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  1. New colours Joy-Cons incoming as well:
  2. Would buy this just for the box art :p
  3. The cheapest way then. The controller just cripples the experience imo. Baffling why they didn't include digital controls. NeoGeo games need precision control.
  4. Whitout proper 8-way digital input. Pretty much essential for NeoGeo games imo. Best way to plug and play NeoGeo games at the moment, is through the archives series on the Switch (or PS4), using a Hori arcade stick mini. Imo of course.
  5. Another question: I tried to copy the contents of my failing bleemsync usb stick to another one, but some files got corrupted, rendering it useless. Do I just format the usb stick and start all over, or is that stick permanently linked to my ps classic ans I need to do something with the ps classic as well, before I can use bleemsync on it again?
  6. How many games are on it? I started having boot-up problems when i put about 20 games on my (admittedly cheapo) 2.0 usb stick.
  7. In The Hunt!! Played it again today for the first time in 21 years. Still brilliant. Irem/Nazca at its finest really.
  8. Yeah, half assed is about right; they didn't even bother with the correct box art ffs.
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