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  1. Hey John, sorry, completely forgot to say thanks for this, very kind of you. My collection is complete! Sorry very rude of me. Let me know if you would like anything in return.
  2. Glad I could help! Thanks all for the watering. Now I’ve got my act together I’m closing in on the final few hybrids. Got my first couple of pictures recently and it was bittersweet as I knew to freshen things up I could now let them leave. Think Rosie can go but not sure I can let Leonardo go yet, he was part of the original crew. Sorry Rosie...
  3. Opened my gates now for these if you are about?
  4. Hi all, shooting stars in Highbury tonight. Got Celeste trapped next to the plaza (next to my watering field, any watering gratefully received ) Gates open now.
  5. Hi gates are open now if you are still about?
  6. Thanks! Let me know if you need anything.
  7. Does anyone have the number 3 throwback rocket please? Not sure what colour that is but just realised it’s the only one I’m missing. (Assuming they stop at 6?) Happy to pay or trade for whatever you need. Cheers!
  8. No worries. I just couldn’t remember who it was and assumed it was Broker. Plus I have another one with cash so all good. I have a spare DIY Workbench recipe in my little collection. Doors open now if you are about?
  9. Yea indeed that was me. No I think Celeste is completely random from person to person.
  10. Gates are open now if you are about.
  11. Cheers. Just a quick visit for Celeste. Got Galaxy Flooring. Opening up now too for watering and other merriment. Any watering greatly appreciated.
  12. That wasn’t you?! Well who the hell did I swap briefcases with yesterday? Haha! As it happens I have another cash one so happy to do the swap again. I’ll be back online later today.
  13. Gates are open for a bit. Got Saharah visiting. Axel (hard right as you come out the airport) is crafting firewood. Help yourselves to spare recipes by the plaza and anything left in Nook’s. Got an antique table in there I already have. Finally got my flower section sorted so please water away in the area outside the airport, you can’t miss it. Cheers!
  14. Cool. Are we friends? I’m online and open now. EDIT: Cheers @Broker for that, the closest AC will get to a dodgy looking deal, a briefcase full of cash for a briefcase full of merchandise.
  15. I have bought the aluminium briefcase with the cash three times now so I have two spares. I am hoping to get the other one with the If anyone has that and wants to swap for the cash let me know.
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