. 4/5
  10. Silent Runner

    Football Thread 2018/19

    "To hell with the rest of the World." "Visit Malaysia."
  11. Did you like those 2? I thought Atlanta lost it’s way a bit in season 2 but I was happy a show existed that let Donald Glover make whatever was in his head.
  12. Silent Runner

    A movie watchers blog

    Downloaded it. There was a blurry, sub-titled version on YouTube but it was pretty unwatchable. I'll definitely check out Diggstown.
  13. Silent Runner

    A movie watchers blog

    Prime Cut https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069121/ A vicious Kansas City slaughterhouse owner and his hick family are having a bloody "beef" with the Chicago crime syndicate over profits from their joint illegal operations. Top enforcer Nick Devlin is sent to straighten things out. There's a bit in Reservoir Dogs where one of the gangsters says to the another 'I bet you're a big Lee Marvin fan'. Tarantino is trying to show how tough these guys are by giving them Marvin as their hero and I'll bet this is one of the films QT had in mind when he wrote that line. Lee Marvin is an enforcer for the Irish mob in Chicago. He gets sent to Kansas to sort out Gene Hackman, a slaughterhouse boss/people-trafficer who owes the mob a pile of money. This is a tight as hell piece of 70's American sleaze and violence. 85 minutes long including a 2 minute slaughter-house sequence that opens the film. Hackman and Marvin are superb, two bitter gangland veterans who snipe at each whenever they're on screen together. As soon as they meet you know only one will survive. There's loads of sleaze - woman are kept naked in animal pens while waiting to be auctioned and Lee Marvin brings Sissy Spacek out to dinner where she's dressed in a see through dress. I thought this was great. Brutal aggressive gangsters going head to head, nicely shot, well acted, tightly paced and has some really good gun-violence. Directed by Michael Ritchie, a director I'd never heard off but he has made a ton of films. A proper 70's thriller. 3.5/5
  14. Silent Runner

    EFL Championship 2018/19 - All aboard the rollercoaster

    Someone on twitter suggested Leeds first goal was straight off the training ground, Derbys training ground.
  15. Silent Runner

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Watched the first one - it was fine and exactly the show from the trailer. Gillian Anderson is good but not in it enough. It looks great but has that weird Riverdale/Sabrina timelessness where the internet exists but isn't really used and no one is on their phone. Some laughs but I think I'm too old for it.

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