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  1. Silent Runner


    Amazing stat from twitter, Arsenal have faced 96 shots this season, more than any other side in the PL, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 & the Bundesliga. And that clown Emery will do the same thing next week. What a club.
  2. Silent Runner


    This fucking team. That bum Emery has to go.
  3. Side Effects from a few years back fits that brief.
  4. When I’m sick all I want to watch is Next Generation.
  5. Yep, or nearly any Placebo album. All of which are streets ahead of that Strokes album.
  6. Shutter Island? I'm not crazy about it but it has a great cast and a nice visual style.
  7. I'm about half way through the new Ann Cleeves one The Long Call. She has two other series that I've really liked, the Shetland Island books and the Vera books. This is the first in a new series with a new detective character and setting. This is decent enough so far but a little dull and slow paced. The mystery and plotting is solid but the setting and characters are a bit lifeless. I'll finish it before the weekend then I'll get into the new Aisling book and the new Stephen King.
  8. Finally got it. Had to go through all my private trackers and eventually got it. I really like this show and there's a decent central mystery.
  9. I read the first 5 or 6 stories over the weekend and thought they were really impressive. The Chernobyl one (sorry, can't remember the name and don't have my Kindle to hand) in particular - a horrible mix of Clive Barker and Tarkovsky which was right up my street. Some great ideas in it I'd not seen explored before. I'll write a review when I finish up.
  10. Oh but the style was glorious. Reminded me a lot of golden age Argento, I absolutely love it.
  11. And one for Reiss Nelson. Good night for the Arsenal lads
  12. Troy Parrot starting tonight. Be great to see him score.
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