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  1. Same here, but what you say is a very real possibility, moreover by then Summer will be over too.
  2. Remember when they released both a Splatoon 2 pro controller and joy cons? So weird that they released the Splatoon 3 joy cons at the same time: The pro controller was only announced a few weeks ago, but the Splatoon 3 themed joy cons have been out for years.
  3. I would never do that. He reminds me of the good old days.
  4. They wanted to but were dissuaded by their own lawyers who feared a small company couldn't take on a big company like EA, who had bought PopCap at that point.
  5. I don't even know the latest Edgetm10 .
  6. If there's one forgotten arcade game that needed a home port this would be it! Seems there was talk of doing just that in 2014, but unfortunately nothing ever came from it. Mitchell were such an underappreciated developer, and PopCap will be forever cunts for ripping off Puzz Loop. But then again they stole the idea for Pang! from Hudson Soft. Swings and roundabouts maybe.
  7. It is. Haven't tried that one yet. I shall do it once my OCD allows me to do that before finishing the other bits of DLC.
  8. Damn; another strikingly nice retro cover. Ordered - as usual Keep up the good work!
  9. Things I miss: the outrageous "rumours". The many weird and wonderful characters: The drunks hanging around the front door waiting for the shop to open, with a plastic bag full of cheap lager cans and their rentals (typically three different soccer games plus the latest mediocre blockbuster-movie-to-videogame) they needed to return. The actual real-life pimp constantly haggling about the prices of games, always finding the tiniest scratches on either the box or CD a reason to knock £5 off the price. At one point the managers told him that he doesn't allow customers to haggle over his merchandise either. The diehard Tenchu fan, who talked about nothing else and basically compared most action and/or stealth game of the day to you guessed it, Tenchu. The obligatory hophead/weed dealer. The weirdo who claimed had studied enough Japanese so he could fully understand the story of the import copy of Shenmue the shop had on display. The self-proclaimed l337 hacker. The scrounger who claimed he was a "professional PlayStation consultant" when all he did was hang around different game stores telling kids what they should buy for their PlayStation. The one with serious anger management issues. The actual computer whizz, who's now a part of the Fortnite engine team. Things I don't miss: the overpriced imports, the rigged competitions, the completely inaccurate release lists, the managers treating their staff and clients like unavoidable nuisances, the (later arrested) pedo that did his "gaming business trips" to Thailand and the Philippines.
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