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  1. All things Yakuza!

    I'm still surprised they didn't at least port over 3,4 and 5 to the PS4. Just a standard remaster cleaned up and maybe put out at 60fps. Not saying you can't jump from 0/Kiwami to Yakuza 6 or anything but Yakuza 6 is the end of Kiryus story so it's like jumping from the beginning to the end. After following these characters for the last 11 - 12 years or so whilst I am absolutely looking forward to Yakuza 6 (hell I might even get a PS4 Pro for it and it's my most wanted game this year) I'm dreading seeing Kazumas story end, end of an era
  2. Steam - Lunar New Year Sale Feb 15-19

    Biggest issue for me with the steam controller is that I just didn't find it that comfortable to actually hold/had ergonomics I didn't quite get along with. I loved all it's features but until they do some sort of revision I'll stick with either m/kb or xbox one controller.
  3. NIOH

    Finished the main story on New Game with 80 hours or so on the clock and I've got soooooo much more to do. The DLC, sub missions (well mostly the 6th region sub missions), the Abyss, new difficulties etc. I feel quite underlevelled at the minute though so might concentrate on doing some coop for a while to bump those levels up, get some nice loot and help some fine folks out. Amazing game, one of my favourites from last years releases - Only ones I like more are Yakuza 0 and Kiwami and that's simply because I'm a Yakuza fanboy.
  4. Hope more folks give Driver San Francisco a go, still one of my favourite racing/open world games ever. I know games like Burnout Paradise and Forza Horizon get all the praise but my heart lies with D:SF, one of my favourite games ever. Having that alongside Far Cry 2 in the same batch is fuckin amazing. Hell Sniper Elite 2 is a damn fine game as well.
  5. Earth Defense Force 5!

    Genuinely can't wait for this, the footage looks fantastic and I adore how the enemies gradually whittle down into pieces. One good thing is that EDF4.1 did pretty damn well on PC/Steam as well, around 160,000 copies sold and sits at Overwhelmingly Positive in user reviews. Plenty of folks love this series so I expect to get a western announcement for this year sometime
  6. NIOH

    Just over 40 hours deep into this and loving every second of it. I honestly never realised it was so heavily loot based, oh sweet sweet loot how I love thee, especially when I offer a whole load of trash for that lovely amrita.
  7. Tokyo Xanadu eX out today on Steam and the PS4. Can't afford to pick it up right now but shall get it once I get paid later this month. Anyone picked it up ? Apparently the Steam versions pretty decent.
  8. Nintendo Switch

    Was reading that for right now you're best to go with the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 pro controller as it's got a fixed d-pad, in comparison to some of the normal pro controllers that some folks have been having issues with. https://www.resetera.com/threads/apparently-the-xenoblade-2-switch-pro-controller-redesigns-fixes-the-d-pad.9249/ EDIT - Reading more of that thread seems like a few folks are even having problems with the Xenoblade Pro Controller as well.
  9. Nintendo Switch

    Feeling all chuffed and ready for xmas now. My nephew is getting a Nintendo Switch from myself and his grandad for xmas this year so I spent last night creating an account for him (which I keep close tabs on), downloading Super Mario Odyssey which came in the bundle, buying and downloading Minecraft on his account as well as checking everything works and charging the console up. Charged the Pro Controller I got him, put on the tempered glass screen protector I use on mine as well and checked the microsd card for the machine works (and just left it in). Everything wrapped up (including Mario Kart which we got him as well, he loves playing mine) and ready to rock for xmas. He's going to have a fucking amazing xmas day, can't wait. Santa's also bringing him a few more Switch games as well such as Lego Super Marvel Heroes 2. As well as that, got Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for myself for £30 from Argos due to the misprice, can't complain
  10. Flopwatch 2017

    I'll be one of the few here who will defend Agents Of Mayhem, like all of Volitions other games I had a blast with it. Admittedly it's structure suffers from a lot of repetitiveness (like for example you'll see the same base structure repeatedly) but it's an absolute joy to play and the more heroes you unlock the more fun it gets. It can also get very manic at times later on, I personally enjoyed it more than Saints Row 3 and 4. With all the cracking games out this year I'm not going to go 'MUST PLAY!' but can't complain with the near 30 hours I spent with it.
  11. Yakuza 0

    Who the fuck said that ? More fighting than you can shake a stick (or large bat) at. It just also has a lot of cutscenes and story but that's why the series is well loved, good mix of both.
  12. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    http://money.cnn.com/2017/11/16/technology/battlefront-ii-star-wars-game-gambling/index.html?sr=twCNN111617battlefront-ii-star-wars-game-gambling0129PMStory EA really are something special. The fact that they put someone like me, who is admittedly generally quite easy to please and doesn't even care about lootboxes that much, off from even going near your new Star Wars game is something to behold
  13. Nintendo Switch

    It's out in the US but I don't think it's out in Europe/UK until 1st December unfortunately (assuming you aren't in the US!)
  14. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    I liked it more than TNO personally. It does have flaws, namely getting good indicators of when you are being hit but I thought the level design was fine and the combat a lot of fun. The sound, whilst still being a bit shit, is better than TNO and more 'meaty' so it's just generally more satisfying to fire the guns in TNC. So I dunno, you're mileage might vary I guess.

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