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  1. Totally agree with this. It looked *fine* but it didn't look anywhere near as Mario is it should.
  2. My body pitchfork is ready for there to be no Metroid news.
  3. Yeah I'm more hyped for it than anything else right now and feel like I've been edging for bloody months waiting for it!
  4. This thread has been a real rollercoaster of emotions recently. Personal highlight was "the dog eat my homework/stopped me seeing one of the routes of progression"
  5. @chris on the moon this looks like a pretty decent pdf guide to the various parameters and settings, might help a bit: http://bit.ly/1URcSBx
  6. I love FM, I think if forced I would say it's my favourite type of synthesis, but this is probably the best bet to start with. It's enormously complex and the slightest change can make a patch sound totally different. Once you've done that for a bit, then move onto emulating those patches and see where that gets you. Or just download a million DX7 patches and embrace the 80s cheese. The FM is the best Volca IMO.
  7. Hopefully they will be unchained from their desks and allowed to go home for a day tomorrow.
  8. Yeah that looks amazing. Trying not to think about it too much because I have neither space nor cash for one. My latest acquisition is one of these: Sounds great, and I absolutely love the design. The gold on black looks fantastic IRL. Instruo vibes but hippy instead of steampunk.
  9. Been thinking about this kinda on and off since you posted it @CS2x. Speaking personally, I don't ever expect any real level of success from what I do, which is make music in a niche of a niche, but equally it's hard not to think every time I put something out "maybe this is the track that people will notice" and then be a touch dejected when it barely registers. I think the key thing is to focus on why you're doing it, and for me it's 99% the enjoyment of creation and the zen state of focusing purely on that rather than almost everything else in this fucking garbage f
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