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  1. Silent Runner

    What are you reading at the moment?

    I read a couple of books over the weekend - first one was East of Hounslow by Khurrum Rahman. This was a pretty decent thriller. It's about a young Muslim lad who does a bit of drug-dealing but gets picked up by MI5 and forced to go undercover in the local Mosque to try and track down a terror planner. I quite enjoyed this. The lead character, Qasim, is well written - he's a street kid who gets dropped into a World he doesn't really understand. But he's able to survive on his wits and his street smarts even when he finds himself in Kabul or Islamabad. It flies along and there's a couple of decent twists and the final 20 pages are very tense. This is a first novel and the first in a series. I'll definitely buy the next one when it's released next month. I'm most of the way through Killers of The Flower Moon by David Grann. I read that Martin Scorsese is making this into a film so I thought I'd check it out. It's the true story of the Osage Nation who were a Native American tribe who got run of their land and dumped onto a reservation in the middle of nowhere. But it turns out this reservation was sitting on the biggest oil deposits in America. Soon the Osage are the richest people on the planet but their newly found wealth brings trouble with it. Then the murders start. Over the course of several years 20 or more Osage are killed. This is a great read about a piece of history I knew nothing about. It's full of characters that feel like they've stepped of a cinema screen - oilmen, Pinkerton detective, cowboys, sheriffs, prospectors. At times it's like reading about a real life There Will Be Blood. The heart of the story is how these events lead to the birth of the modern FBI. J. Edgar Hoover has just taken over the organisation that will become the FBI but he's worried that these killings will cause problems for him and his plans. So he sends men and resources out to try and solve this string of murders. Most of the Feds are incompetent or corrupt but one guy does his job eventually solves the murders. This was a sad but fascinating book about how cheap life was back in this time. And how some people didn't see the native tribes as human. For example newspapers at the time wrote articles on how they should deal with the 'Osage Problem' after they got rich. Suggesting an 'Indian' wouldn't know how to use money. The scale of the theft and fraud from the Natives is staggering. Definitely recommended.
  2. Silent Runner

    A movie watchers blog

    After The Screaming Stops was absolutely amazing. I've always liked Bros and despite their diva-ish behaviour I thought they came across really well here. I've not laughed as hard at anything this year than I did at bits of this - the conkers petition or the bit about the photo in the bath. Some parts of it can't be unscripted - their delivery and timing is too good. I think it would make a good double bill with the Oasis Supersonic documentary. Magic stuff.
  3. Silent Runner

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I watched a really good thriller/horror film tonight called Cam. It's about a young woman who works as an internet cam-model. She's doing well and steadily growing her audience but she logs on one day and sees 'herself' performing live. She tries to get to the bottom of this with tech support from the site but they're no help so she has to work on her own to try and get her identity back. I thought this was very impressive. The lead is very good and I'm a sucker for this new genre of films using websites and web-tech on screen. There's a couple of nice twists and I was never really sure where it was going. Recommended for horror/thriller fans but, as usual, avoid the trailer.
  4. Silent Runner

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I started a new show on Netflix tonight called The Kominsky Method. Michael Douglas is an actor, past his prime, who's getting by as an acting coach. It's by Chuck Lorre (no come back) but it's pretty decent. It walks the line between Curb Your Enthusiasm and your typical American sitcom. Michael Douglas is excellent, they don't try to make him look younger or anything. And there's lots of jokes that veer into pretty dark territory. I've watched 2 and I'll probably go through the whole series over the next week or so.
  5. Silent Runner

    A movie watchers blog

    I've always had a soft spot for Bros and I fancy this but I don't want to watch it if they made they two lads out to be dopes. Does it give them a fair shot?
  6. Silent Runner


    Ramsey to Bayern seems to be getting talked about seriously. Sad to see him go but I think it's clear there's no place for him in UEs new system.
  7. Finished this up tonight and I thought it was fantastic. The plot was pretty slight but the acting, music, the sets, the design and the photography were all top class. The 30 minute episodes were just the right length, I've had enough of Netflix dragging the arse out of everything and making everything an hour.
  8. Silent Runner

    The 2019 Xmas Sandwich Thread

    Fucking LOL - that Morrisons thing should be in the 'Things With Faces' thread.
  9. Silent Runner

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Arrival is there as well. One of the best sci-fi films of the last few years.
  10. Silent Runner


    Better finishing from them and a couple of great saves were the only reason we got a point. Really need to get our shit together before spurs and utd.
  11. Silent Runner


    Fucking get in. Come on the arsenal.
  12. Silent Runner


    Miss of the season from Auba there - still don't know how he missed it. We're getting nothing out of this.
  13. Silent Runner


    Really poor first half from the arsenal but Wolves have been really good. Handed them a goal, probably should be two down and haven't had a shot on target. Some changes early in the 2nd half are needed.
  14. Silent Runner


    There's a great docu. on Netflix called Valley Uprising about the history of rock climbing and the first people to scale El Capitan and other cliffs. Worth a watch for sure.
  15. Silent Runner

    Sleaziest film ever made

    Sleaze shot on the streets of 80's New York you say? What's in the basket?

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