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  1. Good news for big Weng all right but I was looking forward to him winning the champions league.
  2. Yeah, the music is trash all right. But the rest was great. I really liked the painted artwork over the end credits. Looking forward to ep. 2 on Friday.
  3. Very much agree. I've lost track of what the actual 'plot' is at this stage. Are they still investigating Don Johnsons murder? Is that the only thing Sister Night and Silk Spectre are working on? There seems to be a lot of stuff going on but it's very light on story.
  4. That was incredible. Amazing performer.
  5. Waiting for Lizzo to come on stage. Been ages since I’ve been to a concert. This should be fun.
  6. Steve Jobs Danny Boyle directs an Aaron Sorkin script. It doesn't try to cover his whole life but instead focuses on the build-up to 3 speeches he gave over the course of his career. Well filmed and acted. A lightweight version of The Social Network. 3/5
  7. Silent Runner


    Emery safe until Summer according to Ornstein.
  8. Silent Runner


    They made us look like absolute fools back in April. Can't see this weekend being any different.
  9. Not really a spoiler but I'll tag it just in case..
  10. Silent Runner


    There was an article in one of the papers pointing out that of the three-person committee who appointed Emery only Sanllehi is still at the club. And he's been friends with JM going back years.
  11. Yes, this was excellent again. I kind of like the slow pace, it lets the World breath and they've put so much effort into it's creation. I do wish there was a little more plot though.
  12. This looks very bad from player reactions. I've no time for Sons crocodile tears, he's the one who flew in. Fuck him.
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