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  1. I drunk bought a Red Panda Particle 2 and have zero regrets over that.
  2. Just watched the video again with sound, THAT FUCKING MUSIC
  3. It just wouldn't be the same game without doing that.
  4. Finished it earlier today. Loved it, straight into my top ten. Would dearly love more magical-watch-insurance-investigator adventures set in different time periods.
  5. Good on Korg for doing something a bit mental. I'm more excited by the Wavestate though...
  6. Apologies for the self promo, but I just released a couple of new pay-way-you-want tracks on bandcamp that I'm pleased with if anyone wants to check them out. https://exitchamber.bandcamp.com/album/it-wont-always-be-this-way
  7. Yeah, that's going to keep me busy in work!
  8. Hadn't heard of this at all but I see it's on Netflix and can't wait to watch it now. Pop Star is one of my favourite stupid comedy films in the last few years. Great soundtrack. SO HUMBLE!
  9. Time for a thread title change? Or start a new one? I'm signed up and pretty much ready to upload week one. https://weeklybeats.com/
  10. I chucked him a few quid for The Lower Lights but haven't grabbed anything else. Will grab Syne too just now and then probably pay for the rest later, I feel bad taking loads of music for free.
  11. I'm getting similar ads all the fucking time of Facebook. That, the NDLR and various debadged EHX pedals. It seems like a fairly small target market to me, bit weird.
  12. Thanks for this recommendation, currently listening to The Lower Lights and really enjoying it.
  13. Congratulations man, you made some great stuff! Not sure I'm mentally prepared for weeklybeats 2020 but I'm going to try.
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