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  1. curium

    England Football

    Undoubtably the lads have done well but am I the only one to feel that England offered no attacking threat the whole tournament (would have struggled to beat France) and that if if it weren't for the fact of a highly favourable draw alongside some big names going out, this team would not have got so far. I don't mean to play down their achievements but when I hear talk of hope for Euro 2020 and the World Cup in 2022 I can't help thinking, the only time this team had a big test they got beat! If you agree with that then how can you hope for anything more than another favourable draw for Euro 2020! Just my 2p which stems from reading all this dreamy copy from commentators who have been watching football long enough to know better but only seem interested in keeping the public in a reverie.
  2. The Defiant Ones. Really enjoyed it. A story well told.
  3. curium

    Football Thread 2017/18

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-43558486 Even players knocking around at the foot of the Championship are buying Ferraris - Why try harder? The market for footballers is broken.
  4. curium

    Football Thread 2017/18

  5. curium

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Very indicative of the problems in the Premier League that a crappy Arsenal team are still so far ahead of the next placed team in the league. Arsenal are the worst of the premier-Premier League. Still, everybody is making money so it must be okay...
  6. curium

    Pro Cycling - Tour de France 2018

    I noticed Valverde and Yates were both climbing, standing while on the drops in the Volta Valenciana. This used to be Pantani's hallmark. Has some study shown this form to provide some kind of physiological advantage, increasing its popularity?
  7. curium

    Pro Cycling - Tour de France 2018

    Im late to this but, exercise-induced asthma is very common among professional sports-people precisely due to the extreme levels that they push their bodies.
  8. curium

    Formula One - 2017 Season

    It's a pendulum. It'll swing back and women who want to get paid to attend F1 races as hostesses will be allowed to. I wouldn't mind it as a weekend non-job. As long as I got to watch the racing. Can't see how it's much different from people I know who marshall at Le Mans for no money!
  9. curium


    Quick question. Some people are saying Aubameyang's goal was off-side. Are they not using VAR ?
  10. curium

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Hello I'm not a massive football fans. I just wanted to ask about doping in football. Everyone always points the finger at cyclists but it seems to me that cycling are doing all the anti-doping testing that's why people get caught! Just seen on the news that Russia are banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics due to state-sponsored doping. They were also banned from the last Summer Olympics for similar reasons. In the background to all of this is the WORLD CUP being held in RUSSIA. Does anybody know if there is wide-spread anti-doping tests performed on players at FIFA World Cups? I suspect that it won't just be the Russian teams doped up to the eyeballs.
  11. curium

    The Vietnam War

    On BBC 4 atm. It really is the Middle East before the Middle East. American superior air power, technology and arms but struggling in the face of an enemy fighting an invader in their homeland. Hearing the phonecalls of the various Presidents who oversaw the Vietnam War and how at various points they mislead the American public it is amazing that Bush Snr & Jnr really thought that things would be different. The Vietnamese were dying in huge numbers but just kept fighting. Trump needs to think really hard before he overplays his hand in Korea. The take-home message is that any attempt to occupy a hostile land will see you defeated in the end.
  12. curium

    The Vietnam War

    Cold War, Hot Jets. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03hhm6z This is another programme which illustrates just how obsessed the Americans were with communism. It also highlights that British exceptionalism preceded American exceptionalism. Britain believed that it could sell jet engines to the Soviets because British engineers would always be able to exceed anything produced by Soviet engineers from reverse-engineering British jet engines.
  13. curium

    The Vietnam War

    Amazing how for a moment in history there was a chance for America to be friendly with a Socialist state. When Ho Chi Minh declared Vietnamese independence from the French he quoted Jefferson. Then the Americans became obsessed with communism taking over the world! Also shows JFK in a very poor light. He's normally eulogised, especially from the viewpoint of civil rights in the US.
  14. curium

    The Vietnam War

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b096k7q7 You must watch this. So informative.
  15. curium

    Mayweather vs. McGregor

    This! You can't really train for endurance the way you can for power. It really is something that gets better with age and experience.

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