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  1. I thought patches was supposed to improve the game?
  2. I stopped buying Rockstar games ever since GTA IV. It's one of those devs/publishers I simply refuse to support. Although I must confess I borrowed both Red Dead Redemption and GTA V, thinking they're good but overrated. So it's not too much of an effort to avoid buying their games.
  3. Just start and don't worry too much about how it's supposed to be played. Like the best games it doesn't shy away from keeping some (very) interesting or useful elements hidden if you're not willing to experiment/explore/read most of the backstory. Similar to the Soulsborne games. Granted you might miss out a few bits here and there on your first playthrough, but that's just how this sort of game is. And part of the fun imo.
  4. It's up on Amazon as well. You even get a free Animal Crossing cloth with it.
  5. "Bum bum bum bum bum bum Ba-bum bum bum bum bum Bum bum bum bum bum bum Ba-bum bum bum bum bum Ii yu da na Ii yu da na" Brilliant
  6. Ahh, Kojima should've totally asked Tim Langdell to play the part of the one in charge at Edge Knot City.
  7. Damn. Sounds like an entire new game compared to the PSOne original. That one was more comedy horror with some jump scares. Awesome game nonetheless.
  8. Like a slow heavy Kirkhammer on fire? Slash-slash *transform* SMASH. Pretty devastating when used in combination with fire paper it turned out. I was already lvl. 40 though. Having gone through quite a bit of the Unseen Village before finding my way back, and facing Amelia.
  9. Most Fromsoftware game trailers are brilliant. True colours of darkness: I think the All Saints' Day trailer for the first DS is still one of my favourites though: That moment when Ornstein falls to his knees combined with the dramatic music -emphasizing the theme of despair- really does it for me.
  10. All is not lost. So, go on, which 6 Fire Emblem characters would you like to see in SSBU ?
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