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  1. resogun is ace. talos principle is ace too, i seem to remember there being some interesting story bits in there but it's mostly puzzling, bit the like the witness and portal really, but probably not as good as those.
  2. spatular


    this was on friday, there's still some standard editions left, for how long who knows. i got a standard edition one https://limitedrungames.com/collections/games/products/limited-run-263-battle-garegga-ps4
  3. spatular


    so when is 10 AM ET and 6 PM ET in UK time? (3pm and 11pm?) limited run games are doing battle garegga, fancy version with soundtrack and m2 documentary (sounds like this is going to be on YouTube), which i'd like but not sure i can justify the price.
  4. spatular

    PlayStation VR

    I had an old one, and got a pack of 2 more recently and they are exactly the same as far as I can tell.
  5. finshed this yesterday, well skipped 4 events, and no where near gold/platinum on everything. it was mostly good fun, the f1 events could get pretty annoying mind, added traffic and speed means hitting stuff you can't really see/avoid a bit too much for my liking, i'm not really into games like this with traffic and stuff though so it's pretty impressive i only got annoyed right at the end. shame as otherwise the speed and good handling makes the f1 cars fun/exciting. you can sometimes select green paint, maybe dependent on the car/class - not sure. also one of the events in the second to last serias has a time trial with a corner much tighter than any other in the game, and if you crash there it puts you back on facing the wall so you just get stuck in a crashing loop and have to restart, this happened 3 times before i managed to get round the corner ok. but yeah overall enjoyed it - worth the money imo
  6. spatular


    ^ I had a quick go on mecha ritz with one of those pads, it worked ok when in dpad mode (think they default to emulating the analogue stick).
  7. nice one for giving it a good go also i agree with Stanshall, don't let it put you off trying other shooters as it's not really representative.
  8. I don’t really rate ni no kuni 2, I mean it’s not a bad game, I didn’t hate it, it has some good bits, and it looks nice, but I wouldn’t really recommend it. For ikaruga, if you found it too hard, did you try easy mode? I keep banging on about this but I think the easy mode is really good and without it I might not have got into shooters in the first place.
  9. spatular

    Nintendo Switch

    i'd say it depends what you're trying to do in ikaruga, going for a 1cc seems harder than just trying to finish cup head, which is how i was playing, and failing at both. although they maybe aren't that comparable really.
  10. this isn't totally my sort of game, too much crashing, but wanted to give it a go, and am enjoying it! it's fast and exciting, nice responsive arcade handling. and it's quite easy to get takedowns (at least early on) which is the sort of thing i'm usually really bad at. i much prefer having a list of races to do as opposed to a world map or something and don't really care about the lack of music. my wishlist would be to add a map, a higher chase cam, and most importantly the fluorescent colours green and pink also what's the best way to play burnout 2 these days?
  11. spatular

    Sega Saturn for Beginners

    i got round to trying the new usb saturn pad today. was trying to find the version of mame on my pc that works with ketsui as i've been playing that on ps4 with a ps2 saturn pad recently so it would make for a good comparison, but i failed to find it. so tried to play blue revolver but that crashed. mecha ritz worked! in a tiny window..anyway, at first i was a bit disapointed, it does feel like a saturn dpad but was a bit more spongey making it harder to tell if you've made a move (pressed a direction) or not without looking (really need to be able to tell if you've moved without looking at the ship), but it was possible to tap dodge pretty well, and i got used to it quite quickly. i don't really like playing shmups without a saturn pad, and i was pretty happy with this new usb one by the end so i'd say that's an initial thumbs up. also had a quick go of the recent 8bitdo saturn/md pad, which sort of went the other way, and was a bit stiffer than the ps2 saturn pad (which to be fair has had a lot of use so may have been more like this when new), it still felt good though. didn't try this for too long as was playing in an odd position as the cable is so short. didn't get round to using the shoulder buttons but the ps2 ones shoulder buttons are not great so wouldn't be surprised if both these have better shoulder buttons. need to get ketsui working to give them a proper go at some point. i only really play shmups with saturn pads so can't really comment on how good these new ones are for anything else, or how long lasting they would be.
  12. spatular

    Sega Saturn for Beginners

    yeah i got one of those new saturn usb pads too and the d-pad plastic does look a bit cheap compared to the other saturn pads i have on hand (old usb and ps2 ones) but in operation, i agree it feels fine... i haven't tried it in a game yet so that will be the real test.
  13. spatular

    PlayStation VR

    New song added to beat saber - crab rave!
  14. spatular

    Gran Turismo Sport - Mondays 8PM UK forum races!

    spatular—, I sent you a friend request, I’ll add some more people from the list too
  15. spatular

    Gran Turismo Sport - Mondays 8PM UK forum races!

    thought i'd have a quick go at this timetrial...2.5 hours or so later 1:32.698, close but zero cigars. was good fun

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