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  1. I effin hope it won't be a problem, as this will certainly be our only chance at a half-decent MD mini.
  2. They have to land in the ACA series sooner or later, seeing as there are already a few Irem games up there.
  3. Yeah; personally I don't see the point of getting SNES games on the Switch when you have a SNES mini.
  4. Though I prefer IX over VII as well, I think VII is the more meaningful choice for the PS classic. It's what brought FF to the masses, and I think still the most popular single-player FF to date.
  5. Box art typically intended for European countries? You know, the ones with the pegi rating instead of the esrb ones?
  6. Just to make sure: limited run games doesn't offer physical copies with EU box art?
  7. When reading the article is too much effort Balancing-your-backpack mini-game? Only in Kojimaland...
  8. Ahh, I'm sure they will. It's usually just a matter of time really. But it'd be a shame we'd need a USB stick to get the extra games on there (ruling out easy access to two-player co-op) as opposed to the extremely user friendly and well-implemented SNES hackchi.
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