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  1. yeah i think it does something similar, think it sets it automatically based on the car, but unfortunately you can't change it manually. well you can but you have to do it every time you start driving via the wheel - which is really puts me off playing the game.
  2. spatular


    yeah that's great, it's the sort of thing i definitely think they should include as the skills/dedication shown is similar, but i believe they've been resistant to including shmups in the past becuse score runs usually take longer due to boss milking and stuff so it sort of goes against the name of the whole thing. mecha ritz is ace too. as is futari, manic mode was my favorite, and similarly BL maniac is a bit easier than in 1.5. been playing that new darius on the MD mini, it's pretty fun, managed to finish it..but only with the easy ship on arcade mode.
  3. yeah i think the lack of a league has meant this is quieter than the thread for the first game. not helped by the missing feature when the game was released - i played it loads and think it's brilliant, but that was near launch and i've not been playing it much since they added the leagues in. need to get round to trying it in vr. about 1v2 i think they're both great, the first game had great tracks but i think the handling was decent but quite basic, but that's hidden by the extremely narrow tracks and going off track at all being a really bad idea. i think the second game still has great tracks but maybe not quite as good but then you can play a lot of the original tracks in 2 anyway, but the handling is definitely improved imo and so it's more fun throwing the cars around a bit with the slightly wider tracks (except argentina) and slightly less punishing off track (except argentina).
  4. iirc they're pretty much the same, just different buttons on the wheel/colours, if you're on ps4 i think the RS has the buttons labeled correctly so i'd go with that one. i've got the GTE and working out what button does what can be annoying. edit - some of them come in packs with better pedals so if either of those looks like it has better pedals - get that one. edit2 - looking on currys - it says the GTE has 1080 degrees lock to lock and the RS has 900, so that maybe important to you (i usually have it set to about 360 or 270 so i have no idea if the extra is useful) oh also if you're coming from a g29, get an adapter to use those pedals with it - much better than the standard T300 ones.
  5. i assumed it'd be the same as the pc version where custom song support is not a mod and is built into the game...
  6. yeah, apparently the beat saber devs are going to add custom song support to the quest version at some point though.
  7. if you have a switch, the drum for that version works fine. I think the problem with the PS4 drum is you have to hit it too hard to register hits?
  8. dlc next week! Panic at the disco, don’t know if I like them but will buy any beat saber dlc.
  9. went back and got all the golds/diamonds, played the album mode through, overall still really enjoyed it, the music/graphics are so good. but can't help be a bit disappointed that the gameplay isn't better (possibly it's just not for me), or maybe even just the controls/visibility needs to be better - because then imo it could have been flipping amazing like rez or something.
  10. i got one by accident because i didn't know the controls properly at that point.
  11. Yeah i thought that bit was annoying from the original, I was expecting them to change it for this version, there’s a Not sure if that’s new and no idea if I’d have got it if I didn’t know already.
  12. in gameplay terms it's not really a proper rhythm action game like ouendan, there's bits of that in there but mixed in with other gameplay styles. first run through i really enjoyed, ace graphics and music, but wasn't sure about the controls/gameplay (and odd perspective changing), maybe because i was hoping for more of a rhythm action game (not really seen much of it), but going back and trying to get some better scores/ranks and it's growing on me, especially on the levels where i really like the music. anyway well worth the £10 imo.
  13. spatular


    Another thing I saw on the shmups forum...some of the cave iOS games are now working on later versions of iOS, I re-downloaded dodonpachi maximum, dfk, doj, and Deathsmiles.
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