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  1. Max Damage

    Gears 5

    I'm playing this on pc and have had zero problems so far, almost done act 2. People having problems are you on Xbones?
  2. Had to get a refund on this. It all just boils down to spamming X, aiming then pressing Y whilst dodging dangers. There is no need to keep the balls in play, it has no real relation to pinball. I did the first dungeon and decided it sadly wasn't fun, looks great but plays boring.
  3. Max Damage

    Gears 5

    I have noticed a few stutters during cutscenes but they are very minor, I assume shit is being loaded in the background, they are more than acceptable. I have the game installed to an SSD, can't remember Gears 4 stuttering much either tbh.
  4. Max Damage

    Gears 5

    Played a bit on my pc. Looks awesome, sounds awesome with headphones and Dolby atmos. Performance is smooth as silk and gameplay is same old Gears, only on Act 1 and enjoying it so far considering you can play through the game for a couple of quid, all good.
  5. Yeah I was reading that thread for people's impressions of the game and then it all descends into the devs nasty stuff, I gave up reading it at that point. I bought the game ages ago in early access. I just can't keep up with all the Sjw and anti this anti that crap flying around the gaming sphere these days. I couldn't give a shit if your trans, gay, whatever, as long as you're not an arsehole then great. I just don't get it, shut down the Internet, it's full of shitty memes, propaganda and hate. Tbh the game ain't that great, sure it looks nice but I have a lot more fun playing Blood: Fresh supply or classic doom with mods. The enemies are not distinctive looking and blend in to the noise too easily. None of the weapons feel right, perhaps only the uzi is fun to use but then ammo is scarce so you end up not using it too often. I've finished two chapters so far and can't fathom how this game has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam. Is anyone else playing this? That review I posted earlier is pretty spot on I think although I wouldn't be surprised to find out he is some hate filled twerp as well.
  6. From what I have played of the early access version I agree with the above review about the weapon selection feeling a bit bland and the big open environments being a deathtrap against hit-scan enemies. Regardless I'm still gonna give the game a good thrashing later. Once the modding community gets going for this game I would expect lots of cool mods in the future and I'm sure the devs will patch and improve the game if needed in the coming months.
  7. I thought this was out tomorrow? Had this in my library for a while now and can't wait to try the final version.
  8. Thanks, that does look rather good, pretty sure I own Serious Sam 3, I'll give it a go later . I love playing classic Doom with mods and find it a shame that Duke nukem 3D doesn't get enough love from the modding community for whatever reason. I did discover a mod for Duke nukem 3D just the other day though. https://www.moddb.com/mods/duke-nukem-alien-armageddon
  9. Michael moore's 11/9 is on Netflix since a few days ago. I've watched most of it and it deals a lot with the Flint water problem, those poor people, I had no idea things were that bad. I want to learn more about it now, I can't believe it was/is that fucked up.
  10. Added to wish list, looks kinda great. 11gb! Are all the cutscenes videos instead of in-game or something?
  11. This review does a good job of explaining all the good and bad points of the game.
  12. I finished this about a week ago and ended up really liking the on-foot combat immensely. I was very disappointed with the driving, you end up sticking to the roads because if you go off road then there is too much shit that you can't drive through that you should be able to. There's not much to do in the vehicles other than boring races or taking down convoys which just drive round and round on a set path. The story is shite, the game can be too dark and has no fecking HDR mode, finding the pink boxes can be a pain in the arse, enemy variety is lacking, all the vehicles you can collect are useless except for a couple and you end up just using your main vehicle all the time except for the one that can fly which feels like cheating. Out in the open world you will often bump into two factions having skirmishes even in places that would be inaccessable unless they were air dropped there. I can't remember much else but I gonna jump back in now they have added new game plus, the fast first person combat felt great and was worth it even if the rest of the game was a bit shit.
  13. I have questions... The description of this game suggests you can select missions instead of a linear path? How mobile are you? Can you double jump, dash, dodge etc? Is there a physical release for the Switch? What about gore? Can I shoot limbs/heads off and reduce enemies to gibs from explosions? Is there music from Carpenter brut in the game?
  14. The film is on UK Netflix, watched it the other day, really good.
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