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  1. I know backing a multinational corporation is the height of madness, but I love Nintendo so, so much.
  2. So I voted yes, then realised I was thinking of Resi 5. Never played 6…. (can’t get enough of punching boulders)
  3. I don't think this is trolling and I think the metaphor holds. Everest, American National Park (and their varied hiking trails), the London Marathon, are all great examples of fantastic accessibility and difficulty approaches. Each has it's own 'easiest' that is still exclusionary. (I couldn't manage any of those routes... ) It's to be championed and encouraged (well maybe not Everest - that is problematic for a whole bunch of other reasons...). But whilst that is the ideal, we can't reasonably expect (yet?) every organised physical activity on the planet to cater for everyone.
  4. That's so true. But I can't deny that bashing my head against Genichiro, until the whole game suddenly clicked and came into focus, was the best gaming experience of my life. Did that enjoyment come at the cost of others access to the game? Totally. Could that experience be made more accessible? I think so. Is it okay for some games to be equivalent of an Iron Man or Triathlon? I think so. As long as the medium as a whole has enough games with broad accessibility - which I don't think we've managed yet. This also includes games that are by default aimed that way. Take
  5. Oh yeah totally. There is a huge amount of agreement here. That article looks great, thanks I will. From a quick scan, it looks like I agree with it all. Accessibility and difficulty overlap, but aren't quite the same thing (I think difficult games can be accessible). For example I think Celeste is a masterstroke in making a game difficult and accessible. Unless I'm misrepresenting the article It's interesting that Sekiro was more accessible to the writer. I love the game, but I think it's far worse at adapting it's difficulty compared to dark souls (and I think my favourite).
  6. It always comes back to Dark Souls. The reality is that 'difficulty modes' would be such a tedious way to change the difficulty of Dark Souls. Dark Souls does it much better. It's designed around adapting the difficulty. It introduces the hardest game, and then everything you do in the game reduces the difficulty. Levelling up yourself and your weapons all lowers the difficulty, inch by inch, until you beat the hardest version of game you personally could beat, and that's an incredibly rewarding experience for the player. That might be level 150 with a +15 weapon, or level 40 with
  7. I was reading a great article somewhere, somewhen, which (paraphrased) the developers talked at length about the risks of players spoiling their own enjoyment by finding something boring that works. It was basically if you’ve designed a really complicated deep system, and the players find that doing one tactic works, but takes ages and is really boring, them a huge proportion of players will stick with it. Just mashing 'a' or whatever. Players need sheparding. the majority of easily difficulty levels in games, make it so that simple boring strategies work with no learning or improv
  8. To me the issue is not do we want games to be inclusive and accessible to people of all skill levels/ability. I think/hope that’s a given. Everyone should want that. And it’s clear work needs to be done. The question is over what scale that should happen over. Is it over the entire medium, or for each individual game? Most mediums, are only accessible over the entire medium. Books have different reading ages and difficulty. But as a whole they are accessible to all. You can become famous if you manage to take a difficult topic (cosmology) and ‘dumb it down’ (a brief history
  9. Imagine a poor first year of console E3, that's been further decimated by COVID into one of the worst ever. COVID and remote working means everything is buggy, unfinished messes. Some are being released like that, others are getting delays. Oh and Nintendo have some more DLC for Smash. It's a sword wielding Anime character.
  10. And I've learnt what retro 6 is! Awesome!
  11. It does look nuts. It it was a pixar film, you wouldn't think twice about it.
  12. Hang on, did they say it was just 15 mins or Rachet and Clank then this state of play is done? Oh.
  13. Ha! That looks like a slightly different feed to mine, in case one doesn't work, try the other.
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