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  1. Anyone know anywhere I can get hold of 878 Vikings? It's looks so good
  2. Overcooked 1 is £6 atm, a bit simpler and more accessible than the sequel I'd say
  3. It's taking a lot of willpower to wait for the switch port
  4. Jackson

    Your music/band

    Don't want this to seem like a promo for my band or anything, more a place to share if anyone has created any music. Would love to hear your stuff! I'm the drummer in this group, been together about 3 months so far..
  5. The Kevin Smith review has helped me appreciate it more. I want to see it a second time but I also kinda hated my first view.
  6. Such a good goal too, that pass and chest control!
  7. Fucking var, they weren't even using the furthest forward part of the defender
  8. Jackson

    Nintendo Switch

    Mario party only works with single joy cons sadly
  9. Jackson

    Nintendo Switch

    Coop story mode is kinda fun
  10. Jackson

    Nintendo Switch

    Have you played Into the Breach, @skittles? I remember you liking advance wars back in the day and this is similar but more puzzley, you only have three units. Awesome game.
  11. Hyperdrive baby! It's like ninja warrior crossed with the fast and the furious. A race competition with lots of obstacles and drifting. The racers are really talented and there's a lot of drama and tear jerking moments.
  12. Ultimate chicken horse and Astro Bears are the two games that I've had most success with non gamers. Both really easy to pick up and full of laughs.
  13. Finished now and I'm surprised I didn't get a ton of negs for what I said before, I was so wrong. The female characters have so many strong moments in the last few episodes. Incredible finish and the making of documentary was well worth a watch too!
  14. Towerfall and Ultimate Chicken Horse have both worked well for me with both gamers and non gamers. Such good games. Lethal League is worth a look, and although it's not perfect, the minigames in Mario Party are great fun.
  15. Was lucky to get my Grandad's season ticket for the Norwich game. Outstanding! I love this team so much. Lost my voice cheering so much
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