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  1. Not being able to shoot through windows and zombies that can't be killed until they're scripted to wake up is disappointing, the rest aren't too bad and some are kinda funny. The full game may fix some of these issues but if not I can happily ignore them and get on enjoying the game, none of them are deal breakers for me. Cool video though, gonna have to check out that channel now.
  2. Yup, totally agree. I just want to get it finished as it's been in my library for ages, once it's done I'll never play it again.
  3. I've played through the demo about five times now I don't know why someone negged my comment above, I think the things I mentioned are all reasonable and I'm actually playing through Resi rev 2 at the moment and that has dodging and knife finishing moves that doesn't feel over the top like Resi 6. That zombie slamming on the vendor machine you can sneak right up to if you're slow but no button prompt appeared to stab it in the head, could save you some ammo and reward you for being stealthy if you could. I whacked all the settings to max including textures, fuck the warning it's bollocks, ran it at 1080p 120% resolution and it was a stead 60fps all the way and the game looks much better. I don't know why they insisted on a 30min time limit for the demo, it does disservice to all the work that has been done on the enviroments and it's not as though the actual demo is that long anyway. Don't get me wrong, Day fucking 1.
  4. Somethings do feel a bit old, why can't I stab a zombie in the head when it is down? Slashing away is very dumb. A simple dodge move would be nice and perhaps the ability to run into zombies and shoulder barge them but the zombie has a chance to grab you or trip you up.
  5. I've played it on a base PS4 and on my pc mostly max settings at 1440p and really I didn't notice much differance other than 60fps and less jaggies on pc. The game oozes atmosphere but graphically the demo hasn't blown me away, I think sometimes the textures on things look a bit low res but fuck it the game is fun and thats more important. I did what is shown in this video and played through the demo a few times no problem, no need for a trainer. Played the demo using a Steam controller, PS4 pad and an XBOX one pad. I think I will use the PS4 pad when the game comes out for gyro aiming and nice rumble. Gonna preorder from GreenManGaming which has 26% off at the moment, looking forward to release day!
  6. So I played the pc demo with my Steam controller and sadly the game doesn't allow mouse and keyboard inputs at the same time as joypad inputs. I did manage to create a workaround having the Base action set as joypad and then holding left trigger(mapped as right mouse button) activates an action layer set to mouse and keyboard controls for the sweet gyro aiming. Once the game comes out proper I'll probably use a PS4 pad instead with the same setup for gyro aiming. It's a shame the demo and probably full game doesn't allow you to choose if you want Xbox or PlayStation button prompts. I did get to play the demo after faffing around with controls, honest. I love that the zombies can bust open doors, I was out of ammo at one point and had to run past two zombies into a locker room, I just managed to unlock a locker for ammo just as the zombies burst into the room, the tension felt good as I quickly reloaded and downed them.
  7. Yup Steam controller or sometimes a PS4 pad setup to activate gyro whilst holding down L2, works great for Strange brigade.
  8. Hoping for HDR and the ability to use gyro aiming on pc. Played the demo on PS4 and enjoyed it but thought it looked a little rough, I guess the hardware is starting to show its age now. Whatever though, I'm excited for the full release and so glad they went with third person instead of fixed camera angles. I didn't even use the 30 mins up, 20 mins was enough to convince me I gotta get the game so long as the pc demo runs smoothly.
  9. I knew it! Watched a couple of episodes earlier and recognised 'The Thing' music and also music from 'Halloween 3'. The music fits perfectly with the show and made me enjoy it even more.
  10. Max Damage


    Pcgamingwiki Might not be possible as I think Windows 10 game files are encrypted.
  11. Max Damage

    Just Cause 4 - After Rain Comes Explosions

    I've not played JC3 on the consoles, only on pc but I heard performance is very bad, in the video they say that JC4 performance is much better on consoles. The game was rock solid on my pc and with some Nvidia control panel tweaks the game looked better but alas the gameplay in my opinion is shite.
  12. Max Damage

    Just Cause 4 - After Rain Comes Explosions

    I think somewhere in that video they state that the PS4 version of the game mostly runs at 720p, not sure if that includes the Pro version.
  13. Max Damage

    Just Cause 4 - After Rain Comes Explosions

    Alright fuck it, I went and put 12 hours into this game even though I was gonna wait for some patches but I just had to know if I could stay with it, today I uninstalled it. In those 12 hours I got a proper handle on all aspects of the game. Gameplay all boils down to completing missions and taking over regions, to take over a region you have to complete a strike mission which consists of going to the designated enemy base, flicking several switches or using a bunch of consoles and then defending against waves of enemies or destroying a couple of targets. It's always the same, you get there and several elements appear on your hud and you know straight away that you're gonna be racing around the base doing boring stuff for a boring finale. Once the strike mission is complete, the base is yours and allies now run it, and get this, you can go around the now friendly base and destroy all the red labelled structures and earn chaos points risk free! There is no need to destroy the red stuff beforehand, just liberate the base and then do it after. Once the strike mission is complete you can now take over the region which is done via the map screen, it will tell you how many squads are needed to take it over, you click it and thats it, done, it's now yours assuming you have enough squads to burn. You earn squads by earnig chaos which you get from missions and destroying red stuff but I always had plenty of squads avaliable. Story missions are pretty much the same as strike missions but have a cutscene and perhaps a bit more meat to them. There are other missions, ones that involve mostly racing through checkpoints or taking a few recruits out in a vehicle to blow some stuff up. Dotted around the map are challenges, wingsuit challenges, drive a vehicle through a ring above a certain speed and something else I can't remember. I really liked the wingsuit challenges in JC 3 but in this they all consist of three rings and thats it, super easy, no challenge. Every mission, every task, every challenge is just boring, lacklustre, unrewarding and unimaginative. It's such a shame really, I spent some time exploring the vast world and you can see a lot of effort has gone into creating this world but the actual gameplay loop is no fun. I just want to go around blowing shit up, liberating bases/settlements and complete fun challenges, Iv'e reinstalled JC3 as I have all the dlc and never got round to playing it, I'm having a blast tbh. There is so much wrong with this game but if you enjoy it then fairplay to you but if you are like me and enjoyed JC2 or JC3 then I would recommend you steer clear of it.
  14. Max Damage

    Just Cause 4 - After Rain Comes Explosions

    Played some more and there is some fun to be had but it is overshadowed by numerous problems. I'm not going to play anymore until there has been some major patches applied, priorities for me being FOV, brightness, contrast, gamma and a massive improvement to graphics and gameplay. I've got plenty of games to play in the meantime, just glad I got the standard edition.
  15. Max Damage

    Just Cause 4 - After Rain Comes Explosions

    I've maxed out all settings at 1080p, games runs solid at 60fps but the game is just ugly so far. The grapple seems to have a delay between uses which can make flying awkward, the whole games feels awkward tbh. I'm tired, I'm going to bed, I'll give it another shot tomorrow and hopefully find a way to fix the fov.

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