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  1. Too many gimmicky levels though, the first was a perfect arcade challenge
  2. Got the Ferti 65cm board, and introduced it to my partner yesterday. She was sceptical at first (looking at it) but within one game we were both hooked and she was thinking where we could store it, haha. Incredible game, really satisfying, addictive, lots of wow moments. Really pleased with it! If anyone wants a cheap way to play crokinole I'd recommend it without hesitation!
  3. Strike and Push It are both dead easy but addictive little games. About £15 each. Strike is a push your luck dice thrower and push it is like curling
  4. Having a laugh in a pub game kind of way is exactly what I'm after I've ordered that one I linked, if I love it I'll probably get a proper expensive board one day but at least it's a low risk investment! Here's the SUASD review btw..
  5. Latest shut up and sit down review makes me really want Crokinole. Anyone played it? Is getting a cheap smaller board like this... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ferti-Games-Crokinole-65-Classic-Game-Skill/dp/B00AA8BFT2/ref=sr_1_1?crid=JI4A88ZHUXHL&keywords=crokinole&qid=1561839320&s=kids&sprefix=Crokinol%2Ctoys%2C176&sr=1-1 ...something I'll regret? Or is it a good entry level way to play?
  6. As an offline game its the best football I've ever played. Master league is great fun, the ai is fun to play against and offline multiplayer is just pure gold imo. Cooperative world cups/euros are my bag.
  7. The local multiplayer sounds perfect! Nintendo have nailed this haven't they!
  8. Not watched much of this but France looked leagues ahead of England there. We'll need to ride our luck to get to the final.
  9. Just put on France Brazil in extra time. Really high tempo, 15mins to go!
  10. What a joke of a ruling
  11. Jackson

    12 Minutes

    "An interactive narrative that blends the dream-like suspense of THE SHINING with the claustrophobia of REAR WINDOW and the fragmented structure of MEMENTO." I do get a bit claustrophobic when everyone clogs threads with Star Wars puns.
  12. Sequel to this is out soon. Whole new engine, all main platforms with the Switch as the lead development platform. Hoping that the snooker mode will feel a little different than just a bigger pool table with Hendry involved.
  13. They showed local 2 player course creation, but the only actual multiplayer gameplay was either online or wireless local system link
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