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  1. Fuck those flying dragonfly fuckers to hell and back. Absolutely fuck them. They are an absolute 'drop everything and focus on them' enemy once they appear during the fight. They just completely decimate you if you don't take them out quickly. Utter cunts the lot of them. I hate them. (can you tell ? ). Also snipers can fuck off too whilst they're at it.
  2. It's fantastic but I must admit, I'd love to tell you it was all planned and i'm a mod mastermind but it was in reality more of 'aye that looks alright, bung it on and see what happens'
  3. Been very surprised at this, I never realised just how much of a shotgun rusher I could be with my Trickster and it's gloooooorious. I love it. Not sure what the other classes are like compared to Trickster but if they are half as fun I need to give them a go. I've just kept the world tier naturally going up and whilst I've hit a wall at times I just keep going/retrying until I level up a bit and get better gear. Remember with gear you need to do 3 things basically, crafting wise - make sure they are as high a level you can go, raise their attributes and synergise their mods to go with you
  4. And finished. Fantastic game overall, especially in the second half of the campaign where it reaaaaaaaally ramps up. I do have my niggles though, the big one being the buff totem poles can get tee fuck. There's only like 4 or 5 of them throughout the whole campaign but they just aren't fun at all and not fun to look for either, there was no need for them at all. Apart from that it was all gravy, shall get to Nightmare eventually but I definitely like this more than 2016 personally though they are so different I like each one for what they are. Bring on the campaign DLC. Battle
  5. With the chainsaw you'll always get one charge (which recharges) for the fodder such as zombies or imps. You'll always be able to get ammo from those though it can be hectic in the middle of a fight trying to find one, but the game does always spawn them constantly for you to get. The fuel's really only for anything bigger than that.
  6. About 6 levels or so in and the game's fucking amazing but it really does ask a lot from the player, reminds me very much of a character action game in a way. A lot more so than Doom 2016 were you could basically get the super shotgun and just run all the way through with that. They've definitely changed so many things and whilst I personally appreciate it and enjoy it, I can see the opinion being extremely split. The number of on the fly decisions you have to make depending on enemy numbers, type etc has increased so much and the splitting of resources and making the chainsaw so much more
  7. Is the Norman Reedus character an arsehole in this ? They could call it Postman Twat. Fuckin genius me
  8. To be fair it looks much easier to avoid them this time, they don't run after you and you need to get close and hang around to initiate battles rather than just brushing past them. So you should still be able to pick and choose when you want to fight. There'll probably be items to help with encounters/reducing them as well. That said I do agree, usually a few quick punches and kicks and you're done, definitely takes a bit longer.
  9. So Sega had a Yakuza 7 stream today showing off the gameplay/combat. The video should start at the gameplay but if not it starts at 12min 50secs in. I'm still not overly convinced tbh but it doesn't look too bad at all.
  10. Honestly the Japanese fanbase have taken it worse than the western fanbase. In part I'm really annoyed with the change as there's no other series like Yakuza with its combat but at the same time I trust the studio to do it well. We shall see how it turns out soon enough.
  11. Finished the campaign (on regular difficulty, I can't be arsed with any higher than that) and thought it was really good. The first mission is balls to the wall and then whilst it's obviously action packed there's a nice bit of variation in there from the usual stealth to setpieces not done in COD before. One of my favourites being It'll not change your mind as far as COD games go if you don't like COD but if you enjoy COD campaigns it's well worth playing. Infinity Ward always seem to do campaigns I really enjoy, with this and Infinite Warfare being my favourite campaigns since CO
  12. Ah apologies, to be more clear I mean specifically the input based matchmaking isn't present in the beta, not the crossplay itself. Crossplay itself has been working nicely and tbh I haven't seen a lot of PC players completing trouncing console players as much as I thought I would. (Doesn't mean there isn't an advantage of course)
  13. Think it's disabled in the betas but active in the full game.
  14. I enjoyed this as it's pure 80s style nonsense and gets straight to the point very fucking quickly. The film is a brisk 90mins long and the last third is what Rambo fans want to see. I especially loved how angry John was in the last third. Every single kill had a real oomph and nastiness to it, Rambo reaaaaaally wants to hurt these people and it's great. There's some very silly plot armour in there (Rambo gets beaten up and they don't kill him ? Fucking Cartels ? C'mon Son.) but we all know it's just bollocks to let Rambos demon out again. It's definitely the worst Ram
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