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  1. Blunted

    Nintendo Switch

    Magnificent, I do indeed! Thanks @Chooch.
  2. Blunted

    Nintendo Switch

    Will just 5 copies of Splatoon 2 be enough?
  3. Blunted

    Nintendo Switch

    I've run out of +1s, but thanks to everyone for the suggestions so far
  4. Blunted

    Nintendo Switch

    Say someone had completely ignored the switch since launch, but was due to receive one at some point in the next week, what would your recommendations be for EXCLUSIVE stuff. I'm sure I'll get round to buying loads of indie stuff on the eshop, half of which I'll probably own already, but I'm really interested in the stuff I can't play anywhere else. Although tbh it'll probably be 99% a mobile Dark Souls device for the majority of its life...
  5. Blunted

    Games Exchange

    Quite keen on Caverna mate, let me know how much you're after including postage when you've had a chance to check it out.
  6. Blunted

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    Remind us on the 14th!
  7. Blunted

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Wow, this really does open up once you get past the bull, doesn't it! Battling the Nightjar across the rooftops was particularly excellent I though.
  8. Blunted

    Weekly Music 2019 - 52 Weeks, 52 Tracks

    I'm really struggling. Got a bit behind when I was away for a week and have been late submitting since. Managed to get two weeks behind last week due to being away again. I'm just finding it very very difficult to get music time. It's overall a positive thing though, it's making me mess about when I do get time that I'd probably just spend staring at my phone if it wasn't for Weekly Music, even if it doesn't end up with something worth recording.
  9. Blunted

    The Boys - Amazon superhero show

    I want a TV version of Just a Pilgrim.
  10. Blunted

    The Victim (BBC)

    Loved it. Harrowing stuff at points.
  11. Blunted

    What are you playing?

    Still on a massive 18xx binge, most recently 18Ireland, which is definitely one of my favourites so far. Lots of tough decisions, nice tight map, no obvious easy money routes. Love it. Due to start a new game tomorrow and can't wait.
  12. Blunted

    Synths and Similar - an electronic music gear thread

    Been trying not to make eye contact with the Zoia, it sounds/looks fucking ace and I definitely can't afford one just now.
  13. Blunted

    This is Hip-Hop.

    As nice as it is to think he's big upping a premier League ref, I suspect it's probably this one:
  14. Blunted

    Synths and Similar - an electronic music gear thread

    This is one of those times I wish I was more ITB: https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/17-Reverb/2855-Eventide-Blackhole-Reverb Less than £25 until the 15th!
  15. Blunted

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Any tips for the Bull other than get all up in its anus Dark Souls style?

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